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Take care of yourselves and others by wearing your masks, washing your hands and keeping social distancing recommendations. During this Covid-19 crisis, many lives may depend on it.


On Saturday, August 8, 2020, there will be a Bird House Contest for all ages. You may pre-register at There will be separate entry levels for youth, families, and adults.

Entries need to be dropped off between 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the Cedar Mountain Community Center. Judging will be from 10:45 a.m. to noon and will be closed to the public. Awards will be announced at noon and entries must be picked up by 1 p.m. The birdhouses will be judged on craftsmanship, aesthetics, and imagination.

There will be modest prizes and treats in store for you to enjoy.

This contest is sponsored by Sherwood Forest Friends, Nature Nuts, and the Cedar Mountain Community. All attendees must wear masks and practice physical distancing during drop off and pick up.



The free movie-on-the-lawn playing at Creekside Market on Monday, July 20th is “Hoodwinked”, a 2005 American computer-animated musical comedy thriller film. It retells the folktale, Little Red Riding Hood, as a police investigation, using backstories to show multiple characters' points of view. The movie is rated PG.

Bring a lawn chair, a cooler, and also your own snacks if you wish. The movie starts at 8:30 p.m. Call Creekside Market at (828) 885-2810 for more information.


Lucia Gerdes, owner of the Cedar Mountain Cafe gave an update on the hours & days at the cafe: "We are open 5 days a week from 9-6. We are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. We decided not to open our dining room at this time. However, we have plenty of dine-in options between our patio and the tent we erected in the yard for people to dine in. For on-site dining, we have erected an order tent in the yard where people can order food and drinks before they sit at a table.

Other than the safety measures we are taking for COVID-19, a few other big changes are that we serve breakfast all day! (We may run out of some things later in the day like biscuits, but you can order off the breakfast menu all day). We don't allow dogs on the patio, but we do allow them under the tent. We also updated our menu by having lunch and dinner on one menu and added a few changes to our breakfast. We also have frozen dinners like lasagnas, meatloaf, risotto, and Indian Butter Chicken designed to feed two that can be ordered and picked up.

We have also picked up some hand sanitizer and laundry detergent that can be ordered off our online menu. Online ordering can be found at"

Folks can call the Cedar Mountain Cafe at (828) 884-5272.


Besides wonderful fresh produce, you can pick up fresh seafood and other meats.

They always have fresh delicious produce. Check out the Booboo bins which offer lots of “tired” useable produce. It also saves good food from being wasted. Whistlestop Market can be reached at (828) 877-5081.



Three folks celebrated their birthdays on July 7th: Adam Pace, Sherry Brown, and Jackson Raines. Missie Duke gained a year on July 13th; Beth Carden will celebrate on the 20th; Lorrie Smith on the 22nd; Cameron Brown(Sherry’s son)on the 25th, and Martha Ray on July 26th. Happy birthday to everyone!


Clyde & Patty Stahl celebrated another year of wedded bliss on July 2nd. Marshall & Missie Duke celebrated on July 13th; Tony & Joy Murr will celebrate on the 19th; Pastor Leland & Deb Holland on the 28th and George & Nancy Mayer on July 30th. Best wishes & congratulations to all!


I’m beginning to feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone (old TV program). You’d think the days would go by slowly but the weeks and days just seem to be melting away and fall is just around the corner. I sometimes lose a day and more rarely gain a day. It’s a good thing my laptop shows the date and time and even then I think it has be wrong. I laughed years ago when my husband bought a clock that showed the date and day of the week along with the time. It quit working or I would be using it.

Thank you for reading The Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.

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