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Happy Veterans Day this Friday the 11th!



Residents who would like to celebrate a Thanksgiving potluck early can partake of turkey, ham and trimmings furnished by the Cedar Mountain Community Center. You are asked to bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish to share be it a casserole, salad or desert. Both sweet and plain tea will be available along with water to wash down your meal. There will be no program so you can gobble till you wobble and enjoy each others company without interruption.

Please be sure to have your dish to share on the serving tables by 6:15p. After the blessing we will line up at 6:30p for the Thanksgiving meal. You may want to bring your own tableware.


Amazon Publishers recently sold the 1,000th copy of THE VILLAGE AND THE TURNPIKE, with our very own Cedar Mountain village being the “star” village in the book title. To celebrate the number 1,000 and to help the 3 authors recover from the shock on the number sold so far – prepublication estimates were from fifty to “a few hundred” copies sold – come join the authors in a happy drop-in at the Cedar Mountain Community Center. The gathering will be from 2-3:30 pm on Friday, November 18. Coffee, tea and homemade sweets will be served. The 1,001 st copy of the book, signed on the spot by the authors, will be given as a door prize.

There will be no speeches, but the authors have asked the four early manuscript readers (a hard job indeed!) Aleen Steinberg, Marcy Thompson, Marty Grigsby, and Kirk Friedland to make a couple of comments about what they did to get the authors through the early rough patches.

Do come and join in the fun.

Historical Photo caption - The Boulders, built for the Wyman family in 1908, is on the hill behind Rocky HillBaptist Church and is under construction in this photo. The owners and the Cedar Mountain builders are sitting in front of the house.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

Someone, over 80 year’s ago, gathered with a few other North Carolina gourd enthusiasts and held the first “Gourd Show” in our state. A gourd show consists of some or all aspects concerning growing; harvesting, cleaning & selling what will become hard-shell gourds. Most shows have displays of gourd art and/or classes where one can learn everything from carving on, (wood) burning on a gourd, drilling (birdhouses), cutting, weaving on gourds, sculpting, dying a gourd, or simply painting them. And there are many shapes & sizes to play with! This past weekend I attended the 80th anniversary of the NC Gourd Society, held in Raleigh, NC. It still amazes me what other gourd artists come up with to manipulate a plain gourd into a wonderful work of art!

I was invited to teach two classes at the Raleigh gourd show, sculpting with Quikwood, a 2-part epoxy that dries, well, quick! We sculpt in layers; small batches.

Learning that the NC Gourd Show is held on the same weekend of our (new in 2021) Arts & Craft Fair at the Cedar Mountain Community Center, I gave notice at Saturday evening’s meeting in Raleigh that I would not be available to them next year, as I have an exciting show right here to do! Surrounding myself with neighbors; some friends for over 30 years now, means more to me! Sharing my art with you, and admiring what you do, is the most satisfying feeling. It kicks off the holiday season! One show, once a year. It means so much. I hope to see you at next year’s Arts & Crafts Fair at the community center, the first Saturday in November.

Of course I hope to see you this year at the community center’s early-Thanksgiving pot luck this coming Monday, November 14th.

The birthday list for November and December will be combined in next week’s column. If you have a birthday or anniversary to share please email me at:

Photo caption Gourd fish is by Cara Bevan who was one of our popular instructors at the annual “Mountain Gourd Gathering”


To rent the Cedar Mountain Community center please contact us well before your event. Please send an email to with your proposed date as soon as possible. You may also apply online at https://www.cedarmountaincommunitycenter.

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

You know how it is when you misplace your glasses and someone says “have you checked your head”? Well I thought I dropped one of my hearing aids and was scouring the floor for it when my honey asks “have you checked your ear”?

Getting a driver’s license renewed here in Western North Carolina has proved to be quite an ordeal. If you don’t already have a REAL ID you need an appointment to get one. You can’t renew online unless you already have a REAL ID. The appointments are booked up until June now. My honey was able to get an appointment in Andrews, NC (a 4-hour round trip) before his birthday. I was able to get an appointment for January 24th which is after my birthday but at least it’s in Brevard.

The Cedar Mountain area has become a real hub of entertainment. The Out Post, Creekside Market, Studio 276 and the Cedar Mountain Canteen offerings and events have been well attended all summer and the entertainment has continued into fall. Check them out on their websites.


The Cedar Mountain News is here to ensure you know what is happening in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the area. Thank you for reading it. Your input is welcomed and encouraged.

Please send all photos and/or news and announcements to Photos need to be close to 900 kb or better for publication in the news. The deadline for submissions is Monday night or early Tuesday.”


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