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Monday, June 12th. We had a wonderful and exceptional turnout at the last potluck - so much so that folks at the end of the line got slim pickins’. We ask if you could please add extra servings to the dish you bring so no one goes hungry. Food to share must be on the serving tables by 6:15 pm so we can start promptly at 6:30 pm. A presentation titled “Art of Seeing” by Sue Russell Padget will follow. Sue holds a bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She has been teaching, painting and exhibiting art for the last 55 yrs. She is Director of Hemlocks Studio Art Center of Cedar Mountain since 1997.


The new produce stand, Perra Loco, is from a local, small farm located in Happy Acres, Brevard. They opened Monday to a crowd of folks ready to buy the free-range eggs, fresh fruits, and veggies they brought from their farm. They will be at the Canteen on Mondays at 4 pm.


Cedar Mountain area residents are asked to complete the Cedar Mountain Community Center Survey our web site.

Come One, Come All! The Cedar Mountain Community Center hosts a variety of events for residents, non-residents and visitors throughout the year. The Center is a great place to get to know, and be a part of, the Cedar Mountain Community. Feel free to stop by and join the community for food, fun and various events. Your feedback on this survey will help the Cedar Mountain Community Center (CMCC) improve and tailor our offerings to meet our community's needs. Please read and answer each question honestly. It should take about 5 minutes. Your answers will be anonymous.


The descendants and friends of Janie and Solomon Jones will gather for their annual family reunion on Tuesday, July 4 at noon at the Cedar Mountain Community Center for a covered dish lunch.


Allen and Nancy Cadora will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary on June 11. LOCAL

GHOSTS THAT YOU SHOULD GET TO KNOW By Patricia Stahl and Charley Burden .

Charles Burden passed away on Thursday, June 1. He wrote this brief announcement about the Ghost Story book in late May and was excited about sharing the stories. More about Charley will be shared in next week's CedarMountain News.

GHOST STORIES, Tales From US HWY 276 is currently available in Cedar Mountain at the Cedar Mountain Café, Studio 276 Cedar Mountain Moonshine, Creekside Market and Grill, Whistlestop Market and, in Brevard, at Highland Books.

FAITH MEMORIAL CHAPEL welcomes folks of all denominations to our services, held on Sundays at 11:00 AM. We meet only in the summer and have no membership roll so you won’t feel like a guest. Each Sunday, we have clergy from different churches that visit us to lead the service and we are blessed also to have great music to accompany the great message! This Sunday, Faith Memorial Chapel welcomes The Rev. John S. Nieman. John currently serves as Interim Rector at St. James Episcopal Church in GreenvilleSouth Carolina. The St. James Choir will provide selections of music.

SHERWOOD FOREST LADIES' GOLF League results for June 5th. Monday’s game was a choker scramble. We had 22 women playing and all hit from the best ball off the tee. The choker then played her ball through. We added a twist where the choker was not selected by the best ball; instead, we rotated the choker in each hole. Winning team: Peggy Baldwin, Deb Hincewicz, new player Karen Kitchen-Laws and Kathy Harris with a score of 63, the best scramble score, and choker score. Runners-up: Georgia Osterc, new player Vicki Roberts, Lois Bollini and Elaine Omann. We welcomed three new players: Vicki Roberts, Mary Law, and Karen Kitchens-Law. Join us next Monday. Registration is at 8:30 am, play starts at 9 a.m. CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace.

CELEBRATIONS: Too much was/is happening this week, so the June birthdays & anniversaries didn’t make it here this week. My granddaughter Calla Harris is graduating from Brevard High School this Friday, June 9th! Let me know your June celebrations before Monday evening, please! You can email me at:


Once again let me remind you that the 11th annual “Mountain Gourd Gathering” is scheduled for the second week in August; Thursday, Aug. 20th thru Sat. August 12th this year. I host this fun event in Cedar Mountain (in the Family Life Center building) and invite everyone reading this column to come by & see what we do! If you want to get on the mailing list please email the co-host, Lisa Mohr, at mountaingourdgathering Hope to see you there!

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

CAT TAIL Not much to talk about this week so let me tell you about the kitties trip. First of all every trip has included up to an hour of yowling for starters. Then they “hide” under the sofa and are quiet. Eventually Buddy (orange tabby) comes out and becomes a nuisance by wanting to lie by my honey’s feet while he is driving. I bought harnesses for them so we could take them outside. Nozee (Tuxedo) was the first to be fitted. I was holding him when I walked outside but when I went to put him down a dog barked and he went ballistic. He was actually shrieking. He managed back out of the harness and hide under the motor home. At least he didn’t take off running. It took a lot of sweet talk to get him out. Harness modification is needed! Another day Buddy managed to get out and he too went under the motor home. I laid down on the ground offering some treats and he finally came to me. Whew. They get another try over the 4th.


The Cedar Mountain News is here to ensure you know what is happening in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the area. Thank you for reading it. Your input is welcomed and encouraged.

Please send all photos and/or news and announcements to Photos need to be close to 900 kb or better for publication in the news. The deadline for submissions is Monday night or early Tuesday.”


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