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CEDAR MOUNTAIN NEWS for Thursday 4-2-20


TC Schools are delivering lunch for kids at the community center from 12:10 pm - 1:10 pm on weekdays.

Whistle Stop is selling curbside orders and you can still get Boo Boos.

Creekside Market is taking orders and going to the store for residents. They will deliver to your front door.

Many volunteers have joined the effort to sew face masks for medical personnel but are in need of elastic. If you have any you can donate please contact me at and I will notify those who need it.

John Wiseman and Kim Coram have offered to make sure that if anyone in Cedar Mountain is in need food or conversation to call them at home 828-966-5367. With schools out we are concerned that some local children may be going hungry, especially on the weekends. We are concerned about those who are laid off too. We want to help those in need in our community.


We will do your grocery shopping for you and deliver it to your doorstep! Call 885-2810 with your grocery list or email it to

Creekside will shop your list at Food Lion or Ingles. We will call you with the total to be paid by credit card over the phone. There will be a $5 dollar delivery charge and 5% added to your total order. You can drive to Creekside where we will place your order in your car OR we will drop your order on your porch.

Creekside has also stocked staple items in our store which can also be delivered. We have (depending on availability): beef, chicken, bacon and sausage, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, bread and buns, butter, cheese, and eggs. We are still offering take-out food orders too!

As our service to the Cedar Mountain community, we also offer one free meal a day to children and youth under 18 years old.


These are the blood drive dates for 2020 as assigned to The Cedar Mountain Fire/Rescue Auxiliary by the Red Cross; April 18, June 20, August 22, October 24, and December 19 from 8:30a – 12:30p. It is under consideration to have the April 18th blood drive at Rocky Hill Church’s Family Life Center. It needs approval by the Red Cross.

During this time when fewer folks are leaving their home, the supply of blood products is running very low. Therefore there are extra blood drives being held where special precautions are being taken to assure the safety of those wanting to give blood. Still, it is your choice to go to these public places, or not. A blood drive will be held on April 2nd at the Davidson River School (Ecusta Road) from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm.

Your donation is desperately needed.


The Sherwood Ladies Golf League is seeking new members for its upcoming season. The league plays 9 holes every Monday morning from April 6th - October 12th. The April starting time is 10 AM. The league is open to any golfer, any age or ability level, who is interested in fun, yet competitive 9-hole play. New members are welcome at any time during the season. For more information, please email Lin at


There is so much I should be doing while sequestering myself at home; there are boxes still to go through from my move 3 years ago! Winter clothes to fold and put away, refreshing my summer attire. But instead, I have sequestered myself deep into my painting room. I had two dozen gourd birdhouses awaiting my touch, so after taking them outside for another good scrub I started drawing on them with my paintbrush; white paint only, different bird & flower designs. I do this freehand so no two are ever alike. The next day I began adding color, and my colors seem brighter than normal. After all, it is spring, right? Having completed a dozen so far I should get through all these with plenty of time in our sequestered timeline to get to something else. Oh, I must tell you that, during the scrubbing-of-the-gourds, I looked upon a section of siding on my home that needed a cleaning since all the winter's rain, so I filled my bucket with fresh soapy water while my scrubbed gourds air-dried and went to work on the siding. I moved muscles I forgot I had! It looks so much better; except the upper part that I couldn't reach. Well, I may save that area for my son's visit this summer. APRIL CELEBRATIONS: BIRTHDAYS:

Christine has two grandchildren celebrating birthdays, without her, this month: Cassi Harris turns 19 on April 2nd while Cassi's brother Cooper turns 6 on the 10th. Others celebrating birthdays in April are Pam Crosby on the 2nd, Jean Dunlap on the 9th, Angie(Skerrett)Beeker on the 11th, Brandon Bandhauser on the 13th, two on the 18th: Charleen (Smith) Galloway and Nira (Jones)Stake. Charleen's mom Gail Smith's birthday is the 19th. Patty Stahl celebrates on April 21st; Claire Skerrett on the 27th, Cody Brown on the 28th, Odell Owen on the 29th, and Gayle Rich on the 30th, the last day of sequestering, hopefully! God bless each of you. ANNIVERSARIES:

Bob & Barbara Streeper were married many years ago, on April 1st; no fooling! Fred & Gayle Rich celebrate their anniversary on the 8th, and Shawn & Megan (Bishop)Raines on the 14th. Best wishes & congratulations to all three couples.


As I sat down to write something for this section of the news, I’m wondering if I will eventually wake up and find COVID-19 was just a bad dream. I keep hoping but every morning is scarier than the previous. I am more fortunate than some. Because of the frequent power outages here I always keep several days supply of food and bottled water on hand. I did buy some extra cat food for my guys though so I could limit my trips to town for now. I found an N-95 mask in my workshop that I have used for protection against flying sawdust. I will treat it like a found treasure.

Please take care to follow the guidelines to help protect yourself and others from this growing disaster.

Thank you for reading The Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions are encouraged and welcome. We’d love to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.

Take care of yourselves.

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