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The meeting and potluck at the community center on Monday was highlighted by a visit from Paul Vis, director of the Transylvania County Animal Shelter. He was very informative and talked about rabies, vaccinations and animal abandonment among other things. He was bombarded with questions. Paul announced that there will be a free spay and neuter clinic at the Animal Shelter during the month of October. So there is no excuse for not having your dog or cat neutered. Make that call now. Phone (828) 883-3713


The Cedar Mountain Community board meeting will be held 1 week earlier next month at 4pm on Thursday October 1st.

Our next community meeting on Monday October 12th will feature a BBQ dinner and fundraiser. Besides the BBQ the center will be serving macaroni and cheese, Cole slaw, fruit cobbler for dessert and beverages. We ask for a donation of $10 for adults and $6.00 for children. You are asked to be at the center by 6:15pm. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm.

October’s meeting will include nominations for officers and board members for the next two years. Ballots will be cast at our November 9th Thanksgiving Potluck. The newly redone Sports/Tennis court is open and ready for the public.

Our attractive new sign is in use and a beautiful rock base constructed by local residents will put on the finishing touch.

Our 2016 Cedar Mountain calendars have been so popular we have had to order more. We are grateful that local businesses such as the Cedar Mountain Canteen, Cedar Mountain Café, Changes in Altitude, Whistlestop and Blue Moon Gallery and others have been helping with the sale of the calendars.

Suzanne Lawson has been doing an exemplary job in promoting our calendars and seeing that local business’ have a supply. Thank you Suzanne.

Our application for the WNC Awards has gone in. Last year center representatives proudly came home with a check for $1000 and a Community of Promise sign. These signs are posted in front of the center.

These awards represent the amount of time and effort spent on community involvement such as post office grounds clean up, improvements to the center and providing educational programs among other things. All are made possible by funds gained from fundraisers such as calendar sales, chicken and BBQ dinners, special events such as our Chili Cook-off and flea markets just to name a few.

On Sunday December 6th the MaGaha Chapel will have a Christmas Carol Sing at the chapel followed by cookies and wassail at the community center. Participants are asked to bring homemade family-favorite cookies along with the recipe to be shared.

To start off the New Year another Chili Cook Off is planned for the 3rd week of January. A square dance is also being considered for February or March of 2016.

Things are Hoppin’and Happenin’ at the Cedar Mountain Community Center.


Christine and Joe Pace wish their granddaughter Calla Harris, of Brevard, a big Happy 11th Birthday on the 26th of this month!


Our community center just keeps getting better and better and is available for rent for almost any event. Call Deborah Perkins at 885-7878 for information or reservations.


We are hearing from a lot of folks as a result of our informational website. Several events have been scheduled as a result. For more community news and calendar of events check out


September 7th "Ribbon Cutting Scramble" - Team of Kathy Harris, Retha Lynch, Cherie Hennig & Lin Kolb – 21 September 14th Team Low Gross--Team of Linda Wehler, Diane Foley, and Georgia Osterc--110


I am trying something new, for me, in that I wore my prescription glasses all throughout church this past Sunday. Stumbling up the steps to the choir loft, though I'm quite sure no one noticed, the bifocals were a bit tricky.

Always the gentleman, Bobby Jones offers his arm to me when descending from the choir loft and I was especially grateful this past week. Sometimes, if he looks to the side when I am coming down, I have to reach a bit further for his arm! Thank you for your kindness always Bobby.

This past Saturday was the monthly Palmetto Gourd Patch meeting held at Hobby Lobby in Greer, SC. I worked on sculpting Santa's on banana gourds which came out adorable! Next I will paint them, which is the most fun for me. If anyone is interested in going to one of our meetings let me know: (828)885-2103. We meet the 2nd Saturday of each month.

For those away, we finally turned a bit chilly this week; Monday it was 41 degrees as I left for work at 6:30am. Our little Chihuahua "Jill" experienced the first cold feet of her life and wanted right back in! It got up to the 70's though. I really love this time of year; do you?


Black Tuesday. Last week was just awful. I only visit my basement when I need to do the laundry so didn’t notice my auxiliary water tank for the water heater was leaking. What a mess. I was lucky enough to get Dill’s Plumbing to come the same day to check it and he came out the next day to remove it. He said he’d never seen such a setup and that the leaking tank had no purpose that he could see. Had I known that, I would have had it removed years ago. Anyway I have fans running and the dehumidifier on full blast in an effort to dry everything up.

I got some shingles to put on the handicap ramp (via FREECYCLE) and had laid them down on the handicap ramp. They needed to be stapled down. The stapler ran out of staples about half way down the ramp but when I opened the stapler to add staples it fell apart. A nut was missing that held the bolt in place. Therefore the bolt wouldn't stay in. After much adieu found suitable replacement. While attempting to reassemble the stapler I dropped the staple compartment on the deck behind the ramp. I couldn't see where it went because there were leaves - so back to the basement. Years ago we bought this strong magnet on a long handle and it's surprising how many times I have used it. So back up the stairs to the deck. I leaned over the railing to the point of going over and was able to reach the deck but the magnet didn’t find the staple compartment. So now I have to get down on hands and knees and practically crawl under the ramp. (I thought I'd have to call 911 to get me up again. (Good thing the phone was in my pocket.) I did manage to locate the staple holder with the magnet. It's all repaired, ready to go again and my ramp is safe for now.

Lots of other problems that day that this column doesn’t have room for (or couldn’t print!)


Why is it that forums or sites online that require your birth year go back to 1890? Really?

What’s going on in your life or the community that you would like to share? Please send all news to If need be, you may also call Linda Young at 877-5407. If no answer you may call Christine Pace at 828-885-2103. News needs to be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

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