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The Cedar Mountain Community Center held a soup cook-off Saturday, January 27th. 21 crocks of soup were submitted and we had a “house” full of folks there for the tasting and voting.

All were good but my favorite was the crawfish and corn chowder by Terie Girolamo. By the time I went back for seconds the bowl was totally empty. People were using crackers to scrape the sides of the crock.

Needless to say Terie won first place. Wayne Bowers won 2nd Place with his Zuppa Toscana, 3rd Place was won by Betty Bessette for her Straciatella.

Linda Young (Deborah noted that I am seldom in any pics so took one.)

Soup cook-off winners. 1st place Terie Girolamo, Wayne Bowers 2nd Place, and 3rd Place Betty Bessette.


Rocky Hill Baptist Church holds free exercise classes in their Family Life Center building on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays beginning at 10:00a going till around about 11:30a. Everyone is welcome! There were 13 of us Monday but there is always room for more.

The Rocky Hill phone number is (828)862-5611; leave a message if no answer.



Only one anniversary that I know of this month, and that is Wallace & Mary Kaye Dunbar, celebrating on the 14th; Valentine's Day. There is one birthday also on Valentine's Day and that is our own Beth Owings, leader of songs at the McGaha Chapel, great cook and all-around good person. Happy birthday Beth. Other fabulous February birthdays are being celebrated for: Mitch Jones who turns 91 on Feb.1st. Next is George Mayer who is sneaking in a birthday from afar, on the 4th. You're going to have to come here for your cake George! Joey Pace, beloved son of my Joe Earl Pace, celebrates on the 11th. Lee Smith isn't getting any taller but he is aging "gracefully", on Feb. 12th. Your mama, Gail, will probably have a pone of cornbread waitin' on you! Sweet Faith Bishop gains a year on February 24th and her dear sister-in-law Sharon Bishop is right behind her, with a birthday on the 26th. The last "known" date is for Rick Skerrett, brought into this world on Feb. 28th. We have one more, Carl Galloway, but I don't know "when" in February he was born! Wonder if he does? Happy birthday to all, and may God bless you another year. Any more birthdays? Please let me know at

GROUNDHOG DAY BEVARD STYLE This Friday, February 2nd is Groundhog Day, but in Brevard it is celebrated as "White Squirrel Day", where Pisgah Pete (an actual white squirrel) will not only predict the weather but will also choose the winner of Super Bowl! WSQL radio with Don and Ea will be on site at Blue Ridge Bakery, West Main Street across from the Co-Ed Cinema & Ace Hardware at 9:00 AM. All are invited! Mayor Jimmy Harris will read the proclamation of White Squirrel Day in person and on the radio for all to hear. You won't want to miss this!

REVIVAL IS COMING! Dr. Keith Fordham will be at the Transylvania Baptist Association for an Evangelism Rally in April. Afterward he will stay to do two revivals, one at Enon Baptist Church and the other right here at Rocky Hill Baptist Church. What an honor that will be! Revival at Rocky Hill will be from April 29th through May 2nd. Everyone is invited to attend one or all evening meetings! For more information please call Rocky Hill's pastor Dr. Leland Holland at (828)862-5611.

FLU The flu is heavy in Transylvania County right now, causing some establishments to close for a day or more. Cedar Mountain doesn't seem to be hit as hard as areas closer to the heart of Brevard, but the few I know who have suffered through this flu strain say "It's not nice". Hope everyone is taking precautions and that is flu will fly the coop very soon! Get well - stay well.

CORRECTION Reported last week was the passing of long-time resident Michael Arant. It was reported that he passed on January 4th when really it was the 14th. Prayers of comfort still for the family.


I was surprised last week when I got a robo call from Duke Power stating that there would be a short power outage that evening. I was watching a program on TV and decided to wait till the program was over to get a flashlight and light my oil lamps.

It wasn’t 15 minutes later when everything went totally black with no light source on hand. I remembered I had one of those laser teasers for my cat on the table next to me and used that to find my way to the gas fireplace (why didn’t I think of turning that on?) I finally found a flashlight but it was dead. There were two more in the bucket that worked. In the process of trying to light one of the lamps I dropped its chimney on the stone at the bottom of the fireplace. There were shards of glass everywhere and I was in my stocking feet. So I gingerly picked up every shard I could reach without moving my feet. The flashlight glinted off even the smallest fragment. I finally took one long step to my right and was out of the drop zone.

The next day I finished cleaning up the mess and serviced all three of my oil lamps to good working order. I happened to have an extra chimney so I’m all set for the next outage.

What’s happening with you or in the community? We’d love to hear what’s going on, if you would like to share. Please email your news to by 6 pm on Monday next week. Photos are welcome as well.

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