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A small group of Rocky Hill Baptist Church members gathered in the cemetery a few weeks ago for the annual spring cleaning of the grounds. A large oak tree had fallen in the autumn and had been removed at that time but smaller limbs and lots of leaves were removed that created a large brush pile that will be burned later. The tree had knocked a gravestone off its foundation but the tractor work of Clint Owings and others soon had it upright. Members of the church traditionally visit the cemetery on Mother's Day and on Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day. Flags were placed this week at the graves of veterans and at the grave of Weldon Leon Lee, killed in action in France on August 7, 1944.


Because of the Corona Virus Pandemic, and with an abundance of caution, the McGaha Chapel Summer Sing-Along, which was set for Saturday, June 6, and the Robin Hood Barn Square Dance, set for Thursday, July 2, have both been cancelled. When we all feel safe enough, probably when a vaccine is generally available, we look forward to resuming these delightful community seasonal events. In the meantime, stay safe.


The Cedar Mountain Small Area Plan Committee meeting for May 28th has been cancelled. The Committee will resume its regular schedule on June 23rd.

For any questions, please contact Planning and Community Development at 828-884-3205. Thank you, Trisha Hogan, CMC, NCCCC, Clerk to the Board


If you have an event or meeting scheduled or need to schedule one, please check with Caroline Chambers regarding your reservation. Her number is 828-290-9662.


Sherwood Forest Friends has postponed our programs through May. We do plan to have information available on our website about each of the originally scheduled programs. We want everyone to know that Sherwood Forest Friends is still here and we are still providing entertaining and informative ways for you to spend your considerable time at home! Like every other group/individual on the planet, we are trying to figure out how to do our jobs in this unusual and unprecedented environment. We hope you check us out at . Thank you for your support!


To Our Fellow Parishioners,

We hope all of you are healthy and safe given the recent events with COVID-19. This whole situation has caused us to prayerfully contemplate our path forward for this season. Top of mind has been the health of each of you as members of our parish balanced with the needs to join together in faithful worship. This is an evolving situation which could change over time and we met today to plot an initial path forward. Due to the uncertainty right now, we have decided to take the following steps:

We hope to begin services the weekend of July 5th. That gives us May and June to see what the government and other churches are recommending before we open up. We will meet the second week in June to determine if we can open up and what policies we should put in place to guard everyone’s safety.

We will not hold a picnic in July. We are discussing other possibilities in the late summer and we will make a determination later in the summer.

We plan to offer Sunday school when we open which is currently planned to start the weekend of July 5th.

We will not hold Children’s Church this summer. We felt that given the current circumstances, we would wait until next season to determine how we move forward with that.

We do not plan to offer refreshments after the services this season.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we will communicate any changes as they occur.

Our revenues will be down this year, but some of our expenses will go on. All non-profits need your support, and if your budget would allow you to help with a gift to Faith Memorial Chapel, that gift would be gratefully received and prudently used. A gift can be mailed to Faith Memorial Chapel, P. O. Box 10444, Greenville, SC 29603.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. Please stay safe and we hope to see you later this summer!

The Board of Trustees


John Wiseman and Kim Coram have offered to make sure that if anyone in Cedar Mountain is in need food or conversation to call them at home 828-966-5367. With schools out we are concerned that some local children may be going hungry, especially on the weekends. We are concerned about those who are laid off too. We want to help those in need in our community.


After a long wait the Ladies Golf League at Sherwood finally had our opening day today, and it turned out to be a much better weather morning than anticipated.

Front 9 - Game of "Drop One Hole". Game Winner - Georgia Osterc – 29, Low Net - Ginny Boettcher – 24, Low Gross - Georgia Osterc – 33


My peonies are in bloom. Peonies at my house are pretty stingy with their flowers (only 5 buds) but I picked one that is over 6 inches in diameter and am enjoying it on the ledge above my kitchen sink. It would have been ruined by the rain anyway. Some things take on greater meaning when they are scarce.

Thank you for reading The Cedar Mountain News.

Take care of yourselves. Stay safe, wear your face mask, and wash your hands frequently.

We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Your contributions are encouraged and welcome. Please send news to

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