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The Cedar Mountain Community Center will be serving their annual Chicken dinner with all the trimmings on Saturday July 23rd from 5pm – 7pm. The Center is located at 10635 Greenville Hwy next to the Cedar Mountain Café. Adults $10 - Children 12 and under $6.00. All proceeds benefit the community center.


The monthly meeting held at the Cedar Mountain Community Center was again filled almost to capacity this past Monday! Three large tables could barely hold all the food brought to share, and hardly an empty seat was to be found! This was our annual "Talent Night", which always brings a crowd. There were several first-time visitors too, and all had a great time. Join us next month, Monday August 8th for the yearly "Auction" which benefits upkeep of our popular community center, and also proves to be an enjoyable meeting. Bring a covered dish to share by 6:15pm so we can all eat at 6:3pm. A brief meeting is held around 7:00 to 7:10 then the program begins.

Monday's Talent Night program included the quartet "Here Comes Treble", consisting of Judy Gosse, Edie Gabcik, Gail Docktor and Jane Rhodes. They started the show singing two favorites and put on a great performance! Following the singing group were Doug & Linda Stuart with their granddaughter Tala Stuart, performing a "Spoonerism of Cinderella". Fabulous!

Retired DuPont Forest superintendent David Brown did a stand-up comedy skit next, most of which he wrote himself. Belly laughs had to hurt as everybody was already over full from the meal. In between these acts (I) Christine Pace quoted old, silly jokes that had been long forgotten by many; you couldn't help but laugh! I would introduce the next act and tell a joke or two while they came to the front to perform. Following David Brown's skit Linda Young read her second witch’s story, a comedy very well-written, titled "Party Time". She has a way with words! These stories should be published one day, soon I hope. Next Beth Owings, in her best soprano voice, delighted everyone with a song. You may remember her from helping to lead the singing at the McGaha Chapel recently. She did not need the microphone either, as her clear voice carries strong and beautiful.

Nancy Cadora told the funniest true story about her mother, Dixie Lane, whom so many were friends with here in Cedar Mountain. This was Nancy's debut in story-telling and hopefully just the beginning of a long career in it! These old stories are important, and Nancy's are especially hilarious! Finally the first group, "Here Comes Treble" went up front once more to sing one more song and then all who performed were. (I) Christine pulled out a harmonica that was only an inch long and played for everyone as I said I would do if we didn't have a dozen acts; perhaps next July we will! Everyone left with happy hearts and a smile on their face, excited to join again at the next community meeting. Hope to see you there!

COMMUNITY SIGN Across the street from the Cedar Mountain Cafe is a large sign welcoming folks to Cedar Mountain, "Gateway to DuPont Forest". The quote could not be seen as the area around the sign was overgrown and shrubs needed trimming as well. It would be a tough job for anyone, but alas we had Tommy Taylor here who not only cleaned and weeded, chopped and rearranged, but ended by spreading a nice layer of pine straw all around our beautiful sign. You can now read it all, and it is indeed a plus for our community! Thanks to Tommy Taylor for contributing to our community in this much-appreciated way! Tommy is well-qualified for this job as owner of Taylor's Landscaping in Effingham, SC.

HEATH FAMILY REUNION A HIT Around 100 people attended the Heath Family Reunion this past Sunday at the Family Life Center building. As was mentioned last week, Tommy Taylor, from Effingham, SC and "Sun River" here in Cedar Mountain organized this event. When Tommy comes to town we always see a lot more "happening". The Heath reunion, the trimming around the Cedar Mountain sign, and, had he not been needed back home in SC he would have performed two rap songs he had written himself, at our talent night. Maybe next year Tommy? All the tables were in use at the Heath reunion and filled with food, food and more food, and folks eating! Pictures were made of each "clan"; old photo's were set up on display tables and on the walls, plus video streaming,. And old stories were remembered. Some added to their genealogy history too. Many had not seen each other since the last Heath reunion which was held almost 20 year's ago! Jackson Heath and Elliot Heath. Each one had a big part in creating the Cedar Mountain (churches, land, etc.) we know today. Perhaps a Heath reunion will now be held every year or so? The Matriarch and Patriarch at this reunion were sister and brother, Mary Jane (Jones) Howard and Bobby Jones, both living here still.

JONES FAMILY REUNION The Jones Family Reunion was held the weekend prior to the Heath reunion, and some of the same folks attended both. The Jones reunion was held on a most beautiful day, at the home of Nancy and Allen Cadora, who purchased preacher Alton Taylor's home on Solomon Jones road, where the reunion was held. At least fifty attended and shared old stories, good food and heard new stories too!


To Anita Goldschmidt on July 27th


Coming attractions include July 16, Chicken Fried Opossum playing Old-Time/New-Grass and July 23 Point of View Country playing, classic rock, Southern rock. Creekside has free entertainment every Saturday night. Bring a chair a friend and a cooler for a great time.


Par Fours, Front 9 - Lynda Camenzind - 12. Low Net - Judy Chapman - 24. Low Gross - Nancy Waclawek & Lynda Camenzind - 34.


Call Facility Events Coordinator, Deborah Perkins, at 828-885-7878 for information or reservations.


The bookmobile comes to the Cedar Mountain Community Center from 4-6 pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month.


Cedar Mountain Community website is The website has a wealth of information about Cedar Mountain; a list of businesses and attractions, a calendar of events for the area and much more.


What a week it has been. 8 of my relatives were here for the holidays. (They have a place in Lake Lure). They wanted to see some of our beautiful waterfalls so I took them to Connestee Falls and Looking Glass Falls. After that we intended to go tubing on the Davidson River but it was too low for tubing and we were advised to go to Headwaters Outfitters West of Brevard. We got there at 2:30pm and they had already finished for the day. Still itching to get in the water I took them to Hooker Falls. We had a blast. Water temp was comfortable and even I went in up to my neck. I needed my walking stick to keep from falling over and it did not float enough for any support. There was one elderly couple who sat on a rock (in kiddie tubes) in the middle of the swimming hole the whole time we were there. I will have to get one. My nephew-in-law took the kids behind the waterfall. It was quite the adventure for them. I longed to be up there too.

I have a huge amount of mushrooms in front of my southern porch. I harvested them but noticed that they have all grown back in force. I knew they were edible but wasn’t sure what variety they were. Checking my Audubon Field guide and the internet I learned they are Black Staining Polypores Meripilus sumstinei. They are considered a “good” edible but taste a bit like beef liver. I cooked some with onions but I’d have to be Bear Grylls to eat any more. Out they go. They stain your fingers black when handling and in my delight at finding them I cut some without thinking. After that I used rubber gloves. Never ever eat any mushroom without being absolutely sure what it is. Some look-a- likes are very poisonous and can be deadly.

Because of the power outage I went to Waffle House Saturday morning. The parking lot was jammed and a waitress I ran into outside said they’d been jammed since 6am but there was one seat left at the counter. I grabbed it. She said her power was out on Hannaford Road too. The long power outage affected 85 homes in my area and thousands more into SC.

I saved my refrigerator and freezer contents by buying some dry ice at Ingles. Nearly got frostbite on my fingers trying to get it out of the container. You really need something like oven mitts to handle this stuff.

I had received large amount of wild blackberries that my sister picked in Lake Lure (she has the scratches to prove it) and I wasn’t about to lose them.

We’d love to hear your story or news if you would like to share. All news for next week must be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times

Please email with any news or questions.

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