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Like many organizations and businesses that have had to postpone or cancel events in light of the Corona virus quarantines that are in place, Sherwood Forest Friends has postponed our programs through May. We do plan to have information available on our website about each of the originally scheduled programs:

  • On March 28th we posted a modified version of the Dark Skies program that we would have seen at the Cedar Mountain Community Center.

  • On April 22 we will post information about the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and what that means locally. We will have to wait a while to schedule our traditional Earth Day planting.

  • On May 1 we will have information about the NC Arboretum and a possible virtual tour to replace the day trip we had to postpone.

  • On May 15, instead of meeting in the Robin Hood Barn, on our website we will have a version of our annual celebration of our Blue Ghosts.

We want everyone to know that Sherwood Forest Friends is still here and we are still providing entertaining and informative ways for you to spend your considerable time at home! Like every other group/individual on the planet, we are trying to figure out how to do our jobs in this unusual and unprecedented environment. We hope you check us out at . Thank you for your support!


The center is closed until further notice. We are looking at June for our first potluck.


John Wiseman and Kim Coram have offered to make sure that if anyone in Cedar Mountain is in need food or conversation to call them at home 828-966-5367. With schools out we are concerned that some local children may be going hungry, especially on the weekends. We are concerned about those who are laid off too. We want to help those in need in our community.


This is a big thank you to all you brave souls who donated blood at the Cedar Mt Fire Dept Saturday. In total 42 very much needed life-saving pints were donated. You guys were hero’s to donate. We more than doubled our normal donation. Your blood will save lives. The blood banks are at a historical low. If you could not donate Saturday you may call the Red Cross and they can direct you to another donation site. Thank you again.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

LENOIR BISHOP At this writing life-long Cedar Mountain resident and the choir leader of Rocky Hill Baptist Church, Lenoir Bishop, is preparing for major surgery on his leg this week; Tuesday at Park Ridge Hospital. He and his wife Faith ask for our prayers in healing. APPOINTMENT NEEDED! I've heard several folks say they will be first in line for a hair appointment and/or a mani-pedi when the quarantine is lifted. I will need my brakes checked as I can hear the slight high-pitched hum telling me this will soon be needed. I'm not driving much now of course so that's a good thing! I'm saving on gas, and even my auto insurance company is refunding 15% for April & May because of the limits we're under.

TIME & TIME AGAIN The biggest thing I have noticed is "time". I suddenly have so much more of it! Friends I keep in touch with say they are doing more cooking and experimenting in the kitchen; some are putting together puzzles at an alarming rate! I'm trying to teach my youngest pup a couple of new tricks. Luckily I am not spending much more time on my computer as I feared I may. I put myself on a limit; too many more important things to accomplish. Like sanding & painting several furniture pieces. Or organizing a drawer (I only do that when it rains). I have written rather than emailed my grandchildren, and sent a surprise package to my grandson living near Charlotte, NC. It’s almost like they are at camp! I do miss seeing the children, my friends, and church family(s).

On Sunday I watch one "live" broadcast then catch up with others on Facebook. Most of what I do is done sitting, other than the furniture stripping, so I set the kitchen timer to remind me to get up and move every now & then. Finally, I take a short nap on most days. Why? That's a good question, but I found that doing nothing is very tiring. But I'm staying home as much as I can, and staying safe. I think our county is doing really well, don't you? I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our first Cedar Mountain Community Center!

BEFORE QUARANTINE A joke: A man and a woman may be arguing about who is supposed to make coffee. The man says, "I work and you stay at home, so you should make the coffee." The woman replies, "Well, the Bible says men are supposed to make coffee." "Really?" asks the man. The woman takes out a bible and flips to a page, then says, "See? Hebrews." OK so that is a poor joke, but what would a man say now, if he is sequestered at home? My advice is to stay off the coffee! Let me or Linda know what you are doing to pass the time!


I hadn’t been to town for a week so I had to go for some groceries. It was appalling to see how many disregarded their safety by wearing no protection at all. I was a minority wearing protection. Social distancing was pretty good inside the stores at least. Aisles at both at Ingles and Wal-Mart had arrows for one way traffic. Many didn’t pay any attention to the arrows or forgot to check like I did and had to turn around.

I made a mask from a bandana. I taped a baggy tie on the nose portion so it could be shaped to my nose and tied a knot in the bottom so that the mask covered even more than an official mask does. It was more comfortable too. When going to the stores I wore Nitrile gloves and sanitized them before taking them off outside the car. That way I can use them again.

Be safe and wear your masks and gloves. The life you save may be yours or a family member. COVID-19 is no joke.

On the lighter side I have a male Titmouse beating itself to death trying to attack what he thinks is another male reflected in my windows. Pardon the expression but there is bird snot splattered on my windows from his attempts to “get” his competition.

Oh, and my ice-cream survived the power outage last week when I put it in the basement freezer. I know you were worried about that. LOL

Thank you for reading The Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.

Take care of yourselves

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