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The Cedar Mountain Board of Directors will meet on Thursday Sept. 10th (not the 3rd as previously reported) at 4:00pm at the community center.

The community center will host Paul Vis from the Transylvania County Animal Shelter as our program at our potluck/meeting on Monday Sept 14th. Bring a dish to share at our potluck by 6:15pm. The program will commence at about 7pm.

Our new sign is up and in use. Rockwork around the bottom will soon be completed.

The Sport’s/Tennis Court is painted and awaiting striping. Watch for more information on reopening.


As a fundraiser our Community Center has put together a beautiful calendar for 2016. The calendar is composed of photographs from the Cedar Mountain area taken by local photographers and highlights the beauty of our area. Our 2016 Calendar was ‘Made in the USA’ and will be for sale at local merchants,

The calendar will be available at Changes in Altitude, Cedar Mountain Café, Cedar Mountain Canteen, board members and at our next two potlucks. All proceeds benefit the Community Center. Get yours now while they last.

TOUR DE FALLS The "Friends of DuPont Forest" announces the Fall 2015 Tour de Falls will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 26 & 27. The event is a 12 mile tour by shuttle bus in DuPont State Recreational Forest to four spectacular sites: Triple Falls, High Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, & Lake Julia. Park at the Buck Forest parking lot off Staton Road and enjoy a tour like no other! Mark your calendar now. The date for this is earlier than in past years and should prove to be easier to access.

Tour de Falls provides the general public, families and those with limited hiking abilities a chance to see the beauty of DuPont State Recreational Forest and some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Southeast via shuttle buses. The Tour de Falls begins and ends at the Buck Forest parking area; The event parking area is located at 89 Buck Forest Road, Cedar Mountain, NC 28718, a short distance from the High Falls access and parking area. Look for the Tour De Falls directional signs as you near the event area.

Buses will leave the event parking area approximately every 30 minutes from 9 am until 2:30 pm. Visitors getting off the bus at each stop will be able to get great views of the falls, take photos and explore the forest. The tour takes 3 hours or longer, depending on how much time is spent at each stop. Yes, you can get off the bus and catch another later!

A donation of $6 for ages 6-17 and $12 for ages 18 and up is requested. They accept donations by cash or check. Please note that the buses are not handicap-accessible.

Visitors should bring snacks and water, as there are no food concessions. Triple Falls and High Falls have covered shelters with picnic tables. The lodge overlooking Lake Julia is the last stop on the tour.


Irish Low Ball - Team of Nanette Brinkley, Sandy Toscani, Georgia Osterc and Peggy Baldwin- 91; Low Net - Aki Lindsay and Kay Alexander- 28; Low Gross - Georgia Osterc - 30


CHANGING SEASONS Fall is just around the corner; the time change (fall back) and leaf season, cooler weather and several holidays. "I love the fall".

Along with changing colors and weather comes changing flowers. One that blooms here from May through October is "Queen Anne's Lace", and is known by most. Let me tell you a little about this plant:

In olden days Queen Anne's Lace (Daucus carota) was said to be associated with the devil, perhaps because of its similarity to the deadly poison hemlock. The flower is named for Anne, wife of James 1 of England and an avid lace maker. The tiny reddish-purple flower in the center was said to represent a drop of the queen's blood, caused when she pricked her finger. Children were warned not to pick it and bring it into the house, because bad luck would surely follow.

In traditional medicine, a tea made from the root of Daucus carota was prescribed as a diuretic to prevent and treat kidney stones.

Queen Anne's lace is a biennial, meaning it lives for two years. It spends its first year growing and the second blooming and setting seeds.

This description was taken from China Bayles' "Herbs of Good and Ill Omen" and heads chapter five in the book Death Come Quickly, written by Susan Wittig Albert. More on another herb/flower in next week's column!


This coming Monday, September 7th is Labor Day. Schools will be out and many government businesses will be closed. Lots of traffic on the road! September 11th (9-11) is Patriot Day. Fall begins on Wednesday September 23rd.

Looking ahead I laughed when I saw that October 22nd is "National Nut Day". World Vegetarian Day is celebrated on the first of October, and Halloween this year will be on October 31st, a Saturday.

Time to Fall Back: Daylight Savings Time ends this year on Sunday November 1st. Set your clocks back an hour, and check your smoke detectors!

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAY'S Celebrating birthdays this month are Bruce Fortner on the 2nd, Tom Beeker the 3rd, Iris Mulenax the 10th, Tom's daughter Emily Beeker on the 15th, Jeanne Hayes the 19th. Liam Bishop, off to college now, will turn 18 on September 20th, and Mary Jane Howard the 24th.


Happy birthday to my sister, Kay, in Florida who will be entering her 7th decade Sept 11th.

Last year I made a 3200 mile round trip to the Midwest. I was so proud of that I’m planning an even longer road trip to New England this fall. I’ve been to every corner of the USA except Alaska, Hawaii and New England. New England is closer.

What’s going on in your life that you would like to share? Please send all news to If need be, you may also call Linda Young at 877-5407.

Because of Labor Day, next week contributions will need to be received by Sunday evening Sept 6th in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

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