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The Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Dept. Auxiliary is serving a free pancake breakfast at the fire station from 8 am to 11 am on Saturday, March 12th. There will be hot fresh pancakes, sausage, fruit, and juice. The breakfast will include blueberry syrup, real Maple syrup, and real butter. Donations will be appreciated and will go toward purchasing sorely needed new extrication equipment for the fire department.


We are finally able to participate in the Senior Games again. So I am calling all you health fanatics over the age of 50 to come and have some fun at the Recreation Center on Ecusta Road 828-884-3156. There is a sport for just about every one and a class for those that have a hobby and produce wonderful artifacts. The events start on April 18th with the opening ceremonies and the presentation of the performing arts. The events run through May 4th with the closing ceremonies and medal presentations. At the closing, we all celebrate with a dinner. If you would like to join in I have some applications so call Gillian Hillman at 828-782-3012 or go to the Rec. center and pick up a copy.

For more information please call me or the Rec. center 828-884-3156. Just for those real health and competitive folks, the winners can then go on and participate in the State Games, and winners from there, on to the Nationals.


To Gail Cummins, whose birthday is March 14th.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

A new month is here and I’m looking forward to it. The first 2 months of this year saw me in the ER for 3 days & nights, then to a surgeon followed by intestinal surgery (from old adhesions), and just 2 days after surgery a quick trip to Southern Indiana for my new puppy. All is well now, and I’m planning some fun-in-the-sun for this summer, while I now work to regain my strength & stamina. Please send me your March birthdays & anniversaries so I can list them in next week’s Cedar Mountain News:


I waited almost 2 years for my Pomeranian puppy “Rockefeller”, from a particular breeder and a special sire “Duke”! As soon as 10-week-old Rockefeller has all his vaccines we’ll be visiting the lovely small-dog park in Brevard. You’ll see us everywhere.


Plans are being made for free art classes this summer that will be held in the field next to Creekside Market. Owner Wendy has offered her space with tables & chairs & umbrellas. And it’s next to a creek! I have a different art/craft project planned for each 2-hour session; planned for school-age children, preschoolers accompanied by an adult. And adults are welcome to participate, especially any that want to help.

David Brown, retired superintendent of DuPont State Forest, is bringing me pieces of tree limbs-with-bark this week for one of our first art classes where we’ll create a chunky free-standing owl decoration.


August 11, 12 & 13 I will host the 10th year of Cedar Mountain’s “Mountain Gourd Gathering” which will offer several classes from some talented gourd artists/teachers from the Southeast. Classes are held indoors at the Family Life Center next to Rocky Hill Baptist Church. Outside there will be thousands of already-cleaned thick-shelled gourds from Lauren’s, SC offered for sale to students and the public. Inside will be art supplies and finished gourd art for you to view or purchase. Admission is free! There is a cost for classes; classes are not posted yet. For more information please visit the web site: http://mountaingourdgathering.


I have used the local AARP service in Brevard to prepare my taxes for many years and am very pleased and grateful for them! This free service is performed by retired tax filers & CPAs and includes almost 25 volunteers. My taxes were done last week. For an appointment, you may call them at (828) 884-4787 and leave your name & contact #. They generally call you within a day or two. I suggest you call them soon if interested in this free service.


Easter this year is April 17th. The choir at Rocky Hill church has their cantata books & CDs (in parts) and have begun practicing on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm and Sunday afternoons, led by choir director Lenoir Bishop. Anyone interested in joining with us for the Easter cantata is welcome, no matter what your denomination is; just show up! Or you may call Rocky Hill’s pastor Dr. Leland Holland at (828)862-5611 for more information.

Linda Young and I appreciate your contributions to the weekly Cedar Mountain News and your readership. Thank you!

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

Busy week! We’ve been stocking the Infirmary (motor home). The most current acquisition is a collapsible dish drainer. Even though the Infirmary has remarkable storage we still have to be careful about proportions. I spent hours online looking for a spice rack suitable for a motor home and decided to just use a 2 tier turntable. I will probably have to cover it with a plastic bag to keep the spices on it while on the road.

I bought a set of bamboo rayon towels for the “Infirmary” that we can’t wait to use. Bamboo fiber is four times more absorbent than cotton. I already have some dishcloths that soak up liquids so fast it puts Bounty towels to shame.

We got a surprise in the mail today. It was a bill for missed tolls in Indiana. We never even saw any toll booths but were billed both coming and going for our trip to Iowa.

Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. Your contributions and comments are encouraged and welcome. We’d love to hear what’s going on if you would like to share. Photos are welcome as well. Please respond by Monday evening.


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