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The annual McGaha Chapel Christmas Caroling will take place this year at the Cedar Mountain Community Center on Sunday, December 5th at 2:30 pm. The Community Center, built in 1953, is larger than the historic 1872 McGaha Chapel and we will be able to "spread out" as we sing. We will also avoid the necessity of close quarter shuttling to the Chapel. Hot cider, coffee and home baked goodies will be served after the singing. You are invited to bring a favorite cookie, cake or candy to share. Next year we hope to celebrate in the beautiful old McGaha Chapel again. Come join us as we open the Christmas season with song, fellowship and food!


Monday night, the Cedar Mountain Community Center attendance was close to capacity. We saw faces that we haven’t seen since before the pandemic started. There were gobs of yummy Thanksgiving themed items to feast on. Thanks to all who came to share their Thanksgiving goodies and good will.

There was also an election to the community center board. New members include Richard Packer, Ellen and Doug Meyer and Jeff Ambrose. Congratulations folks.

President, Clint Owings announced that we will have a Crockpot Cook-off on Saturday 2/5/21.

We can thank Patty Stahl for the photos of the CMCC Thanksgiving dinner.



The Cedar Mountain Canteen opened its doors one year ago the day before Thanksgiving and they are celebrating by being open the same day this year. They look forward to seeing everyone!


There will be a Thanksgiving Day Potluck Dinner at the Cedar Mountain Canteen.

So many folks don’t have a place to share Thanksgiving dinner. Last year at the Canteen we had a private, small socially distanced potluck for a few of us and it was wonderful.

This year we have decided to host a community potluck on Thanksgiving Day. We will be providing a turkey and a pork roast. Please join us. If you cannot bring food to share, we will feed you. We will start gathering at 3 pm and enjoy dinner around 4 or 5 pm.

We ask that you bring your own non-disposable place setting, beverage glass and that you pack out anything you bring. We strive to be free of waste and appreciate help with that. If you don’t have a place setting, we always have extras.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace


The change of weather brings changes to my activities: more indoor than outdoor though some time every day or two is devoted to blowing the leaves off my long driveway. Even though I have gutter guards I get the leaves blown off my roof too. I don’t do this myself but usually a kind & giving friend will show up one day and do this.

My friend, Candy, came to my house Saturday and together we did some winterizing; unhooked the hose, attached spigot covers, cleared the deck, etc.

Back inside, I decided to cook. Those who know me are probably laughing right now! I assure you I do understand some of the concepts of cooking; how to use the can opener, defrosting meats, preheat the oven. Slice & bake cookies are a snap! When I married Joe I became part of an enormous family filled with many talents, one being they are all great cooks. They cook from “scratch”(not the chicken feed)! They also have amazing singing voices. After my Joe passed they embraced me with all the love they grew up knowing themselves. Now’s a good time to say how very “thankful” I am to loving family, and friends. And YOU!

My pups have missed going to the dog park lately but I promised them a trip soon. As soon as choir practice lets up, and visits to folks traveling from afar (my daughter-in-law’s parents are flying in from Brazil). I took BoBo & Jack to the dog groomer behind the ‘Outpost to get their nails trimmed. While there I met Dee who sews amazing bowl “cozies”, and bought a couple for Christmas gifts. Being a master of the microwave these are ideal for me too.

My indoor time this week includes a visit from a special little boy, and his mom, as I show little Avery how to sculpt with the 2-part epoxy clay I use on my gourd ornaments. I’ll gather with some gal pals too, to each create their own wreath. I want to use up my wreath supplies to make more room for other arts & crafts supplies, ha-ha. I sold half of my wreaths at the recent ‘Fair so inside my house now are half a dozen still, hanging in my den and dining room.

Do you know that Hanukkah happens this year around Thanksgiving? This “celebration of dedication”, also known as the “festival of lights”, Hanukkah runs from November 28th thru December 6th. Thanksgiving is November 25th. Next week! Christmas is in 37 days from the date this Thursday’s newspaper comes out!

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

What a great belated honeymoon my honey and I had this past weekend. It was “summer” in Savannah, Georgia both Friday and Saturday. There were even sunbathers on the beach at TybeeIsland. We chose to roll up our jeans, wade and walk the beach little which was refreshing. Richard ventured out a bit too far and was hit by a little bit bigger wave. His jeans were wet to the knees. I found a nice sand dollar on the beach which was my souvenir for the trip.

We took the Savannah Riverboat Cruise trip and were pleased with that. Richard used to have a sail boat and misses boats and the sea. He was thrilled to be on the water again and the weather was perfect.

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share.

Photos are welcome as well. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.


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