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At the heart of Cedar Mountain is its Community Center. With over 65 years of history, The Center is famous for its monthly potluck dinners and programs, holiday events for families and the annual summer fundraisers like the auction and fried chicken dinner.

Generations of Community

In the early 1950’s Cedar Mountain needed a meeting place. The Cedar Mountain School, which had previously been used as the gathering spot, had been closed and torn down. Out of this need came the Cedar Mountain Community Center. The land for the Center was donated by Boyce and Helen Bishop. A series of fundraisers was held, including tacky parties, and in 1953 construction of the Center began. Almost all of the work was done by volunteers. Local folk, including the Lees, Joneses, Bishops, Heaths, Garrens, Skerretts, Paces, and Burns, just to name a few, pitched in on weekends and evenings to get the Center built. The building was completed in 1954 and has been in almost constant use since then. The tennis courts were added in 1961, thanks to the Crosswell family. There have been several additions to the building and frequent renovations to keep it up to date.


The Center has enriched the community in innumerable ways. Hundreds of wedding receptions, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, family reunions, quilting bees and church socials have been held at the Center. Many people in the community grew up participating in 4H club or Scouts at the building and performing in Christmas programs there. The Community Center is also the local polling place. Volunteers throughout the last 65 years have kept the Center going. Community meetings are held monthly, usually with a potluck dinner and a program.


The Center is funded by donations and fundraising activities such as annual auctions, dinners and flea markets. The building is also available for rental.Local residents and summer visitors have enjoyed the Cedar Mountain Community Center for 65 years and hope to continue for many years to come.

Center Rentals

The Community Center is for rent! With a capacity of 150 standing and seating for 100, with a commercial style kitchen, our center is the perfect place for your reception, party, family reunion, business meeting or other activity. Get married outside and have your reception at the Center or use it as a dressing room for outdoor weddings. Make food in the commercial kitchen or have it catered by local professionals.


To rent, email or call Caroline Chambers at or 828-290-9662.

Connect With Us

10635 Greenville Highway

Cedar Mountain, NC 28718


PO Box 152

Cedar Mountain, NC 28718

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