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CHRISTMAS CANTATA AT ROCKY HILL The choir is working hard rehearsing for our Christmas Cantata so mark your calendar now to attend this year's cantata at Rocky Hill Baptist church, which will be held on Sunday evening December 20th at 6pm. Following the performance of the Rocky Hill Choir's "Greatest Christmas Hits" we will gather at the Family Life Center building next door for home made cookies and fellowship.


We are hearing from a lot of folks as a result of our informational website. Many folks are contacting us with a variety of questions and to inquire about our community and community center rental.

For more community news and a calendar of events visit our website at


Our community center calendar is filling up and calls keep coming in. Several receptions have been booked for 2016 already. Call now to reserve while your date is still available. Call Events Manager, Deborah Perkins, at 828-885-7878 for information or reservations.

DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS Joe Vanhook 12/1, Bobby Jones 12/4, Luke Smith 12/5, Lucy Jones 12/11, Mark Burdette 12/13, Ruth Whitson 12/18, Becky McDaris, Toney Murr, Robyn Taylor and Debbie Holland 12/29, Matthew Jones (Christine & Joe's son) was born on Christmas DAY: Dec. 25th

Happy Anniversary to Jeff and Patricia Smith 12/21


Kallie Kat, bless her sweet little heart, loves to chew on straws. I know this but sometimes forget and leave one sticking of my insulated tumbler when I go to bed. I found the solution on the internet – stainless steel straws! Let’s see her chew her way through those. Only thing is I won’t know she’s been “sipping”. But then again I’ve never heard of anyone dying from cat spit.

I finally mustered a little Christmas spirit and put up some decorations. I bought a small poinsettia at Wal-Mart and released my little pre-decorated and lighted 3 foot Christmas tree from its garbage bag “prison”.

I usually go to Florida to visit my sister for Christmas and New Years so there was no use putting any up. However I decided I’d traveled enough for one season and it will just be me and my Kallie Kat.

What’s up with you? We’d love to hear what’s going on in your life or the community if you would like to share. Please send all news to You may also call Christine Pace at 828-885-2103 and leave a message.

Due to the Christmas Holiday all news for next week has to be received by Sunday evening the 20th in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times. The same will be true for New Years week. News must be received by Sunday Dec 27th.

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