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The Cedar Mountain Fire auxiliary joined with Transylvania Shares for our first-ever zero waste fundraising event. We served 174 individuals breakfast consisting of pancakes sausage fruit salad and beverages. The Velvet Cup also assisted us in our fundraising efforts. Many thanks go out to all the dedicated people who helped in this extraordinary effort.

We had a record attendance with cars parked down the sides of the road and folks lining up for pancakes. We served twice as many breakfasts as we did last time and still ran out. Wow!

The Cedar Mountain Fire Auxiliary wants to thank every one of you for your donations to help purchase equipment for our Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Department.


There will be a potluck and program Monday 9-12-22. Please have your dish on the table and ready to serve by 6:15p so we can get started at 6:30 pm sharp.

The program will be presented by Kim Corman and John Wiseman. They will discuss ways of helping to eliminate waste from our environment.



The Community Council for Transylvania Regional Hospital (CCTRH)* is holding a listening session to gather public input on healthcare in our community on Monday, September 19, 2022, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Cedar Mountain Community Center. Please join us.

Topics to be discussed:

Are your healthcare needs being met?

Are you satisfied with the available services?

Are you satisfied with the quality of care?

Is our hospital your first choice for healthcare?

Are there improvements you would like to see?

*CCTRH is a community group formed to facilitate communication between the public and TRH

to help TRH understand and take meaningful actions to improve the hospital’s

role as the center of community health. Please join us.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace



Bruce Fortner gained another year on September 2nd, followed on the 3rd by Tom Beeker and Brandon Baines. The 2 sons of Lorraine Melendez threw her a big birthday bash for her birthday on the 6th! Kathy Guffey was celebrated on the 7th. Kay Clark, (Linda Packer Young’s sister) turns 77 on Sept 11. Coming up, Jeanne Hayes grows another year “younger” on September 19th. On the 20th Liam Bishop gains a year; hopefully, no inches, as he’s the tallest one in his family! Nancy Cadora will celebrate on the 23rd. Wallace Dunbar gains a year on the 21st; the same date Rob Pflug & his twin brother John were born! Two birthdays on September 25th are Charlotte (Lee) Jones and Shanda Sentelle. On the 26th are two more birthdays: Zane Sentelle, and my granddaughter Calla Harris who is turning 18. Finally, on September 30th Antje Owen will be celebrated by her loving husband & daughter. Happy birthday to all!


Chris & Renee Baines celebrated their wedding anniversary on September 4th. Charles & Katherine Guffey will celebrate on the 25th, while Eric & Dana Huskey waited until the last day in September, the 30th, to be wed. Best Wishes & Congratulations to all!

If I missed your September birthday or anniversary please email it to me at: Thank you!


The monthly meeting of the Cedar Mountain Fire Department Auxiliary, of which I’m an active member, was on Tuesday this week. We discussed the needs of our Fire Department and the success of this past Saturday’s fundraiser pancake breakfast. And upcoming events, including blood drives. New members are welcome! If you call me I’ll give your contact information to the auxiliary President.

Water aerobics happens for me on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings. The Brevard Racquet Club has Tuesday & Thursday early-evening classes too. On Labor Day Monday, I ran into a friend in the locker room, Sonia Arnold, who makes the most amazing wire-wrap jewelry. I am hoping to take a class from her to transform some of my gourd shards into wearable art. Her husband’s business now is selling insurance “just for antique automobiles”. I wouldn’t have guessed.

My pastor of Rocky Hill Baptist Church, Dr. Leland Holland, is hoping to return to the pulpit this coming Sunday, Sept. 11th. I’ll miss his first Sunday back, as I’m planning to go to Carr’s Hill Baptist Church for their Homecoming which starts at 10:00 am and finishes with a covered-dish lunch. Do you know any groups who cook better than Baptists?

School started back last week which changes my schedule somewhat. Wanting to pick up my grandson from Brevard Elementary, I try to volunteer earlier at Safe’s Attic, while still keeping my mornings open for water aerobics. It’s well known by many that after retiring you get busier than ever! Any spare time is used developing new gourd art to teach in upcoming classes.

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

It was good to be able to get away from the house Tuesday after several days of isolation due to Covid. I thought I broke our Shark vacuum Sunday afternoon. It needed cleaning, so I had it on the sink, washing the rollers, and washing out the canister. After it dried I tried to do a little vacuuming and it “died”. I thought I had gotten water in someplace it shouldn’t have gone and burned out the motor. We took it to the Vacuum Center & Janitorial Supplies in Hendersonville Tuesday. The technician at the counter plugged it in, took the hose off, reversed the hose, and blew out a huge wad of cat hair. I was so embarrassed. He explained what had happened and that the vacuum motor had simply stopped running because it overheated from trying to suck all that hair into the canister. He didn’t charge us anything. We highly recommend them for any vacuum problems.

Post note: Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. We are here to make sure you know what is going on in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the area. Please send all photos and/or news and announcements to Photos need to be close to 900 kb or better for publication in the news. The deadline for submissions is Monday night or early Tuesday


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