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Saturday, February 4th, will be the annual cook-off at the Cedar Mountain Community Center. It’s always been soup, but who knows. Details to come.


To rent the Cedar Mountain Community center please contact Caroline Chambers at 828-290-9662 well before your event or you can send an email to with your proposed date. You may also apply online at https://www.cedarmountaincommunitycenter.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace As usual, this time of year is busy and, for some, stressful. My big thing for Christmas this year has been centered on helping my 8-year-old grandson, Cooper, fulfill his desire to “make gifts for all my family”. We began 5 weeks ago and are down to the wire! Items he’s crafting include painting and/or sculpting. First though, he measured & cut poster boards to paint, to use as gift cards. He made 10, painting a decorated evergreen tree on the front of each card. Some of Cooper’s creations involved painting the soles of his feet and others had him painting the palms of his hands. Pressing them onto canvas boards he designed Cardinals or Reindeer. Of course everything needed to dry (we used acrylic paint) between each step, and I only had him an hour after school each day. The most time-consuming & creative craft Cooper made were adorable honey bees; sculpting & painting on mini gourds (pictured). Two were for his 2nd grade teacher at Brevard elementary school and the art teacher there. The BES mascot is bees, specifically the honey bee. These one-of-a-kind ornaments were topped off with 2 pair of cheesecloth “wings” each. The rest of my time was spent in cantata practice followed by the performance this past Sunday evening in the Family Life Center next to Rocky Hill Baptist Church. The building was packed, and all went very well!

This past Saturday I gave blood at the Cedar Mountain Fire Department and, as part of the auxiliary there, I stayed on a bit to help until cantata practice. So now I have only to get “one last gift” and then wrap them all. I have until Sunday though! Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah to everyone reading this. Christine Pace (

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

We went to see the movie Avatar 2 in 3D in Hendersonville Tuesday thinking it was in 3D. That would have been the highlight of the month for me. However the movie was not shown in 3D. Huge disappointment. I have watched the original one from 2010 over and over again and was thrilled about this sequel. I need to read the ads more closely.

When we got home Tuesday night we were greeted with the first evidence of snow for us this winter. It may have been an accumulation of sleet since it sparkled in the headlights.


My honey has decorated our front porch with strings of colorful Christmas lights - very festive. In the past I have put my 3 foot tall predecorated artificial tree in the front window but this year it’s on the sun porch surrounded by with 2 tall ornamental Santa Figures, a snow man and a Nut Cracker. Oh, and there is a prized gourd ornament by Christine Pace on the tree. We aren’t giving each other gifts this year because we get what we need or want when wanted or needed. However, there is a big box in front of the tree that says it’s to both of us from Santa. I wonder what it could be?

I mustn’t forget my hand made nativity scene on the mantel. I built it from a wooden box, moss and tree bark a number of years ago. A tiny string of battery operated lights illuminate the manger scene. However, the roof of tree bark really was too wide. My honey sawed some off and it looks much better now.


Our gift to each other is new wedding rings. My honey has misplaced his and I decided I would prefer just a band. We found and purchased a couple of matching estate rings at Diamond Rush in Brevard last week. As the rings were handed to us an idea popped into my head. I grabbed my honey’s ring, placed it on his finger, and said “With this ring I thee wed - again”. In return he placed my ring on my finger he said “With this ring I thee wed again until I’m dead”. That got a chuckle from everyone who was listening. The jeweler seemed delighted and it was totally spontaneous.


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