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CEDAR MOUNTAIN NEWS for Thursday 9-2-21


On Saturday, Sept 4th there will be a fundraiser for the fire department. This year’s goal is to replace old worn out extrication equipment. The Cedar Mountain Fire Auxiliary will be doing a BBQ lunch from 11a – 2p to help buy this needed equipment for the fire department. BBQ plates will be $12.00 and includes baked beans, dessert and a drink. BBQ meat will also be sold at $12.00 a lb. Please come before the BBQ runs out and help make it possible for the fire department to replace this equipment.


Remember that Constitution Week is celebrated each year. This year it is from September 17-23. Fly your red, white and blue during the celebration and every day of the year.

Please take time to visit the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas in Brevard at 21 E Main St, (next to the courthouse) in Brevard. The City of Brevard Proclamation is also on display.

You can also see the exhibit by The Waightstill Avery Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR). Note the 13-star Betsy Ross flag as you enter the museum, as well as a copy of the Constitution along with a painting depicting the signing on September 17, 1787. y –


Lots of things are happening at the newly refurbished Outpost. Checkout this website for the scoop.


The annual “Mountain Gourd Gathering” scheduled for October 14-16 here in Cedar Mountain has been postponed due to the Covid-19 variant in the area. The 10th anniversary of this exciting 3-day event is now planned for the second week of August 2022. Host Christine Pace says the committee sadly made this decision after the Georgia and Alabama gourd shows canceled. “We want to enjoy the Mountain Gourd Gathering in safety.” CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace A TRIP TO CANTON The recent storm “Fred” spared many in Transylvania county of destructive floods, though the town of Rosman was hit hard, with some needing to evacuate! A bit further in Haywood county the town of Canton experienced massive destruction too, and still has much restorative work to be done. The Baptist Disaster teams jumped right in to help with both Rosman and Canton. In assessing the greater current need as of late last week it was determined that Canton needed more supplies and clothing still, so members of Cedar Mountain’s Rocky Hill Baptist Church donated money and supplies and, with help from SAFE and Harris ACE Hardware in Brevard, Rocky Hill’s Mission’s team were able to take two vehicles full of many bags of clothing(even pajama’s), blankets and towels from SAFE, and strong shovels, push brooms and many boxes of contractor trash bags supplied by Jimmy Harris of ACE Hardware. These items were delivered to a well-organized Disaster Relief site and volunteers there were thankful for the generosity of so many from Cedar Mountain and Brevard. There are many volunteers helping from all areas of Transylvania County; some are spraying homes & businesses for mold control, while others are manning the shelters and food halls. Let’s pray that “Ida” doesn’t cause further damage this week.


I took many supplies in my small SUV to Canton on Monday, driving through Enka & Candler to get there. As soon as I crossed into the outskirts of Canton the whole scene changed; mud and downed trees were everywhere, bridges leading to homes were cut in half, walls were missing from some homes and other houses were leaning precariously. Livestock fences disappeared midway through a field, and rubbish carried by the winds & floods covered the ground as far as I could see. It was a disaster - so very sad. Detours popped up as we headed to the relief site so I got to see many neighborhoods while the driver in front navigated with help from her GPS. There was even a now-familiar “roundabout” in the middle of nowhere, which was easily navigated. We ended up coming back a completely different way. Here’s what I saw: Quaint neighborhoods with almost an equal amount of wood-framed and river-stoned homes. I imagined many if not all the stones that built these older homes came from nearby rivers. The same rivers that flooded last week! In these neighborhoods there were many folks outdoors, cutting limbs, shoveling, and picking through debris. Not every home had noticeable external damage, especially the rock homes, but neighbors were helping neighbors, alongside volunteers. Hard work. Our little caravan drove through Canton’s Main Street on our way home where I saw several little shops open, and a promise of normalcy excited me. Canton will heal. Rosman will heal. And if ever we need their help I am sure they will come as will the Baptist Disaster & Relief Missions, and you, our neighbors. Many thanks to everyone who contributed and are still helping, and to SAFE, and Harris ACE Hardware. God bless you all. Note: This segment is being written Tuesday, prior to any rains or winds we may get from storm Ida. The photo is of Candy Gray’s dog, Rain, protecting the donations.



Sherwood Forest Ladies League results for Aug. 30: Fifteen women played a team game called Irish Low Ball on the front nine. Winning team: Nancy Waclawek, Louise Stroup, Judith Davis and Marcia Bryant. Low net and low gross winner: Nancy Waclawek with 32.


Our wedding day is coming up fast. Everything is coming together finally. I decided that my matron of honor and I will assemble the wedding cake from ready made cakes. She used to make cakes for people on a regular basis. She is bringing her “tools” to redecorate them as needed. Three wonderful friends have agreed to beat everyone to the reception to set the cake up. We will both be so glad when Sept 19th rolls around. If only then we could only relax. There is yet so much to do to complete my honey’s move to CedarMountain.

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