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FALL BACK NOV. 6TH It's time, this Saturday night or at 2:00 am Sunday, November 6th, to set your clocks back. So if you get up at 9:00am on Sunday it will feel like, and look like 8:00am this Sunday. Don't be late for church.


Part time Cedar Mountain resident and writer, Dr. Hilda Dulin Lee, is the author of In the Labyrinth of Binge Eating which was written primarily at her cottage here. In fact, one chapter is set when she and her husband first bought the land and discovered the cottage (which they then restored). She will be doing an author talk and book signing at Highland Books in Brevard on Sat Nov 12 at 1 pm. Check her out at


Monday November 14th will be our annual Thanksgiving feast. The center will be furnishing the turkeys. You are asked to have your Thanksgiving dish to share on the serving table by 6:15pm. After supper an election will be held for new board members. There will be no program; just time to enjoy conversations with your neighbors and friends. This will be our last meeting until next spring. The center will remain open for other events during the winter months. Call Deborah Perkins at 828-885-7878 for information on rental. You may also visit our website at for rental, upcoming events and local information. Reservations can be made online.


The CMCC board of directors will meet on Thursday November 10th at 4pm.


The auxiliary needs volunteers to help with fundraisers. The auxiliary helps the fire department buy needed equipment which benefits us all. Help is needed to prepare for these fundraisers which includes preparing for in house BBQ dinners’ with all the trimmings as well as catering dinners. We will be catering the DuPont Experience in November. Please call Cindy Greene at 828-862-3342 for more information or to volunteer.


This event will be held November 11th-13th, 2016 and will simulate search and rescue operations in a wilderness environment. Search crews, dog crews and technical rescue teams will be participating. Over 200 participants are expected. The CMFRD auxiliary is catering the event.

PRAYERS PLEASE Howard Riddick is gone from us now, after a long battle with cancer. He leaves his parents, a sister and brother, a loving wife, young children, and many friends. He is missed, but celebrated too by those who know he is at peace and pain-free.

Please keep Florida resident (Cedar Mountain native) Brad Jones in prayer as he was a patient in ICU as of this past Sunday.

Joe Vanhook had surgery Monday and as of this writing had come through it OK. He has other health issues to consider too and so his wife Jane will need to be lifted up as well. Please pray for strength and healing for both.

Joe Earl Pace has come to a time where he too needs more aggressive treatment at the cancer center which will begin this coming Monday. Both Joe and Christine appreciate your prayers, and Joe especially says he appreciates any food his favorite nieces bring him. You know who you are.

CHRISTINE'S CORNER RECORD-BREAKING WEATHER We're still enjoying record-breaking warm weather here in Transylvania county. Even as I write this (Monday Oct. 31st) we got to 81 degrees at the Asheville airport. Evenings and mornings are still cool, but have a quick warm-up. But we're dry; not in an official drought situation yet but close. We all need to conserve water and not do any outside burning. Due to the warm weather and lack of rain, our leaves are not as colorful as they usually are, but still pretty enough. I believe we are at peak now, if not just past it.


Christmas cantata practice Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm at Rocky Hill. Anyone is invited to come sing.

CHURCH NEWS The Cedar Mountain Baptist Church announced Squire Parsons would be at their 11:00 am service this past Sunday. The parking lot was full. I had folks calling me for information, even though I attend Rocky Hill. But Joe and I are old enough to be great fans of Squire Parsons and we were tempted to attend; alas we went on to Rocky Hill and enjoyed a splendid service there. Several choir members were gone on a last-minute beach trip but should be back with a great tan by now.

Did you know that Rocky Hill Baptist church is on the radio, live time, on Sunday mornings from 11:00 am to noon, on station 87.9 FM? They are. If you can't attend church one Sunday have a listen. There is only about a two-mile radius with which this signal can travel though. Let me know if you "listen". Christine 828- 885-2103).

TRAVELS & TREES Joe and I are still unpacking; doing so in a slow and methodical fashion so as to not have to do this again. Personally I don't like to handle same-items two and three times. We are sharing donations with several good organizations in our county of items we are finally able to let go of. It's a great feeling, and hopefully will benefit others in some way. When taking items to Sharing House, or Safe, or Friends for Life gift shop, Samuel's Haven or the Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store (and more.) I realize they all need volunteers to help sort, price, display and/or sell these items. So if you have an extra day each month, or just once in a while, please go by and offer your help. Also in getting settled-in at our new place, Joe couldn't wait to have one very tall dead tree cut down "Before a strong wind takes it down, on our roof." he said We saved one log to act as a base for our junior western saddle, for the grandkids to ride on. The rest we gave to Bud, our tree cutter. These things my hubby used to be able to do himself and it is hard for him to accept that he now needs the help he was always so quick to offer. The next project will be to clean the gutters, after the rest of the leaves fall. This too will be relegated to another, perhaps one of our son's? Many thanks to those who are able still to lend a helping hand.


Enjoying a visit with my daughter and family in Illinois. The weather here is also unseasonably warm. Predicted temperature is 73 for today. I brought snow boots but wish I’d brought sandals. The leaf color is surprisingly brilliant as well. The trees are usually bare by now. We are headed for a local apple orchard for home made apple pie today. This orchard used to be a yearly family event so am anxious to reminisce those precious moments.

We enjoyed an early Thanksgiving with all the trimmings on Sunday. My daughter, Danielle, even made a pear pie which was fantastic.

We had some Halloween fun last weekend by painting faces on wood pumpkins at a local art shop. They had a punch card where you could visit local shops and earn a chance to win a gift certificate. I put my daughter’s name on both of them. We got some really quirky gourds (as a treat) at one store. They made a nice table display.

Living in Cedar Mountain for more than 21 years now there has never been a Trick or Treater come to the house even though my husband always had to have candy on hand “just in case”. My daughter lives in a gated community where they “truck” kids in from everywhere. It was fun seeing all the kids in their costumes. I wished I’d brought my witch costume along.

The Cedar Mountain News depends on your input. If you have news to share or announcements to make please let me know. All news for next week must be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times. Please email with any news or questions

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