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The Transylvania Master Gardeners Annual Spring Plant Sale will be on Saturday, May 8th at the Brevard Ingles Parking lot from 8 am to noon. Native Pollinator-Friendly perennials and shrubs will be featured from the Carolina Native Nursery. There will also be shrubs, trees, perennials, and annuals from local gardens available for purchase. This plant sale is hosted by Extension Master Gardeners, Transylvania Garden Club, and the Transylvania Heritage Museum. For more information please call 828-884-3109.



CMCC Yard Cleanup will be on the mornings of Wednesday and Thursday, May 5th and 6th beginning at 9 a.m. Call Deborah Perkins at 885-7878 to volunteer.

There will be a Road Cleanup on 276 from the Post Office to the South Carolina state line Tuesday, May 11th. Meet at the community center at 9:30 a.m. for supplies.

The first Potluck Dinner will be Monday, June 14th. Special food and table set-ups, among other protocols will be used. The most recent NC COVID guidelines allow groups of up to 100 people with masks and distancing. Usual times: food needs to be on the serving tables by 6:15 pm, dinner starts at 6:30 pm. A program will follow a short meeting.

The Annual Barbecue will be on Monday, October 11th.


Summer is coming! I wanted to give an update on the Cedar Mountain Café and all the things exciting starting to happen in Cedar Mountain. We are glad things are starting to look a little more normal around here and we are hoping it is going to stay that way. Good thing we still have plenty of outdoor space to roam.

As most of you know, summers can be quite busy around here, with this summer being no exception. Please be kind. Staffing is an issue throughout the region, and especially bad in Transylvania County. There is going to come a point this summer when those of us in the service business are going to have more people than staff can handle and we are going to be tired from going full on. Please be patient if we aren’t perfect, or things take longer than they usually do. When things don’t always go just right, please be kind, we are all literally working as hard as we can.

Cedar Mountain Café: The café has new hours starting May 2. We will be open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-2, Friday from 8-8 and Saturday from 8-7. This may change as the season progresses. Please note, we will no longer be doing dinner on Thursday nights, but we will be opening all day and later for onsite and takeaway dining on Friday and Saturday nights. Please note, we will still be doing to-go’s, but after 5:00 you will have to call the restaurant so we can give you a realistic pick-up time.

Studio 276: Starting in May, Music + Moonshine nights will feature local musicians and moonshine tastings every Friday night from 6-8 pm. Beer + wine is available, BYO chair. Every FIRST FRIDAY of the month, Adam Dearbaugh with 3AMeatgos, will be serving his smoked BBQ during the moonshine events and a portion of the donations will go to Mountain School of Strings to pay for a student to learn a stringed instrument! The Velvet Cup coffee truck will be setting up their second location at Studio276 mid May! Excited to have a new business in the village!

Cedar Mountain Moonshine: Papa Moonshine is back for the summer and has been testing out some new moonshine recipes. Come out and taste Transylvania’s only locally, legally made, moonshine on Friday nights at the Studio.

Cedar Mountain Canteen: The Cedar Mountain Canteen and Bottle Shop are open, and the garden is ready for thirsty customers. They are open Thurs/Fri 3-8, Sat/Sun 2-7 and Monday 3-7. Tin Roof Pizza will be there most Fridays 4-8 and Saturdays 2-6. If you haven’t checked them out yet, they still have a great selection with 14 beers on tap, and the bottle shop is well stocked with mostly local/regional beer, cider, mead and non-alcoholic options. When you visit, feel free to bring your own glass and help them in their goal to generate no waste.

The Hiker and the Hound: Opened just about a year ago, the Hiker and the Hound is located in the Cedar Mountain Village, next door to the Canteen. They are open seven days a week. They have an array of things you might need while you’re out and about and around the house. They have everything from outdoor gear to pet supplies to native plants to soaps and locally made goods.

The Outpost: The Outpost has new owners!! We are excited to hear more soon on their new concept and timeline for opening. I don’t know much more than that, but I have heard a rumor that gas will be coming back to the mountain.

Cedar Mountain Pilates and Yoga: Opened just a little over a year ago, the Cedar Mountain Pilates and Yoga studio, located next to the post office, is still conducting classes. If you have not had a chance to take some classes with Katie, you are missing out. They have a great selection of yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes.

Tin Roof Pizza: If you have not heard yet, the Tin Roof Pizza Truck is back on the road. If you have not had Val’s pizza, it is by far the best pizza you will have ever had. Her summer schedule is Wednesdays at Ecusta (4:30 – 8), Thursdays at Whistle Stop (4 – 8), Friday at the Canteen (4 – 8) and Saturday at the Canteen (2 – 6). You can also find the Tin Roof Pizzas in the frozen section in the Whistle Stop. She has also

Creekside Market: Creekside kicked off their Saturday night music nights last Saturday and will have music rain or shine from now until October. Wendy debuted their new indoor dining space with patio seating along the river. It really looks amazing. They are closed on Mondays, for now, but open every other day from 7-7 and later on Saturdays during live music.


The Velvet Cup Coffee Truck: Velvet Cup is opening their second location at Studio276 sometime in mid May! Excited to have a new business in the village!

DuPont Outfitters: Located across from Reeb Ranch (Shoals Falls Rd, Hendersonville) the DuPont Outfitters primary focus is in keeping your bike in top condition for the trails and getting you fixed up and back when trail problems occur. They also have some bike rentals, bike repair clinics, outdoor seating and other rotating vendors on site.

Rusty Spurs Trail Rides: Rusty Spurs is offering one to four hour guided horseback rides through DuPont.

Want to know more about the businesses? You can easily find information for both old and new businesses online. For the most up-to-date information, check and find everyone on Facebook.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace


Mother’s Day is always the 2nd Sunday in May so is this Sunday May 9th. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!


Please let me know of any “celebrations” you or a family member or a friend will be having this month. I will post these in next week’s column. Please let me know of any birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or a litter of puppies/kittens due in May at:


Faith Memorial Chapel will begin their regular summer services the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend later this month, with the pastor, choir and congregation of Rocky Hill Baptist Church bringing the message as they usually do on the kick-off Sunday. Each Sunday through Labor Day a different preacher & denomination will lead the worship service at 11:00am in this beautiful open-sided chapel on Stone’s Lake Rd. After a year’s absence in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic it will be refreshing to see all the neighbors once more!


My honey and I had every intention of attending the “event’s in Cedar Mountain past weekend. Our first stop was the Cedar Mountain Spring Vendor Market at Studio276 on Saturday. It was crowded and parking was limited so I parked in an area that had been recently cleared. We had a nice time checking out the vendors and taking photos, but when we went back to the car I tripped over a root and landed in a bush. My honey couldn’t pull me out, but two ladies saw what happened and came to the rescue. One was obviously trained in getting old ladies off the ground and between she and my honey I was quickly back on my feet. A couple of scratches are the only battle scars thank goodness. I wish I’d gotten the ladies names in order to thank them here. Whew. After that we decided staying home was safer.

Photo caption: Brett Davis and Owen Grooms entertaining at the Studio276 Spring Vendors Market Saturday.


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