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Welcome to CMCC's Small Area Planning Program (SAPP) Resource Library.  All content is available to assist the community in the porcess of establishing a common community vision and plan.  We appreciate everyones support in pulling together the appropriate materials to enable the successful completion of the project.

Resource Description:

Geological map of Cedar Mountain surrounding area to assist in establishing what are the boundaries of the Cedar Mountain Community.

Mapped: 9/13/2017
Data Sources: Transylvania County, NC DOT, NC OneMap

Resource Description:

Links point to several current local WNC plans and associated documents.  The materials provide great examples of the structure and content of  planing, zoning, etc. doucments and the different formats that are currently in use.  Links provided by the North Carolina / Transylvania County Planning and Community Development agency.

SAP Overview.png

Resource Description:

Links point to the CMCC Small Area Planning Project Documents. 

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