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April 29 - May 2 - Revival at Rocky Hill Baptist Church

May 14 Potluck and Program Cedar Mountain Community Center

May 26th BBQ at CMFRD

June 16th Blood drive CMFRD


Everyone is welcome to attend our potlucks and programs. Please have your dish to share on the table by 6:15pm. After a brief meeting our program will be as follows: Mark R. Burrows, Director Transylvania County Planning and Community Development will be meeting with the CMCC to begin discussion of a Small Area Plan for the Cedar Mountain Area.


Cedar Mountain Community Center is beginning now to gather historic pictures from the Cedar Mountain area for its 2019 calendar. If you have any pictures you would like to submit, please email them to in "high quality" jpeg, tiff or similar format. You may also mail photos to P.O. Box 152, Cedar Mountain, NC 28718. (Please send copies as we cannot return them.) You may also contact Clint Owings at 828-883-9707. The deadline for submissions is June 15th.


Come on down for a BBQ lunch with all the trimmings at the fire station on May 26th. The auxiliary will be serving mouth watering BBQ from 11am -2pm Donation is $7 per plate or $10 per pound of our famous BBQ pork butt which is smoked on site. All proceeds benefit the fire dept.

GOOD NEWS FOR CEDAR MOUNTAIN Rocky Hill Baptist Church will hold a 4-day Revival starting this Sunday, April 29th and going through Wednesday, May 2nd. Evangelist Dr. Keith Fordham, from Georgia, will lead our revival. His messages are timely, refreshing and bible based. Along with his puppets Homer and Joy he tells stories from the bible to the young, and young-at-heart. Everyone is invited!

Sunday morning we hope to have a full house for morning worship service beginning at 10 am. There will be refreshments, and special classes. That evening we kick off with a light meal at 5 pm followed by revival services at 6 pm where we hope to "pack the pews". Each evening will offer a light meal but please call Rocky Hill's pastor Dr. Leland Holland at (828)862-5611 so he can plan on how many to feed. Monday through Wednesday evening's meals are at 6 pm with services at 7 pm. Plan to attend one or all four evening revival sessions!


27 donors participated in this months blood drive. 7 donors gave double red cell donations.Double red cell or Power Red donations take approximately 30 minutes longer than a whole blood donation and allow you to give two units of red cells. This is available at most donation centers and some blood drives including Cedar Mtn. Donors are eligible to give double red cells every 112 days.

Power Red is similar to a whole blood donation, except a special machine is used to allow you to safely donate two units of red blood cells during one donation while returning your plasma and platelets to you. Maximize your impact and schedule a Power Red donation today! Pictured is John von Stein of Cedar Mountain donating blood with the assistance of Red Cross Phlebotomist, Sarah Kistner. John says his B negative blood type is very desirable and he is happy to donate it as often as he can. June 16this the next blood drive at the Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue station in Cedar Mountain from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

CHRISTINE'S CORNER: Each day of each week brings some new adventure; even with my wobbly hips I haven't slowed to a stop yet! In three weeks I will get my "new" hip from surgeon Dr. Amal Das of Hendersonville, NC. My good doctor in Brevard has wisely referred me to Dr. Das as there "may be complications" in my surgery due to previous back issues as well as two hips that are far too gone. After May 15th I should have an update as to when and how many hips I will have replaced at one time. Hopefully I'll learn some levitation tricks beforehand.

My oldest granddaughter Cassi attended her first prom this past weekend, in Durham, NC. So I kept Calla & Cooper through Sunday afternoon. Calla is a big help and I was glad to have her! Coop's is simply a joy. Having them with me the whole weekend meant they went to my church Sunday morning, and afterward to a niece's house for lunch. These nieces, whom I inherited through my marriage to Joe, are amazing in the kitchen! Calla mentioned as we left lunch Sunday afternoon that the ham served was "actually tender & tasty". She told her mom that she also ate brussel sprouts that were edible. They were roasted with some oils & spices and are incredible! Cooper loved the watermelon, fresh-baked bread, and home made cookies, which were still warm from the oven! And.

Last week also had me and Cooper running by my vet's office in Pisgah Forest to pick up Burley's thyroid medicine. Having arrived at a time when Dr. Julie McCormick was on break and letting her two beautiful golden retrievers out for their break too our paths crossed and for the next ten or so minutes Dr. McCormick's 10-month-old golden "Tycho" and Cooper ran and played like the two "kids" they are. It was great fun to watch! Even though Tycho, who Cooper renamed "Taco" are the same height it’s understandable that this beautiful golden is heavier than my grandson. But there was no fear, in either of them. That's probably because my golden is even larger and Cooper has grown up around him. The two are pictured here above.

What a great week we had; and a great week to come! I do hope to see you at "revival" at Rocky Hill!


These poor ladies have been rained out yet again.


A photographer friend and I needed a “foto fix” so we went on an excursion down county road 1206 in Pisgah National Forest to look for cool stuff to photograph last Thursday. We were delighted to find a huge patch of white Trillium and other wildflowers. There were also Fiddlehead ferns unfurling their leaves, stretching out, and reaching for the sun. If you travel this road be aware it is a rough ride and only 1 lane in places.


What’s happening with you or in the community? We’d love to hear what’s going on, if you would like to share. Please email your news to by 6 pm on Monday next week. Photos are welcome as well.

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