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On Monday 9-12 at 5:30pm at the Sports/Tennis court at the Cedar Mountain Community Center, there will be a tennis demonstration presented by Joseph Shraeder, Brevard High School senior and state 2A singles champion and Jonathan Walker who ranked # 2 in the South in men’s open singles. They won’t be playing an actual match but will be demonstrating a few games and maneuvers, etc. Seating is limited so you might want to bring a lawn chair.

This 50-year old tennis court was recently completely resurfaced by Mike and Josh Vandergrift and their staff as well as numerous Cedar Mountain Community Center volunteers. The Sports/Tennis court was refurbished as a gift from the Brevard Health and Racquet Club.


The tennis demonstration will be followed by our monthly potluck starting at 6:15pm. We will eat about 6:30. Then a program by Jason Guidry of the DuPont State Recreational Forest will be presented at about 7pm. Everyone is invited.


As a service to the community, volunteers from the Cedar Mountain Community Center got together last Friday to clip bushes and pull weeds and clean up at the Cedar Mountain Post Office. Participants included Suzanne Lawson, Sue Russell, Linda Young, Beth and Clint Owings, Deborah Corn and Patty Stahl. Anyone who would like to help maintain the post office grounds is invited to pull a weed or two as you come and go.


Make Greenville Hwy (276S) your destination on Saturday Sept 17. Cedar Mountain as well as Dunn’s Rock, See Off and Sherwood Forest communities will all hold flea markets to benefit their communities. Look for a big ad in the classifieds on Sept 15th. Cedar Mountain’s flea market will be open from 9am to 12 noon.


Our Cedar Mountain 2017 community calendars are available for sale at all businesses in Cedar Mountain including The Blue Moon Gallery, Cedar Mountain Canteen, Cedar Mountain Antiques and Mercantile, Cedar Mountain Café, Changes in Altitude, Creekside Market, Whistlestop Market and at all community center events. The 2017 Historical calendar depicts events of yesteryear in Cedar Mountain and includes many historical figures and sights in the area. Cost is $15.00 and all proceeds benefit the community center.


On Sunday October 30, 2016 Squire Parsons will be in concert at our 11:00am service. Come hear this amazing song composer and performer. Many of the familiar songs we sing he wrote such as Sweet Beulah Land, I Sing Because, I Go To the Rock and Master of The Sea to name a few. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons live in Leicester. This will also be our Fifth Sunday fellowship dinner as well. Come join us for this praise event.


August 29th - Irish Low Ball, Back 9 - team of Aki Lindsay, Joy Ryder, Sara Skowron, Marg Mills - 80. Low Net - Marg Mills - 25; Low Gross - Georgia Osterc - 34.


Call Facility Events Coordinator, Deborah Perkins, at 828-885-7878 for information or reservations.


The bookmobile comes to the Cedar Mountain Community Center from 4-6 pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month.


The Cedar Mountain Community website is has a wealth of information about businesses, community calendar and recreational activities in the area. Go to for just about anything you want to know about Cedar Mountain.


I want to thank my neighbor, Susan, for encouraging me to contact Toby Huter about spending her next school year in South Korea. There is an article in the 8-25-16 T-Times that she wrote nearly entirely by herself with little help from me. The Times added some additional information but her story was essentially written by Toby herself. We are lucky to have such fine young people as Toby and Matthew Huter in Cedar Mountain and in the world for that matter. We are so proud of both of them. Congratulations also to Susan and Steve Huter who are their proud parents.


I purchased a bat house hoping that the Carolina Bats roosting under my roof peak will move. If it were not right where I walk I could ignore it. I have counted as many as 7 of them at one point and that means lots of guano. Lots of guano means they ate a lot of bugs but it is still a mess and the old “bat” who lives in the house wants to evict them. Does anyone know how to encourage bats to use a different “hang out”?

If you have news to share please let me know. All news for next week must be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

Please email with any news or questions

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