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The board of directors met last week to determine what activities are possible with the continuing pandemic in the coming months. We miss you and hope that you miss us as well.

CEDAR MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY CENTER If you have an event or meeting scheduled or need to schedule one, please check with Caroline Chambers regarding reservations. Her number is 828-290-9662 or you can email us at

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace.


In order to be of help to the Transylvania County Health Department the Transylvania County Library in Brevard has temporarily adjusted the hours they will be open to the public. Giving the public fewer hours allows the Library to help the Health Department with phone calls & scheduling as they get vaccines in for the Corona virus. You may call (828) 884-4007 to ask for an available appointment.

For now the hours of the Library will be 10:30am - 5:00pm Monday through Saturday, with no extended evening hours. Also, the Library will be closed every Wednesday (and Sunday, as normal). This is only temporary. You may call the Library at (828) 884-3151.


I want to mention this one service as I didn't even know it was here in CedarMountain! It is well hidden from view. And during this time of Covid-19 some folks are finding their regular dog groomers reluctant to offer their services. And so I want to introduce you to "Mud Puppy's Dog Grooming".

I met Kimberly, owner/operator of "Mud Puppy's", and made an appointment for my older dog Jack. She works out of a trailer behind the former "Outpost" and "Cedar Mountain Quick Stop".

Kimberly took on the challenge of cutting my little 3/4 Chihuahua BoBo's nails; he is a terror when anyone gets near him with clippers! But she was up for the task, bless her!

Over the past several months she has lost a few customers due to their elderly dog's passing, or the owners moving away, and is willing to take on "just a few more"; preferably smaller dogs that don't need a lot of trimming, as she stays pretty booked.” The heavier dogs are difficult for me to lift now" she states. But she wants to help. Mine will be regulars now, every 6-8 weeks as needed.

To contact Kimberly give her a call at (828)556-1231 or (828) 862-3380. Please tell her you read it here!


I am taking this sad “opportunity” (caused by the pandemic) to do some more deep housecleaning. It’s amazing how much stuff I have stashed away and forgotten about. Some things I can’t even identify. I hate to think about what is in my attic. I haven’t even been up there for over a year. That’s how important that stuff is. Believe it or not I still have my wedding dress, 1st worn in May 1964. My daughter modeled it when she was a teenager but didn’t use it when she got married. It remains in the box in the attic.

I continue to have trouble with my printer. It and my new computer aren’t on speaking terms so I have been unable to print anything consistently. I resorted to a borrowed computer in an attempt to print a document. I hit PRINT and it literally took hours for the two devices to communicate and produce a printed document.

I feel fortunate to have received my first Covid-19 vaccine on the 14th and am scheduled for Feb 11th to get the second one. I pray that it is effective for everyone. Make an appointment by phone (call 828-884-4007) or at

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Photos are welcome as well. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.


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