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There will be a board meeting at the center Thursday January 7th. at 2:30pm. All board members and members-at-large are urged to attend. We have a lot to discuss.


We are hearing from a lot of folks as a result of our informational website. Many are contacting us with a variety of questions and to inquire about our community and community center rental. For more community news and a calendar of events visit our website at


Our community center calendar continues to fill up and calls keep coming in. Several receptions have been booked for this year already. Call now to reserve while your date is still available. Call Events Manager, Deborah Perkins, at 828-885-7878 for information or reservations.


Tim Brown turned a year older on Tuesday January 5th. Colton Rackley is fast becoming a "big boy" and will be celebrated on January 12th. James and Joee Taylor will be celebrating their birthdays the same week: on the 15th and 18th (they are husband & wife).

Happy Birthday Joy Murr on the 19th, Tracey Gomez 20th, Betty Bessette on the 21st, Linda Young on the 22nd and to Debbie Wilson January 23rd. Joe Barksdale doesn't look a day older, though he will be on the 25th. Ben Beeker is still growing; he'll gain another year on January 26th. Robert Lawson and Diane Lee Hemphill share a birthday on the 29th; they are not still growing. Finally, Christine's daughter Carri Harris will be a year older on January 31st. Happy birthday one and all.


Jentsen and Margie Rackley celebrated their wedding anniversary on the first day of January, as did Rick and Claire Skerrett. Many blessings to these two couples and many more years of wedded bliss.


Already? Yes, Easter comes early this year: March 27th. So the Rocky Hill Baptist Church choir, under the direction of Lenoir Bishop, will begin practicing this year's Easter cantata soon. Everyone is welcome to join our choir as we present the Easter Sunrise Service on Easter morn at Camp Greenville's "Pretty Place". This is an exciting event attended by many from Western North Carolina and upper South Carolina residents. Camp Greenville follows the sunrise service with a hearty breakfast too.

Your two columnists Linda Young and Christine Pace make up part of the tenor section. Other voices may include Lee & Lorrie Smith, Judy Barksdale, Deb Holland, Suzanne Lawson, Angie Skerrett Beeker, Joanne Malavenda and Bill Bishop; Doug Pace and brother Joe Earl Pace lend their voices in song, as do their nieces: Patty Stahl, Rosemary Carter, Beth Owings, and Jeanne Hayes. Sharon Bishop adds gaiety to our practices with Jan Van Hook by her side; Gail Smith tucks in beside Jane. Add Wayne Bishop and his nephew Liam (Lenoir's son), and hopefully Megan (if her baby isn't too close to arriving). Can we add your name?

Please let Linda or Christine know if you wish to sing with us this Easter and we'll pass the word on to Lenoir. CHRISTINE'S CORNER

I was released from St. Joe's hospital last week in time to get home for the Clemson/Oklahoma football game. This game was more exciting than the commercials. Though having to "take it easy" and not lift for three weeks (and not cook, do dishes, or vacuum) it sure feels good to be home. Somebody please tell me though when winter got here?

A big thank you to Joe for his tender care, and visitors who cared. Thanks for keeping Joe fed too.

As Linda promised an update to each of our "critter" problems in last week's column, I asked hubby Joe to go next door and check the upstairs, where he had set a live-catch trap. Reporting that it was empty and even the cheese was still there I reminded him that our critter has a sweet tooth; he went back with some peppermint candies and re-baited the trap. Still no critter. So I put on my thinking cap. I want to interject though that "thinking" is not really easy after major surgery. But here's what I came up with:

The evenings I spent next door wrapping gifts, I recalled my pleasant circumstances: I would go over an hour or so before and turn on a space heater, closing the doors to the downstairs to get my wrapping room cozy and warm. Lights were turned on when I went back, and a portable radio was set on Christmas carols 'round the clock. And I would sing along. So I told Joe that maybe the critter would return if the scene was set as before, minus the Christmas carols as the station was back to other music, and minus me being there (or me singing). Joe gave it a few hours then went to check things out. The trap was still empty but he saw scratches on the doors leading out. Maybe he missed my singing, or the Christmas spirit? It seems though that we will never know who our visitor was in late December 2015. Maybe a squirrel? If so, I hope it was a white one. Happy New Year to all.


As Christine mentioned, we both have/had critter problems. Mine is as evasive as hers and my sticky traps and bait in the attic have had no signs of activity. I’m beginning to think the activity and evidence is old and that the critters were eliminated last fall. I don’t get up into the attic often.

My pink Hyacinth is in bloom although it looks a little dubious. Another stalk of buds is coming up too. I imagine it will be “nipped in the bud” by the belated winter weather.

We’d love to hear what’s going on in your life or in the community if you would like to share. Please send all news to

All news for next week has to be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.


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