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We had a good turnout despite the wet and chilly weather. Of course we sang Christmas songs at the Chapel and enjoyed hot cider, coffee and homemade cookies at the Sherwood Forest Center after the singing. The chapel was beautifully decorated for the season with a live tree, greenery and candles. The two ladies in the photo are Aubrey and Suzanne Lawson. Their attire indicates the weather and temperature.

CEDAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST CHURCH NEWS Cedar Mountain Baptist Church Youth program on Wednesday night begins with Pizza or a prepared supper served at 5:30-6:30pm. Followed by Sanctuary time for the children and teens at 6:30pm then off to classes, game time and more, after clean up about 7pm the adults attend a Bible study. All classes end around 8:00pm. Stay tuned for more youth news and events. The Wednesday night programs follow the school calendar. Our Christmas play “Shining Stars" will be December 18th at the 11:00am service. It will be followed by our annual Christmas Fellowship Dinner. Currently the evening services have been suspended to allow for the rehearsal of the Christmas play.


CHRISTMAS CANTATA AT RHBC Sunday evening December 18th the choir of Rocky Hill Baptist Church will present their musical cantata in the main sanctuary with a cookie fellowship following in the Family Life Center building next door. Everyone is invited to attend; show up prior to 6:00pm for a good seat My husband, Joe Pace, is undergoing chemo treatments, so I decided not to sing in this Christmas cantata. The reason is to keep myself away from groups with colds, etc. I miss it, but depend on fellow-tenor Linda Young to take up my slack. Both Joe and I hope to be able to attend the show though.

MORE RHBC NEWS Many thanks to the gals that decorated the inside of Rocky Hills sanctuary; it looks stunning. The inside of this old church is beautiful by itself but is now enhanced with the colors of Christmas, along with a beautifully decorated tree. You'll want to come to the cantata or regular Sunday services to see how pretty the church is. Sunday morning church services, lead by pastor Dr, Leland Holland, begin at 11:00am, and there will be a service on Christmas day too this year; a Christmas eve service will be held on Saturday the 24th also, at 6:00pm. For more information please call the church at (828)862-5611.

AVOID THE COLD I do not mean the weather, though that is good idea too if you can. But as I said above I am trying to keep from getting ill while hubby is undergoing his chemo treatments. One way I do this is to use the sterile-wipes offered at the beginning of the grocery stores. I use one on my hands and with another I wipe down the cart wherever I might touch it. To be safe I also pick out another wipe and carry it with me through the store. At the end, after checking out, my grocery items are often put in another shopping cart, so here is where I pull out the extra wipe and wipe this new cart down. So far I have not had a cold this fall.

ANOTHER IDEA FOR CLEANING HOUSE Remember how I mentioned using car wax on the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms? They make cleaning really easy as the protective shield is easy to wipe. Well, I found another use this week, in the laundry room: Joe had a stain on one of his nicest white tee shirts and though I used a standard pre-wash treatment on it prior to washing, the stain was still there. Sitting on the shelf though was a blue bottle of "Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner". So I washed the shirt again after squirting a dab of this on the stain; it worked. The stain was gone, so into the dryer it went. I imagine you all know that if a stain doesn't come out with the first wash it is important to wash it again before drying, as the dryer will actually heat-set the stain in even more. Ah, the little things that makes life easier.

GOT TALENT? HERE'S AN EARLY HEADS-UP For the past two years I have had the honor of leading the July community meeting program showcasing our local talents. All who attend will say it is a wonderful time, and that we have a great variety of great talent in our community. So here is a heads-up, even though very early, for you to be thinking of your special talent you'd like to perform at the Cedar Mountain Community Center's monthly meeting, in June of 2017. We have moved this program up one month. The second Monday evening in June will be our annual "Talent Night" at the community center, and I have been asked to organize this event once again. For questions or to sign up please call me, Christine Pace at (828)885-2103 or email me at I'll be there with my harmonica.


Rain, Rain come and stay (for awhile anyway). My neighbor, Susan, who has the finest technology in measuring precipitation, reports that we have had 9 inches here on Duncan Mountain in Cedar Mountain since the rain began and at this writing it’s really coming down. We are so close to the South Carolina state line that our weather is usually more in line with their upstate Greenville County forecast than that for Transylvania County.

The best part of this is that all those horrible wildfires are now 100% contained. Maybe I can unpack my bags now.

I am busy singing this Christmas. I belong to two choirs, one at the Unitarian Universalist Church and the other Rocky Hill Baptist church. This is the first year that it looks like I will be able to fully participate with both choirs and that’s a lot of rehearsals.

The Cedar Mountain News depends on your input. If you have news to share or announcements to make please let me know. All news for next week must be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times. Please email with any news or questions.

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