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Based in Cedar Mountain and organized 15 years ago the HmmmDingers have enjoyed many lunches and outings. We are open to new membership. Our only rule is that you must wear a hat. We currently have members from Brevard, Cedar Mountain and Greer, SC.

We usually meet once a month at various restaurants in Transylvania, Henderson and Buncombe Counties and have a great time. We also sometimes go to William’s Hardware (restaurant) in Traveler’s Rest, SC. They have mouth watering corn beef sandwiches and many other delicious sandwiches.

Next Wed (Valentines Day) we are headed to Applebee’s in Hendersonville. If interested and for more information please contact Linda Young at


Choir practice for the Easter Sunrise service at Pretty Place AKA Symmes Chapel has begun. The choir will also sing at the 11am service, April 1st. Everyone is welcome to join the choir. The tenors and bass section could use some singers. Practice is Wed nights at 7 pm at Rocky Hill.

CHRISTINE'S CORNER Having begun 8 week's of physical therapy, prior to me having my hips replaced, I'm finding new, old muscles that hadn't been moved in a long while. I understand muscle weighs heavy so as I gain strength my diet may not seem as effective. But it’s all good.

I met a friend at the Cedar Mountain Cafe Saturday prior to showing her where we hold the annual "Mountain Gourd Gathering" each August. She said "I'll buy your breakfast" to which I replied I'm on weight watchers, and so I only ordered two eggs. It came with two slices of toast and I hate to waste! But I sent the toast back on my otherwise empty plate. My eggs were delicious!

After showing Dianne the gourd meeting place we went to the Blue Moon Gallery where owner Rob Travis greeted us. His gallery is one of the finest I've seen and the art there is extraordinary!

After my friend Dianne left for her home in Flat Rock I went to the gift shop "Changes In Altitude" where owner Tracy Gomez showed me all the new items she had gotten since I was last there; bought and local-made. We are truly blessed with fine eateries & gift shops here in Cedar Mountain!


I was playing Scrabble on my laptop and was feeling pretty good after winning almost all games. Then I noticed that the symbol for my computer opponent was a “toaster”. Mine was a monkey. I hope that indicates that my spelling and vocabulary is better than a toaster.

What’s happening with you or in the community? We’d love to hear what’s going on, if you would like to share. Please email your news to by 6 pm on Monday next week. Photos are welcome as well.

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