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Workers gang up on the old Cedar Mountain Community market. It is now green with white trim.

Painters pictured left to right are Linda Young, Hank Bayles, Sheila Bayles, Beth Owings, and Terie Girolamo. Thanks to all who made this transformation possible.

A special thank you to the Cedar Mountain resident who paid for the paint. It was a generous and welcome contribution.


Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1, marking the time when clocks “fall back” and we gain an extra hour of sleep. Be sure to reset your time pieces when you go to bed this Saturday night.


The next blood drive will be on December 19th. Blood drives are held between 8:30a and 12:30p at the Cedar Mountains Fire Dept. Those whose lives have been saved by your donations thank you.


Meals on Wheels of Brevard is currently surveying the need for lunch-time weekday meal deliveries in the Cedar Mountain community. If you, or someone you know, might be interested, please contact Meals on Wheels via email at by December 15, 2020, or visit their web site at:

Meals on Wheels of Brevard has been delivering meals since 1978. All meals are prepared at the Transylvania Regional Hospital under the supervision of a registered dietitian. Meals are low in fat & sodium and satisfy 1/3 of the daily nutritional requirements, and meet standards for cardiac & diabetic nutrition.

Fees are arranged on a sliding scale; inability to pay will not disqualify anyone from receiving meals.

Please contact Meals on Wheels if you are interested in receiving these lunches, or if you would like to volunteer to help.


If you have an event or meeting scheduled or need to schedule one, please check with Caroline Chambers regarding reservations. Her number is 828-290-9662 or you can email us at Our beautiful new pavilion has picnic tables for your enjoyment. It’s a great spot to sit and watch Tennis, basketball, or Pickleball players on the sports court as well.



In the early years of the Cedar Mountain Community Center the "fruit stand" held many baked goods and fresh-from-the-fields produce, and maybe a hand-made quilt from time to time? Early photos show many residents shopping and/or selling at this popular little stand. Several years ago a couple asked members of the community center if they could rent the building and bring it back to its earlier "glory" days. The board said yes, and right away the couple cleaned and painted the outside of the little building a bright red. I don't remember who the couple was, and unfortunately, this new adventure didn't last long and so the building remained vacant and unused all these years since. It really stood out! Now though it blends in with the new colors of the community center and, I feel, looks marvelous! Thanks to all who had a part in creating this lovely accent.


Our own Dr. Oliver "Butch" Skerrett has been called as a full-time pastor at Shaw’s Creek Baptist Church in Hendersonville and will begin leading the flock this Sunday. Congratulations Butch!

Our choir has enjoyed Butch's deep & strong bass voice. We could sure use another bass or two, and tenor too! The Christmas Cantata is beautiful and being practiced now. If you want to add your voice to our choir please come to Rocky Hill Baptist Church on Wednesday evening at 7:00. The phone number at Rocky Hill church is (828)862-5611. Dr. Leland Holland is the pastor at Rocky Hill, and Lenoir Bishop is our choir leader.


I have been unable to move my neck to the left, and barely to the right, since January. On Monday, October 26th I had injections injected, which hopefully will be of great help.


I don’t know about you but I am enjoying this prolonged fall season. I was up on the parkway last week and was disappointed at the lackluster colors. Then I saw where Greenville Hwy (276) had some of the best colors. I went all that way when some of the best colors were right at home between Cedar Mountain and Brevard. This weekend I drove by the DuPont State Recreational Forest. It was so jammed with visitors that there was no parking left anywhere. I felt bad for those who had driven long distances to see the waterfalls and couldn’t get in.

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Photos are welcome as well.

Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening

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