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The monthly meeting at the Cedar Mountain Community Center was held this past Monday, May 9th, with fifty in attendance. The food tables were laden with many scrumptious delights, and after everyone's belly was full president Clint Owings began our meeting, noting the new rock patio next to new Sports Court which was created by Ilir Mallkazi. Jeff Caughey (Home Life Construction) has removed our old chimney to stop any future roof leaks. Our community center is looking really great! Next week Clint and Debra Perkins will begin a new planter box in front of the rock patio, plus we're getting a Cedar tree!

Clint reminded us that our community is still collecting canned foods and produce, and we are encouraged to bring items to the monthly community meetings or drop them off at the Whistle Stop Produce. Also needed are pantry items such as flour and sugar and pet food. Condiments such as ketchup and mustard are also welcome. These food goods are given to the Bread of Life in Brevard, Sharing House, and other local distribution sites.

After a great success with the Cedar Mountain calendar of 2016 we are going ahead with plans for a 2017 calendar, with historic photos in the area to be turned in by June. You may send these via email to Inquiries may be made at this same address.

Next month's program will feature Patty Stahl, Charles Burden and Doug Pace who have walked the entire state line from Cedar Mountain to Brevard, on what was the original old highway, known as the "Turnpike".

In July we will again hold the annual "Talent Night" on the second Monday, as usual. If you have a talent to share please contact Christine Pace at (828)885-2103 or . This was a very popular show last year! We really have a lot of great talent in Cedar Mountain.


A slide-show presentation was given by Alan Cameron. He is a member of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, specializing in the study of endangered animal species in our area. Showcasing the Green Salamander first, Alan said this is the most endangered species of salamander in North Carolina, though we have a good amount in our area. Alan is tracking ten Timber Rattlesnakes in DuPont Forest, and has special game cameras set up in restricted areas of the forest which capture many wildlife here during daylight hours and those nocturnal. "There are fifty-five known mammal species in DuPont alone" says Alan, "Of these, forty-six are nocturnal."

Did you know that before the year 1965 there were no coyotes east of the Mississippi? These came here on their own they were not brought in. There are many here now. We also have quite a few flying squirrels here too but they are nocturnal so are not seen by many. Photos taken by Alan and shown at Monday's meeting included squirrels (white and gray, and the Southern Flying Squirrel), crows, ravens, Turkey & Black vultures, the Red-tailed and the Red-shouldered hawk, bears, raccoon's, Bald and Golden eagles, and even a tiny mouse. The camera also caught an opossum, a gray fox, bob cats, turkeys, deer, skunks (both the standard striped and the single white stripe), and the "Spotted Skunk" which is not of the same genus of the traditional skunk. And three colors of coyotes were filmed: gray, blonde and black. Alan even had a photo of what looked suspiciously like "Big Foot"! This was a very well-received program and kept the attention of all. Thank you Alan Cameron!

Photo by Anita Goldschmidt.

NEW BUSINESS OPEN The new "Cedar Mountain Antiques & Mercantile" shop has opened now in the Cedar Mountain Business Park. This interesting shop is located between The Canteen and Blue Moon Gallery. Richie Wilkinson is the owner and welcomes one and all to come browse through her many treasures, which include furniture and other oddities. Hours open are now Wednesdays thru Saturdays from noon to 4:00pm, and on Sunday afternoons "when I get there" she says. The address is 10771 Greenville Hwy. (Hwy. 276). There is much to do in beautiful Cedar Mountain!


The fire department auxiliary is having a BBQ on May 21st from 11am – 2pm at the station.

Bulk BBQ is $9.00 per pound and you can stock up for your Memorial Day Feast. Sandwich plates are $7.00 eat in or take out. For those who don’t know, fire dept personnel slow cook the pork butts all night long in a huge slow cooker. The cooker was purchased by the auxiliary to cook the pork butts. Funds go to buy needed equipment for the fire department.


Not listed in last week's column under May birthday's was our own Ann Cleveland who turned a young 90 last week! Happy Birthday to a dear and talented lady.


Mark your calendar for the many activities Rocky Hill Baptist Church will be having now thru summer. Besides the below special events, regular church service on Sundays is still 11:00am with Dr, Leland Holland officiating. We will meet at Faith Chapel the same time, on Sunday May 29th. For your calendar:

  • This Sunday May 15, the Broyhill Baptist Children's Home will do the morning service at Rocky Hill.

  • Snacks and a Movie, "Woodlawn", Sunday evening at 6:00 May 22

  • Services at Faith Memorial Chapel May 29

  • Dan & Julie Snyder will be with us to bring his report on Brazil June 5

  • The music and drama team of Aversboro Road Baptist Church, Garner, NC., will present, “Behold the Man” at 6:00 p.m. June 26

  • Vacation Bible School July 24-28

  • Church Homecoming August 28

All are invited! Please call the church office with questions or for more information: (828)862-5611


1-2-3 Waltz - team of Joy Ryder, Aki Lindsay, Gloria Clouse and Nanette Brinkley - 69. Low Net - Vicky Farrell - 23. Low Gross - Georgia Osterc - 31


Call now to reserve the center while your date is still available. Call Facility Events Coordinator, Deborah Perkins, at 828-885-7878 for information or reservations.


The bookmobile is at the Cedar Mountain Community Center from 4-6 pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month.


Cedar Mountain Community website is The website has almost everything you need to know about Cedar Mountain - a list of businesses and attractions, a calendar of events for the area and much more.


Two years ago I cleaned out my den in the basement after a “flood”. I even bought paint for the walls. The paint can sat on the floor in the same spot since Sept 2014. I couldn’t do much because of my knee surgery but the time had come to finish the job. I covered the floor with plastic drop cloths and masked everything that needed masking.

After 20 years the walls had dings and scratches so as advised by the paint store I used a texture additive to help conceal them. Big mistake! Never ever try to use this stuff. Also recommended was a rough textured paint roller to apply the paint - also a huge mistake. It was throwing paint spatter everywhere. I went through 2 more paint rollers before I found one that worked. Then the texture stuff wouldn’t go on evenly. Long story short I will need to scrape the texture off the walls and start over. At least I had only done two. To top it off I got back spasms and was out of commission for 3 days. Sometimes it “pays” to hire it done.


I was bugged by a housefly for several days. It teased me by landing on my nose, perching on my knee, cleaning itself on my kitchen counter and so on. All attempts to swat it failed. This fly had 9 lives. My sister even checked the internet to see what the lifespan of a housefly was and learned it could live 48 days. I was hoping it would soon die of old age. By now this fly probably thought it was invincible, threw caution to the wind and landed on the kitchen counter once more. I felt a twang of remorse when I finally ended its extended visit. RIP oh wing-ed creature.

What’s happening with you or in the community? We’d love to hear about it if you would like to share. All news for next week has to be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times

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