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The Yeti or Not? 25k race will be held February 4, 2017 at The DuPont State Recreational Forest. Weather/rain date is February 18, 2017. This race covers 15.5 miles of beautiful DuPont State Recreational Forest. More than 14 miles takes place on single track trail. Come experience DuPont!


The Cedar Mountain Fire/Rescue Auxiliary will be holding a fundraiser for the department on March 11th from 8am to 11am.


Hosted by the CMFRD Auxiliary, there will be blood drives at the Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Dept on Feb 25th, April 22, June 17 and Aug 19th from 8:30 to noon.


PISGAH PETE WAS RIGHT! On Groundhog Day, better known here as "White Squirrel Day" the mascot, who is a real white squirrel, predicted not only that we will have six more week's of winter (whenever it gets here!) but also that the New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl. Pisgah Pete was right, so far!

BLUE RIDGE BAKERY The White Squirrel Day event took place at the new location of the Blue Ridge Bakery on West Main Street in Brevard. Once again WSQL radio DJ's Don DeBias and Ea Dossey hosted the event live on FM 102.1 radio (1240 am), and a large crowd gathered to watch and listen, including our own Christine Pace. "I haven't missed one yet" she said of this now three-year tradition. "And being in the bakery made the decision even easier!" Or so she thought, for when she walked in the display of pastries was mind boggling! "What sold the fastest? Why the maple-bacon donuts of course! Mayor Jimmy Harris read the "White Squirrel Day" proclamation to all attendees, presenting a copy to the radio station to display. And this year, as last, artist Jacquelyn Campbell donated a beautiful pair of white squirrel earrings; the money raised and other donations go toward the care and rehabilitation of our beloved local white squirrels.

FOLK ART "GOURD" SHEEP Christine she says she is offering a class on her adorable gourd sheep at this year's annual "Gourd Gathering at Cherokee", which begins May 31st and goes through June 4th. Held at the large Cherokee (NC) Indian Fairgrounds it is a spectacular area of mountains and rivers and great fishing and touring. There are no Wal-Mart’s on the reservation! To sign up to take Christine's class, or one of almost 100 others offered, go to their web site on March 5th, when sign-up begins: The photo above is of Christine's sheep art, made from an African Warty Gourd and sculpted with Quikwood, a fast-drying 2-part epoxy.

VISITORS FROM DOWN UNDER Tommy Taylor, who resides here at Sun River part of the year and in Effingham, SC the rest of the year, brought a couple from Australia to Cedar Mountain for a visit. They are still here enjoying all there is to see and do, and of course visiting Tommy's many relatives in the area. Tommy's daughter is married to this couple's son, and they reside near Florence SC.

BIRTHDAY On February 11th Joseph "Joey" Leland Pace, son of Joe Earl Pace, will celebrate yet another birthday! Any others that didn't make the list last week of February birthdays and anniversaries can let Christine or Linda know. Congratulations Joey!


Find out all about Cedar Mountain at our website The Cedar Mountain News, a list of businesses and attractions can be found on the website along with a calendar of events for the area.


Call now to reserve while your date is still available. Call Facility Events Coordinator, Deborah Perkins, at 828-885-7878 for information or reservations.


My mailbox is twenty years old and rusting out. When I painted this mailbox John Deer Yellow my neighbor didn't care for it – kinda’ thought it was an eyesore. The mailbox lid is now rusted out and I either have to get a new one or risk wet mail. Learning this, my neighbor said “You won't believe this, but PLEASE paint it yellow again. All the neighbors use it as a landmark".

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