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The Cedar Mountain Community Center Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner will be on Monday, November 15th. The Community Center will provide baked ham along with turkeys, both baked and fried. Everyone else is invited to bring sides, salads, and desserts. Sides need to be on the serving table by 6:15p. Dinner will start at 6:30p. Come help us celebrate the end of the season with friends and neighbors.

ANGEL TREE by Cindy Meffert

Dear Cedar Mountain residents, I have found myself in a unique position regarding an Angel Tree we are doing in Cedar Mountain. I have more donors than children and families. It is a good problem to have. I am looking for deserving families and children that seem to fall through the cracks of our community. If you know of a family that has children that would benefit from Angel Tree, please contact me.

Also if you know of a deserving family that would benefit from a Christmas dinner please let me know. I have several people who would like to donate dinners to families. It is a good problem to have and I hope we can all fix it together.

Cindy Meffert (794) 451-0399 *

Janet Stremel (712) 660-0990

* Contact me first. Janet is going to be out of town for a good part of the holiday season. Thank you all that have offered to donate and for your patience while we try to find deserving children and families.



The Cedar Mountain Canteen opened its doors one year ago the day before Thanksgiving and they are celebrating by being open the same day this year. They look forward to seeing everyone!


There will be a Thanksgiving Day Potluck Dinner at the Cedar Mountain Canteen.

So many folks don’t have a place to share Thanksgiving dinner. Last year at the Canteen we had a private, small socially distanced potluck for a few of us and it was wonderful.

This year we have decided to host a community potluck on Thanksgiving Day. We will be providing a turkey and a pork roast. Please join us. If you cannot bring food to share, we will feed you. We will start gathering at 3 pm and enjoy dinner around 4 or 5 pm.

We ask that you bring your own non-disposable place setting, beverage glass and that you pack out anything you bring. We strive to be free of waste and appreciate help with that. If you don’t have a place setting, we always have extras.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

Growing up a Navy brat, I want to say “Happy Veteran’s Day” to all. My brother too was in the Navy (during Viet Nam), and my son joined the Army right out of college when 9-11 happened. My great-great-grandpa Dr. Levi Jones became a “Capt.” in the Civil War. My family tree shows as many preachers too as military men! We all loved & still love this country.


The Arts & Crafts Fair last Saturday at the Cedar Mountain Community Center was a huge success! Well organized, giving plenty of space for 16 artists & crafters to put their talents on display. There was a great variety of hand-made items, and a steady stream of shoppers from 9 am to 3 pm. At my booth, I sold out of my sculpted gourd ornaments when a lady bought my last three at five minutes to 3:00. Everyone seemed very happy and all are hoping this will become an annual event.


Dr. Leland Holland, the pastor of Rocky Hill Baptist Church, celebrated his 70th birthday on the 2nd of this month! Eric Husky celebrated his birthday the same day. Clint Owings was celebrated on Nov. 3rd, and Allen Cadora on the 6th, Richard Packer confesses to turning 79 on the 6th. Yesterday, Nov. 10th, was Chris Baines’ birthday; tomorrow, the 12th is Wayne Bishop’s. Another two share the same birth “date” also this month, on the 17th: Joann Malavenda and Sandi Bishop. Elizabeth Fortner celebrates on the 23rd, and Karen Ann Maggie on Nov. 26th. Happy Birthday, friends!


Dickie & Regina Bouye celebrated their wedding anniversary on Nov. 6th. Myron & Sandi Bishop on the 11th. Lenoir Bishop married Faith on Nov. 15th. Calvin & Anne Guffey will celebrate on the 25th, and Jim & Jean Dunlap on the 28th. Congratulations & Best Wishes!

The Christmas cantata practice at Rocky Hill Baptist Church at 7 pm Wednesday now added Sunday afternoon practice. The choir will perform on Sunday evening December 19th.

Thanksgiving is in two weeks. My daughter-in-law has something extra to be thankful for as her parents are coming from Brazil that week! I am anxious to see them as we had to miss last year.

Grandson Cooper is wrapping up Wiffleball practice where I have been sitting outside freezing, watching him in a short-sleeve shirt. I learned that when I’m cold in my own home the fastest way to get warm is to vacuum. Making Christmas wreaths indoors has really kept me warm, as there’s so much vacuuming involved with that! I imagine raking leaves is another way to get warm, and that’s next on my list.

Please let me or Linda know what you’re up to. I wish you all a pleasant week.

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

Last Saturday was Richard’s 79th birthday (he is 2.5 months older than me). I had put a “bug” in a few ears so when we walked into the Arts and Craft Fair he was greeted with an enthusiastic rendition of Happy Birthday. He was so pleased. Many thanks to those who set it up.

We purchased a few lovely items for Christmas presents and hope this will be an annual event.

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share.

Photos are welcome as well. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.

Photo shows Bill Bishop and Faith Fisher with a table full of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls she made for the Craft Fair.


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