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Last summer, during the midst of the pandemic, the Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue identified their need for a LUCAS mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) machine.

The Auxiliary took the lead and reached out to the residents of our local communities through donation letters and fundraisers to collect funds required for this life-saving equipment.

Thanks to the generous donations of our of Cedar Mountain, Caesar's Head, DuPont State Forest, and Cliff Ridge neighbors, we have not only procured a LUCAS machine, but also two much-needed AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators).

Words of thanks cannot suffice for the kindness that you have shown.

Candy Gray, President, Cedar Mountain Fire Auxiliary


The mission of The Hunger Coalition of Transylvania County is to strengthen the existing food distribution network, engage additional resources to combat hunger, and increase access to healthier food options.

They strive to identify unmet needs in the county, propose innovative solutions for gaps in the network, partner with existing agencies such as the Amana Food Bank to provide needed resources, and ensure that everyone has access to healthy, affordable food. Donations and grant money make it possible to buy meat for distribution.

Their core values include respect and dignity of the clients they serve, collaboration, and responsiveness to their partners, and openness to innovations and creative ideas.

The focus of the Hunger Coalition is distribution, nutrition, education on the network, to engage additional resources to combat hunger and increase access to healthier food options.

The Coalition uses an old U-Haul Truck to bring food to the Brevard, Rosman, and surrounding communities. On Thursdays, they distribute food at DavidsonRiver School on Ecusta Road between 3 and 4 pm. The truck goes to the Champion School Park in Rosman from 3-4 pm every other Thursday.

No one is turned away. No one asks your name and no one asks your financial status. The food is free to all comers. You may also pick up food for other needy families.

Barbara and William Grimm along with volunteers make this all possible.

Thank you so much for your work to ease hunger in the county.

Barbara Grimm can be reached at 828-577-3795 if you have questions or would like to donate or volunteer your time.


Anchor Baptist Missions ministers to the nutritional needs of both the local community and the worldwide community through their Food Program.

The Manna Food Program works with the Manna Food Bank to purchase goods at a reduced rate for the re-distribution in the community.

Through the USDA program as well as our State assistance program, we can assist families who are in need of temporary food assistance when jobs are lost or medical needs arise. These programs require no service charge for their use.

The State Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) is a state-funded box of food containing meat, dry goods, and other food products used to sustain a household for several days in the time of need. At Anchor Baptist Missions there is a constant flow of SNAP clients who come to find help.

All of the food programs are based out of our Mission Distribution Center.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday and Thursday 1:30 pm-5:30 pm and Saturday 9 am – 1 pm. No one is turned away. (These Hours Include TEFAP Distribution) TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) distributes about half a billion dollars in USDA Foods each year through food banks across the country.

If you have questions please call. (828) 877-2978.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

We missed the bullet last week on the forecasted ice storm! Predictions were that trees and power lines would tumble leaving us in dark, frigid weather. I had plans to slip & slide down the road to a friend’s house if that had happened, as she has a generator. No telling if I would have made it!

Things happen for a reason, and I found that the reason my gas stove broke was so, in having a new one installed, a gas leak was discovered in the wall next to this appliance. Still, I’m not sure yet why my refrigerator broke just a week later. Other than my home is now 13 years old and has needed a new furnace, stove/oven, and refrigerator. Next may be the washer & dryer?

My vehicle was just turning 13 too when it died in December, causing me to trade it in for a newer & smaller one. So I guess 13 isn’t a good number for me.

I was listening to a published author on TV who said “If you use words from a book someone else wrote, you’re stealing. But if you use words from several books you’re researching.” In researching articles written about the “Kingdom of the Happy Land” I have read the exact same accounts in several write-ups, so have contacted the publishers to gain permission to repeat some of what they wrote. None claim ownership nor know who the original statements came from, but all want a copy of what I am writing. What to do? I am not a “writer” but rather a sharer of things I’ve been told or have seen myself. In the ‘Kingdom Land article I am hoping to add to the story by sharing recollections my grandfather had from growing up in the area where the ‘Kingdom was; now Tuxedo (NC) and the Green River area.

If any readers of this want to share insights or if anyone has heard stories of the Kingdom of the Happy Land (1866-1900) please email me:


I recently checked out Anchor Baptist's warehouse for food distribution. It was very interesting. You grab a buggy “cart” and get in line for the warehouse door. Regardless of income, this food is free. After a temperature check, you can get free frozen meat and there is a cooler with other items. When I was there you could choose 3 items from the cooler and one package of frozen meat. I chose a couple of items and got in the TEFAP line. Based on the number in your family TEFAP provides additional food items. You have to be at a certain income level to qualify.

Just prior to opening at 1:30p, numerous boxes of food are brought out of the warehouse separately and placed in the carport. The day I was their boxes of cookies, cakes, bread, veggies, and a variety of other items were brought out for anyone to take. At 1:30 pm there was a mad dash to sort through the offerings. I picked up a King Cake and some bagels. When I left nearly everything was gone.

Except for TEFAP, everything is free to everyone regardless of financial status.

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Photos are welcome as well. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.


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