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Our first meeting of the year will be next Thursday, January 18th, at 4pm. As the Cedar Mountain Community Center enters its 66th year of serving this community, We are excited about our future.


Practice those soup recipes, bring them for tasting and join in the fun on Saturday Jan 27 at the Cedar Mountain Community Center. Prizes will be awarded the winners of Participants are asked to bring their crock pot of soup to the center by 5p. The tasting will begin at 5:30p. Donation is $5.00 per person. Come warm yourself up with some hot soup.

You are encouraged to bring a can of soup or other nonperishable food item to fill our “Cans for Community” box for those who are in need.


Rocky Hill Baptist Church still holds free exercise classes in their Family Life Center building on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, and beginning at 10:00 AM going to about 11:30a. Everyone is welcome! The Rocky Hill phone number is (828)862-5611; leave a message if no answer.


Please join us in supporting the proposed revisions to the county’s Scenic Corridor Ordinance and the Sign Control Ordinance by attending the public hearing for both starting at 7pm Monday January 22 at the Commissioners’ Meeting at 101 S Broad Street (the old library; enter from Morgan Street, having parked at the Elections Center where the old jail was).

As previously reported to you, the Planning Board has diligently met, listened to citizen input, debated the topic from diverse points of view and reached consensus on solutions that best accommodate those diverse points of view. The proposed changes:

  • Revise the Scenic Corridor Ordinance to include US 276 from Wilson Rd to the SC state line. The significance of this is that sign controls on Scenic Corridors would also apply to US 276 South.

  • Revise the Sign Control Ordinance:

  • as it applies to all county roads to improve lighting restrictions and safety;

  • as it applies to scenic corridors to:

  • Limit on-premise signs to a maximum 80 sf with a maximum height of 15 feet (compared to 150 sf and a height of 25 feet in other parts of the county)

  • Limit off-premise signs to 20 sf and to one per establishment per Scenic Corridor. This would be like the Stone Mountain Cabinetry sign at Barclay Road.

  • Existing signs are grandfathered.

You can view the documents on-line at

For questions about the proposed changes to the Sign Ordinance of Transylvania County or the Scenic Corridor Designation Ordinance of Transylvania County, contact the Planning and Community Development Office at (828) 884-3205.

Those in the 276 South communities who would like to see even more restrictions on signage and other ways to sustain our mountain aesthetic can consider adopting a Small Area Plan. We will follow those developments and report back to you next steps.

Friends of 276 Heritage


Timothy Brown, January 5th. Tommy Taylor and Becky West Janyaron on the 8th James Taylor and Mary Kaye Wallace were born on January 15th. On January 18th Joee Taylor was born; she's the wife of James Taylor whose birthday was just 3 day's prior. Joy Murr on the 19th and Linda Young on January 22nd. On January 23rd both Michael Arant and Deb Williams will celebrate. Both Colton Rackley and Joe Barksdale were born on January 25th. Ben Beeker was born on January 26th, and Robert Lawson and Diane Lee Hemphill were born on the 29th. One more "pair" rounds out the January birthdays', and that's Shawn Raines and Carri Harris both born on January 31st.


I had the pleasure of having a friend join me for a photo excursion Monday. My husband and I liked to explore “the road less traveled” wherever we were and I miss that.

Monday my friend, Eleanor, and I headed for Highway 215 in search of icicles or other cold weather scenic possibilities. We went to French Broad Falls and Mill Shoals AKA Shoal Creek Falls on the French Broad River North just off the road at Living Waters Ministry. The “twin” falls are on private property but the Ministry allows public viewing of the falls. The falls are further enhanced by an old mill that is painted red and quite the scenic (Kodak) moment. Further downstream in the same spot is Bird Rock Falls AKA also known as Cathedral Falls. Being of sound mind if not in body, we did not venture to Bird Rock Falls.

We then went in search of Diamond Creek Falls on Diamond Creek Road also off Hwy 215. The Falls are not easily visible from the road so we did not find it. However we continued down the road to see what was to see. The road was gravel and dirt and 1 lane for part of the way. When we came to a creek, Eleanor didn’t want to cross it, but she wasn’t driving. I’ve driven through such creeks before. The road continued on until we finally ended up on Silversteen Road and headed back to Brevard. We had quite an adventure and the weather was beautiful.

What’s happening with you or in the community? We’d love to hear what’s going on, if you would like to share. Please email your news to by 6 pm on Monday next week. Photos are welcome as well.

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