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The board of directors for the Cedar Mountain Community Center will meet Thursday November 5th at the center at 4pm


Don’t miss our annual Cedar Mountain Thanksgiving meal on Monday November 9th the Cedar Mountain Community Center. Thanksgiving dinner complete with 3 home cooked turkeys; one traditional, one in the oven, one smoked and one fried will be served. The center is furnishing the turkeys. You are asked to bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish or dessert to share. Food needs to be on the table in the senior room by 6:15pm. Dinner will begin at 6:30pm.

At about 7pm we will elect new officers for 2016/17. There is no program so you can just sit back and enjoy your neighbors and friends for as long as you like. Everyone is welcome.


The DuPont State Recreational Forest and the Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Dept are again hosting the DuPont Rescue Experience November 6th – 8th in the forest.

Participants from far and wide will learn basic and advanced applications for Public Safety Diving and Dive Tender operations. Participants will cover procedures, equipment, scene handling and documentation requirements for a public safety diving operation. During the dive scenario, participants will utilize search techniques, victim recovery, underwater communications and tender (non-diver) operations.

MSAR-4 – NC Mountain Rescue Awareness is Fri, Sat, Sun 8a-6p

This course is designed for back country responders to SAR and Law Enforcement emergencies in remote wilderness environments. Emphasis is on safety, survival, and operational effectiveness during remote rescue operations in North Carolina.

The DuPont Rescue Experience will simulate search and rescue operations in a wilderness environment.

The Cedar Mountain Fire Auxiliary will be serving meals for participants and could use your help. Email if you can help or have questions.


Friday Oct 29th was the annual Halloween Trunk or Treat at Rocky Hill Baptist Church in Cedar Mountain. Trunks of cars were all decked out with such themes as the Cookie Monster, frog, shark and other clever decorations. Spiderman (woman) aka Suzanne Lawson scaled the church sign and beckoned passersby in Spiderman fashion to come in. She later handed out Juicy Juice to all the kids.


By the time this paper comes out Pastor Leland Holland and his wife Deb will have returned from the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina in Greensboro. Dr. Holland is pastor of Rocky Hill Baptist Church. Having moved here from Indiana they are getting to know our beautiful state well. They both love our area and invite everyone to attend Sunday services at 11am and introduce themselves!


Pastor Leland Holland turned another year older Monday, November 2nd, and forever-young Clint Owings celebrated his birthday Tuesday the 3rd. Wayne Bishop's birthday will be on the 12th, JoAnn Malavenda will be celebrated on the 17th, and Elizabeth Fortner's birthday is Nov. 23rd. Sandi Bishop, Myron's wife, also has a birthday on the 17th, and she and Myron will celebrate their wedding anniversary on November 11th. Lenoir and Faith Bishop also have an anniversary on the 15th.


For those looking for help in finding or changing their health insurance options there is help from Pisgah Legal Services, with an insurance navigator in Brevard offering assistance. To make an appointment just call (828) 210-3404. Open season is until mid-December.


We are hearing from a lot of folks as a result of our informational website. Many are contacting us with a variety of questions and to inquire about our community and community center rental. The website also lists businesses and attractions in the area. For more community news and calendar of events go to


Our community center calendar is filling up so call now to be sure to reserve your date. Call Deborah Perkins at 828-885-7878 for information or reservations.


I bought a baby monitor for “my baby” aka Kallie Kat. (Yes my neighbor looked at me funny too.) My cat spends a lot of time outside now and my house is so soundproof I don’t hear her when she wants in. Well this monitor works so well I can hear the dogs barking in the next subdivision, the crows having a “caw” fight and leaves rustling. If she meows I hear it. One night however I heard what sounded like heavy breathing. I switched on the lights and there was nothing there. I turn off the monitor now when Kallie is inside.



Peanuts, red meat and sushi can be hazardous. Pork, ham, hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats cause cancer. Microwaved food is hazardous to your health; high fructose corn syrup will kill you; caution - eating mangoes can be hazardous to your health; "farm raised" fish are dangerous to your health; salt hazardous to health; fruit may be hazardous to your health; ; grapefruit could kill you; eating a live fish can be hazardous to your health; sea turtle consumption hazardous to your health. Warning: eating slugs can be hazardous to your health.

And last but not least

Eating too healthy can be dangerous to your health.


I accidently discovered something that actually polishes stainless steel. I’ve tried various commercial products without success. What actually worked was cleaning the surface with a homemade spray comprised of vinegar, dish soap and water. Then polish it with Pledge Restore and Shine. It says nothing on the label about stainless steel. The secret is orange oil. My dishwasher looks like new. Try it on your stainless faucets. It shines and water beads up instead of leaving hard scum deposits. Incidentally I will never buy an appliance in stainless steel again. I’m opting for tried and true white.

What’s going on in your life or the community that you would like to share? Please send all news to If need be, you may also call Linda Young at 828-877-5407. If no answer you may call Christine Pace at 828-885-2103.

All news needs to be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

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