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Cedar Mt Community Center Thursday 7-9-15 at 4pm


Connestee Falls Art League will sponsor its annual Art in the Park on July 11 from 10 – 4 adjacent to Connestee Park on 276 south of Brevard. Rain date – July 12.

It promises to be the best yet with wood carving, painting, jewelry, and various other creative creations. It’s a festive time and a time to find some bargains, great gifts, and just have a good time visiting with your neighbors and the artisans displaying their work. Come out and enjoy the day.

If you are interested in setting up your creative endeavors or need more information call 883-8410.


The monthly community pot luck and meeting will be this Monday, July 13th at the Cedar Mountain Community Center. Please have your dish to share on the table by 6:15pm.

The program this month is a "Talent Show" and you are invited to come enjoy and to participate. If you have a talent you would like to show please call Christine Pace at (828)885-2103. Come join us and have a good time.


Our annual fundraiser Chicken Dinner will be held at the Community Center Saturday July 25th from 5 – 7pm. $10 adults, $6 for children. Come lick your fingers in Cedar Mountain.


Saturday, August 15th from 9 am – noon. This promises to be one of our biggest fleas. All tables are reserved but there is still some outside space. If you’d like to reserve an outside space or be put on a call list please call Linda at 877-5407.

10% of proceeds benefit the community center.

Make it a day trip. There will be the BBQ at the fire station and the Mountain Gourd Gathering is meeting as well.


There are still a few class openings for this year's "Mountain Gourd Gathering" at the Family Life Center building here in Cedar Mountain, August 13 through 15th.

Call Christine Pace for more information or visit the web site at:


Ribbon Cutting Scramble - Back 9 -team of Lois Bollini, Katie Averitt, Diane Foley and Kathy Harris – 26


Monday and Wednesday, 10:30-11:30am - 6 classes 7/13, 15, 20, 22, 27, and 29. No classes on 6/1, 6, 8. If you have any questions please call Hiro at 553-1164.


The bookmobile will not be at the Community Center July 9th.


With a capacity of 160 (75 seated) and a commercial style kitchen our center is the perfect place for your small reception, party, business meeting and other activities. It can also be used as a dressing room for outdoor weddings. Call Deborah Perkins at 885-7878 to reserve the center. Book now before your date is taken.



Please join us at the Rocky Hill Baptist Church this Sunday, July 12th, for this year's Vacation Bible School themed "Journey Off The Map". We will kick off the week Sunday at 5:00pm with a slip and slide followed by a hot dog supper. Please bring a towel and dry change of clothes as we will begin Bible studies, crafts, music activities, recreation and S'mores at 6:30PM.

VBS continues Monday through Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30pm. All activities will be available for children ages 3 to middle school. Please contact Patty Stahl at (828)885-2498 for more information.


Adam Pace and Sherry Brown celebrated birthdays on July 7th, and Beth Carden on the 10th. Lorrie Smith's birthday is the 22nd, Cameron Brown July 25th and Rosemary Carter just made it on the 31st of July.


Clyde and Patty Stahl celebrated their anniversary on July 2nd, and Joe and Christine Pace are getting ready to celebrate twenty-five year's on July 14th. Toney and Joy Murr were married on July 19th, many years’ ago; John and Hilda Riddick celebrate on the 28th. Pastor Leland and Deb Holland celebrate their anniversary on July 28th, and George and Nancy Mayer on July 30th. Congratulations all.


Becky McDaris has a new knee and is recovering fine. She'll be kicking up her heels soon.


On an overcast Saturday, July 4th, Joe and I went to Brevard with our umbrellas which we decided not to use after arriving. With the sun hiding and a slight breeze it really made for a great day. And apparently we weren't the only ones thinking this way; the town was packed.

Thinking we would just go long enough for Joe to look at the antique cars and trucks I didn't wear the most comfortable shoes. As it turned out we walked the whole town, Main and Broad Streets.

Walking past the dunking booth I noticed friend, Metta Redding, perched upon the paddle, already wet from a few dunks. Joe bought a few balls and dunked her some more. A few steps further I thought I recognized someone in the GOP booth and he recognized me too, but from where? Turns out a few years’ ago we had been in the same water-aerobics class.

Neighbor, Rob Travis, had a wonderful display on Main Street in front of "Gravy's" with his photos and Giclées - the bright spot on the block. His work is incredible. And I met a gourd artist who was not from here and whom I did not know. She had a flock of polka-dotted gourd chickens.

While in town I ducked into several shops too, and laughed when I saw a big "Daddy Day Care" sign pointing in to "Hunter's and Gatherer's". I had to go and see, and came away with a great idea for one of Joe's used horse saddles: make a bar seat out of it.

We met a lady from Franklinton, NC who made wonderful dog harnesses and were able to find one small enough for our teacup Chihuahua "Jill". It goes on easy and is very soft, and pretty. I certainly will keep her business card.

Where "Gallery on Main" used to be (East Main St.), a new shop called "Nutcrackers" has gone in and a new restaurant next door.

Finally, I have to admit to almost making the same mistake as Joe when I saw a lady (with her husband) crossing the intersection, who looked just like our friend, local artist Linda Richardson. But I caught myself in time and as I heard Joe saying (to this lady) "Well hello." I turned and explained that she looked just like a good friend of ours. Figured I better do this before her husband got the wrong idea. Of course they were just visiting and did not know Linda. She really did look like her though.

We closed the day back at the car show. Joe said he saw "every car I ever drove or learned how to drive" at the show. He learned on a 1940 Ford Coupe. He was age twelve; Shhhhhhh.


As our sweet golden retriever had his yearly checkup scheduled Monday morning we decided to bathe him on Sunday night. When we bathe Burley we all get a bath. I figure it is equal to bathing five 20-pound dogs, as Burley weighs one hundred pounds. That is actually eight pounds less than last year.


After joining an exercise group at Rocky Hill I have lost 1lb. Not much, but better than gaining 1. There were a bunch of us at the last class with new people showing up as the word gets out. Suzanne Lawson does a wonderful job of “getting us moving”. Thanks Suzanne.

I thought my refrigerator was on the fritz because it was making a weird noise like metal rattling when it ran. I was all set to call for repair but discovered that it was a casserole lid making the racket when the motor ran. Putting a dish cloth between the lid and the shelf above it “repaired” my refrigerator. What a relief.

If you have a tale to tell or news you would like to share please email it to Linda Young at or call 828-877-5407. All news must be received by Monday evening each week for inclusion in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times. Ads for businesses can only be included if they are offering a new service, photography display, change of business hours, etc. Nonprofit organizations such as the community center and fire department are exceptions to the rule.

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