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Saturday, February 20th from 8:30a – 12:30p at the Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Dept.

Come on down. The life you save may be yours, a stranger, or someone you know.

CEDAR MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY CENTER If you have an event or meeting scheduled or need to schedule one, please check with Caroline Chambers regarding reservations. Her number is 828-290-9662 or you can email us at

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace SCHEDULED FOR THE VACCINE Trying to get an appointment locally for the Covid-19 vaccination is very stressful for many. Each week I would call and get on the computer too at that week’s scheduled open time, only to have the 200 vaccines spoken for within minutes, to others. Though I was glad for those who did get scheduled, I worried about so many others, including myself, who needed and wanted protection from this virus. Luckily, this week there were an additional 300 vaccines allotted for a total of 500 that went up for the “competition” at 2:00pm on Monday, February 15th. I was able to get scheduled for one myself! The excitement I felt in obtaining an appointment for my Covid-19 vaccination was almost indescribable; I remembered the last time I felt this way: I was eating some fresh hot French fries from a fast-food drive through, and after emptying the French fry “box” I discovered a few more fries at the bottom of the bag! To get on the Covid vaccination alert system or for more information please call the Transylvania Health Department’s Covid-19 line at (828)884-4007. To get a free test to insure that you don’t currently have Covid-19 you can drive through the Brevard Music Center (off Probart Rd. in Brevard) on Wednesdays or Thursdays from 4-7pm. It takes several days to get your result from this test. Some local pharmacies like CVS (883-3132) offer the rapid test, also free, though you have to make an appointment first. Good luck, stay safe, and God bless you. SAD FAREWELL We lost a long-time resident last week: Bud Heath. He leaves behind his devoted wife Virgie and their children, and many friends. Services were held at Carr’s Hill Baptist church on Tuesday, where Buddy & Virgie are members. Being from the “Heath” bloodline Buddy was cousin to several lifelong residents of Cedar Mountain including Doug Pace & his children, Bobby Jones, Patty Stahl, Beth Owings, Jeanne Hayes & family and Rosemary (Lee) Carter. My late husband Joe, another cousin, admired Buddy’s spirit and work ethic, and hired Buddy to cut down several trees over the years. It was amazing to see Buddy climb to the very top of the tallest trees! Buddy’s wife Virgie was his biggest fan, yet would hold her breath as Bud climbed tall, swaying trees. A great “team”, neither Buddy nor Virgie knew any strangers. My heart & prayers go out to Virgie & her family now as they mourn the loss of their loved one. If you wish to contact Virgie Heath please email or call me for contact information, at (885-2103).


A renovation to my house is planned for the spring. It will cause me to lose my mossary and most of my SecretGarden but I need a new and better kitchen and a redo of my bathrooms.

Hopefully I can relocate most of my perennials where the deer can’t get them. The mossary will need to be moved too. Work, work, work.

I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I hope you did too.

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d like to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Photos are welcome as well. Please email your news or any questions to by Monday evening.


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