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The Drive-in BBQ Diner at the Cedar Mountain Community Center was a great success. It was such a success that we sold out by 6:15 PM serving over 125 meals. I want to thank Jeff & Wendy Caughey and Creekside for providing the BBQ and many thanks to the Cedar Mountain community for supporting this fund raiser. We apologize to all the folks we had to turn away and finally many thanks to all the volunteers that came out to help. Clint Owings President CMCC.


If you have an event or meeting scheduled or need to schedule one, please check with Caroline Chambers regarding your reservation. Her number is 828-290-9662. We now have a beautiful Pavilion with picnic tables for your enjoyment.


Results for Aug. 31: Sixteen players competed on the front nine, playing a team game called Irish Low Ball. Winning team: Joy Seelinger, Louise Stroup, Karen Gleasman, and Carol Mitchell. Low net: Ginny Boettcher with 22. Low gross: Nancy Waclawek with 35.

CHRISTINE'S CORNER by Christine Pace

I'm living on Seldon-Emerson road for the school year now, and happy to say all went well last week at Transylvania hospital with my surgical procedure. I had to take the stick-up-your-nose Covid-19 test at the hospital prior to my procedure and I must say, with Nurse David administering the test, it wasn't difficult at all and I tested negative.

One of my 9 "known" neighbors, Candy Gray, brought the new 2021 Cedar Mountain calendar to my house and it is fascinating! I bought one on the spot! Fabulous photos on every month showed old times, such as the Cedar Mountain Builders at Caesars Head Hotel (circa 1900); the Samuel Lance House (built in 1865); the Heath-Allison House (built in 1900); Hi-Bunyan Store & Dairy Bar from the 1950s; an old photo of "Pretty Place" at Camp Greenville from the 1930s, before the overhead chapel was built; Caesars Head Hotel in the early 1900s; Faith Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Dr. Mitchell & congregation in 1938; a great photo of the Rives Family Camping Trip in 1905; a dozen "Young Men of Cedar Mountain" (circa 1915); our own Cedar Mountain Community Center in 1955; the Hemlocks/Capers Crosswell House built circa 1900; and finally, my favorite picture is of my Joe, on December's page, titled "Joe E. Pace Family sledding on Bonnie's Hill circa mid-to-late 1960s. This picture is of my dear Joe pulling a sled on Bonnie's Hill (off Solomon Jones road) with his little son Joey on the sled and his young daughter Debbie walking next to them.


I believe we ran out of the first printing of these special time capsules in year's past, so please order yours soon. At a donation of just $15 each, it is a treasure well worth having! You may call Candy Gray at (843) 991-2734 (her preferred number) to order yours, or you may try her local number: (828) 884-2734.


Whenever someone moves into a home that hasn't been lived in for several months there are always some minor infractions; homes that have been "winterized" for example, where a small leak or other problem does not show up until the house is re-awakened.

My Joe used to help anyone with anything; he could fix everything! But with Joe being gone now almost 3 years I had to find someone else who could help me correct a few problems. To the rescue was Joe's & my "favorite nephew", Clyde Stahl. In just one afternoon he was able to make my new winter home a most pleasing place in which to dwell! And it was so much more enjoyable as we reminisced about all the ways Joe had helped so many through the years. Joe would be so proud of you Clyde, and I am too. Thank you!


Well after a short hiatus (while I had my thinking cap on) I am back working on my basement stairs. When they put in the stairs back in 1988 they only put in 9 inch treads. It was not designed for big feet. I gave it lengthy thought and decided to add another inch with quarter round trim and it worked. I finished one with only 10 to go. I need to buy more quarter round and am so glad I bought a chop saw at the flea market a few years ago. Now I need an electric nailer. I’ll be looking into that.

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.

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