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THE VILLAGE AND THE TURNPIKE by Charles Burden, Doug Pace, and Patty Stahl

“Come join five hearty individuals as they take a historic hike, sometimes climbing and crawling, from then to now along an old abandoned early road, a turnpike, to capture life in the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains from earlier times. Experience with these individuals the birth and growth of a tiny mountain village into a viable, healthy community at the Gateway to the now famous DuPont State Recreational Forest, and several other National and State Parks and Forests. Plenty of historic photographs reveal life and people then and now.”

So reads the summary on the back cover of the book, The Village and the Turnpike: A Whimsical Cedar Mountain Adventure From Then To Now. Charles and Elke Burden, Doug Pace, Brenda Wiley, and Patty Stahl took the first leg of the “historic hike” in April of 2015 and never looked back – other than in time. The old turnpike was traced and trod upon from Cedar Mountain to Brevard and presentations sharing each section of the old drovers’ road were given at the Cedar Mountain Community Center. New photos were taken, and many wonderful old photos were shared. A book was suggested and here we are. Our book has now been published and will soon be available locally. More information will be shared when the books arrive.



Friday night we had such a tremendous turnout we have decided that maybe we would dispense with a Saturday morning flea in the future. It did help that Studio 276 was having their Friday night entertainment and folks were seen walking over from there. Perhaps some of our patrons ventured over there as well.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

HOMECOMING JOY Rocky Hill Baptist Church held their 146th “Homecoming” this past Sunday and, though some regulars weren’t present this year, we still had enough members and visitors-from-the-past to make it a hugely enjoyable day! Special music this year was provided by the fabulous Rocky Hill choir who performed at least 7 specials, followed by their choir leader Lenoir Bishop performing a moving solo. Suzanne Lawson played the piano prior to, during, and after the service, including an offertory special. When she wasn’t playing she was singing! A Homecoming message was brought by Dr. Oliver (Butch) Skerrett from the book of John. Rocky Hill’s pastor, Dr. Leland Holland, opened the service then closed the service with a blessing for the fellowship meal that followed. Mark your calendar now on the 4th Sunday in August 2022 and join us for Rocky Hill’s 147th Homecoming. Pastor Holland can be reached at (828)862-5611

KITTENS A local resident works to kindly capture feral cats living nearby, then has them spayed or neutered. You can’t catch them all! So right now she has two litters; one set is ready to be adopted and the other set will soon be weaned. Mama cats were comfortable enough to have their kittens at or under her house, so the kittens are being handled. Some are short hair, light and dark colors, while some are fluffy, and one or two are tail-less. If interested in adopting one of these kittens please contact me with your name & number and I will pass it along. You can contact me by phone at (828) 885-2103 or email: SAFE’S TREASURES Following last week’s community flea market I carried some of my unsold “treasures” to Safe Attic resale shop in Brevard. While there I went inside just for a quick look; to my great delight I saw a like-new, probably-never-played, Horner Chromatic Harmonica. It was nestled behind a glass case amongst quality watches & jewelry. What a great find! There’s always something for everyone at Safe’s Attic. For furniture items visit Safe’s Attic Interiors across from Brevard College; in what used to be called “Princess Plaza”.


Results for Aug. 23: The game was Drop High/Drop Low played on the front nine. Winner: Nancy Waclawek with 24. Low net: Karen Gleasman with 27. Low gross: Nancy Waclawek with 33.


I have organized the CMCC flea market for the past several years now and this was a good one. Sales from table rental and from donations made to the center this year were a bit better than past years. My honey and I were able to “relocate” a lot of duplicates and unneeded items that have resulted from combining two households worth of “stuff”.

I think a lot of it had to do with being mostly shut off from the world from the pandemic for well over a year and having time on our hands to go through things that needed to find new homes. For some things, “home” turned out to be a trip to local charities.

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