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We had a great turnout, about seventy in the pews and the weather was nice. Santa made an appearance and Suzanne Lawson gesticulated the words as the Twelve Days of Christmas was sung.


Everyone is invited to the Family Life Center building next to Rocky Hill Baptist Church on Sunday, December 18th at 6 pm, to hear a beautiful Christmas cantata by the Rocky Hill choir. Refreshments will follow.

Choir leader Lenoir Bishop will again lead the choir in song, with a message to follow by the pastor of Rocky Hill church, Dr. Leland Holland. Lenoir’s selection of 5 songs for this cantata is beautiful and meaningful for this Christmas season.

You may reach Rocky Hill church at (828)862-5611


The Cedar Mountain Fire Auxiliary is hosting the American Red Cross blood drive Saturday, Nov 17th at the fire department in Cedar Mountain from 8:30 am through 12:30 pm. It is recommended that you make an appointment with the Red Cross now. Appointments can be made at

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

What have you done to ready yourself for this holiday month? Many folks have a tree up & decorated, lights outside their home, and presents wrapped. Not me! I’m trying to finish a few gourd ornaments for others. This year I may only exchange my everyday throw pillows for Christmas ones.

I’m enjoying all the decorations in town, stores, friends’ homes, and in my church; Rocky Hill. On Saturday I watched the parade in Brevard. It was impressive! While there I stopped in Diamond Rush to have 2 watch batteries installed, and was able to visit Mark Burdette who works there.

Sunday was busy with Sunday school, church, the “singing at McGaha Chapel” and then cantata practice at 5 pm. Busy, busy, busy.

Do you know I sing in the tenor section at Rocky Hill? Linda Young joins our choir for cantatas and also sings tenor. That should be incentive enough to get you, our readers, to attend Rocky Hill’s Christmas cantata on the 18th! Be sure to say “hello” to us. Merry Christmas!

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

My honey is all excited about decorating for the holidays this year. He bought two strings of multicolor lights for our beautiful holly tree in front of the house. Now, all we have to do is figure out how to hang them. I’m sure that will be a story in itself.

I’ve had a bit of nostalgia of late just thinking of Christmas’s past. Some special presents came to mind. I had asked for a doctor’s kit once. No nurse’s kit for me. Santa brought it and I was thrilled. (I actually worked in the emergency medical field for over 20 years so I was serious about it.) 3 years in a row I had asked Santa for a “Tonka” bulldozer. Santa was finally convinced I truly wanted it and I finally got it. We had a ditch where we built roads in the dirt. I don’t remember what we used for cars but we needed the bulldozer. We were more creative in the past and had to use our imaginations at playtime. Another favorite gift was a Baby Blue Eyes Doll. My sister and I both got one. Santa couldn’t always deliver what we asked for but when he did we were overjoyed. We got sleds one year and bicycles another. I got of pair of skis with no poles to go with them. I never asked Santa for them and was scared to try them. We went up a hill by the school. I went about 1/3 of the way down the hill before I got scared and sat down in the snow to stop - so much for the skis.

I have never been one for frilly girly things and a pretty much still a Tom Boy. I was happy with a new toaster or a tool for my workshop instead of a nightgown or personal item. But that’s me.


The Cedar Mountain News is here to ensure you know what is happening in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the area. Thank you for reading it. Your input is welcomed and encouraged.

Please send all photos and/or news and announcements to Photos need to be close to 900 kb or better for publication in the news. The deadline for submissions is Monday night or early Tuesday.”

I often hear that someone reads the Cedar Mountain News first! I am always pleased when I hear that. Thank you.


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