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The Sherwood Forest Men’s Golf League Spring Awards event was hosted by the Cedar Mountain Outpost on June 28, and sponsored in part by Mercy Urgent Care. From left to right are Mike Brann and Eric Stephenson (tie for 3rd), Ken Buckowski (2nd place), and Kurt Knabe (1st place), and Spring League Champion. PIC

Sherwood Forest Ladies Golf League results. The game on July 3 was a best-ball Ribbon Cutting game, and we had a great turnout. Twenty-five women showed up to play the team game on the back nine. The winning team was Kathy Harris, Peggy Baldwin, and Mel Kasab. It was a fun game and a fun morning of golf. After golf, a number of golfers crossed the street to the Cedar Mountain Outpost for lunch. If you haven't played with our league on Mondays or have only been out a few times, come on out! We have a lot of newcomers in the league. Registration is at 8:30 a.m. Play starts at 9 a.m. We'll play the front nine on July 10.


Monday, July 12th is our next potluck. Everyone is welcome. Please have your dish to share on the serving tables by 6:15 pm so we can eat at 6:30 pm. Our program begins at about 7 pm. The program consists of a short movie called Through Their Eyes, a history of America at War from 1917 through the Global War on Terror. This movie is a series of 6 short films honoring Transylvania veterans. Veterans attending the potluck will be honored.


On the second Friday of each month, the Cedar Mountain Canteen will be serving authentic Indian cuisine. The next meal will be Friday, July 14th, at 5:30 pm. Meals are gluten-free and vegan. Dine-in or take-out options are available. Dinner will consist of a simple meal with 4 items at $18. A full platter with 8 items is $35. Pre-order Indian Dinners at the CM Canteen Website or

This is a zero-waste event so please bring your own containers for takeout. The Canteen is furnishing plates, bowls, and flatware to use. We thank you for your support. June proceeds went to the Cedar Mountain Fire Department. July proceeds will go to the Cedar Mountain Community Center.


Starting on July 19th onwards, Wednesdays between 5:30-6:30 pm, Bollywood Dance classes will be offered at Cedar Mountain Community Center. To sign up, please visit the schedule at

VBS AT ROCKY HILL will be held Sunday, July 16 through Tuesday, July 18 from 6:30 pm 8:30 pm with a slip and slide and hotdog supper on the 16th at 5 pm.


The Cedar Mountain Fire Department braved the mixed weather this past Sunday afternoon as they grilled a full-course “Drunken” Chicken dinner at the Canteen, which is located just beyond the fire department. Many thanks to all who contributed their time, talent, (building), and donations, to this fundraiser for our amazing Cedar Mountain Fire Department.


At 11 am this Sunday, Faith Memorial Chapel welcomes Dr. Fred W. Andrea III. Fred retired in 2018 after a twenty-five-year tenure as Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Aiken, South Carolina. He has since been serving as Senior Pastor of Clinton United Methodist Church in Salley, South Carolina.

Craig Price will provide wonderful selections of music. Bass-Baritone Craig Price, a native of Gilbert, South Carolina, holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Voice Performance from Furman University, a Master's Degree from the Manhattan School of Music, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of South Carolina. The Annual Picnic will be held after the service.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

BIRTHDAYS: Birthdays are Colton Davis and Miriam Phlug (days unknown), Sherry Brown, Jackson Raines, and Adam Pace July 7th; Myron Bishop 8th; Missy Duke July 13th, which coincidentally is her wedding anniversary! Beth Carden 20th, Lorrie Smith 22nd, and Sherry’s son Cameron Brown July 25th. Anita Goldschmidt will be in town for her “big” birthday July 27! Finally, my “favorite niece” Rosemary Lee Carter July 31st. Happy birthday to all!

ANNIVERSARIES: Clyde & Patty Stahl the 2nd. Missy Duke made it easy on her husband Marshall by marrying him on the same day as her birthday: July 13th. Only one day to remember, Marshall! Toney & Joy Murr July 19th, Pastor Leland & Deb Holland July 28th, and George & Nancy Mayer July 30th. Congratulations & Best Wishes to all!

FEELING LEFT OUT? If you are having a birthday or other celebration this month, or next, please call me (Christine Pace) at (828)885-2103 or email me your news at: Thank you!

I (Christine) spent most of last week in the hospital, as a patient! Back home now I’m doing very well. A small bag with an extra cell phone charger & plug and other essentials was packed and taken along to the hospital as my best friend Candy drove me there. It’s sad when they know who you are upon entering the front desk! Admitted I was, though, so was glad to have brought my charger and reading glasses. By day 2, when I felt up to checking & sending emails & texts I turned on my phone only to be asked to punch in my pass code, as this device “doesn’t recognize me” by facial recognition. Really, have I changed that much? Let the fun begin.

Transylvania Hospital has always treated me well, and after 3 full days & nights, I was released to my home. I’m glad to report they do have sugar-free options now. Still, you have to look out for yourself, as my first tray had sugar in everything except for the broth. They got it right after that.

Upon returning home the greeting I got from my 3 pups was amazing! Daughter Carri had been tending to them, but they still prefer their “leader”. It was great! Now as the 4th of July fast approaches (I’m writing this on Monday, July 3rd) some neighbors up the road began testing out their fireworks last night. That means my oldest pup Jack was on my lap until close to midnight when the fireworks stopped. If it goes the same as last year it will be a full 5-6 days before said neighbors run out of ammunition so that me and my pups can again relax in our own home. And there’s the key: staying indoors. Unfortunately, many pets left outdoors will run for their lives when the fireworks are active, often becoming lost. Please keep pets indoors this week. And neighbors please diminish the length of “time” you fire off these noisemakers, both in the number of days and lateness of the night. I’m sure many will thank you for your kind consideration.

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

As of this writing our fishing trip is a washout. The lake is not accessible except by a long walk, or golf carts which were all rented out. It’s a long walk and we weren’t up to carting fishing tackle so far from our campsite and then carting fish back if we caught any. We found another access to the lake outside the campground and hope to try fishing there on Wed. This campground has a beautiful pool and playground for kids. There was great entertainment on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s music was for individuals of less “seniority” than we were but was fun. Sunday night they geared the music more toward us old-timers. We enjoyed watching some great dancing from “yesteryear” and singing along to tunes we knew the words to. Ha.


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