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Board meeting Thursday September 4th at 4pm

Tennis exhibition and demonstration Cedar Mountain Sports/Tennis Court 5:30pm Monday September 12. Potluck Monday Sept 12th starting at 6:15pm with a program by Jason Guidry of the DuPont State Recreational Forest at about 7pm

Flea Market Saturday Sept 17th from 9am – 12pm. Donations are needed for the community table. Please bring donations for the center table between 3 and 5pm on Friday the 16th. We have two tables inside and outside space is still available. Call Linda at 877-5407 if you have questions or to reserve tables or space. Our flea market is 1 of 4 occurring that day along Greenville Hwy. Dunn’s Rock, See Off and Sherwood Forest Communities also have flea markets that day. Watch for a big classified ad featuring all 4 fleas in next week’s paper.


On Monday 9-12 at 5:30pm at the Sports/Tennis court at the Cedar Mountain Community Center, there will be a tennis demonstration presented by Joseph Shraeder, Brevard High School senior and state 2A singles champion and Jonathan Walker who ranked # 2 in the South in men’s open singles. They will be demonstrating a few games and maneuvers, etc. Seating is limited so you might want to bring a lawn chair. This 50-year old tennis court was recently completely resurfaced by Mike and Josh Vandergrift and their staff as well as numerous Cedar Mountain Community Center volunteers. The Sports/Tennis court was refurbished as a gift from the Brevard Health and Racquet Club.


CMFRD has packaged BBQ for sale at a special sale price. $8.00 lb or $35.00 for five pounds. Please call Don or Cindy Greene at 828-862-3342 and leave a message if you want to order BBQ.


On September 17, 2016 from 4pm – 10pm at “The Hay Barn” 714 Reasonover Road in Cedar Mountain, there will be a live auction, a silent auction, live music, food and drinks. Signature handlebar mustache aside, Peyre Cleveland, a life-long Cedar Mountain resident and owner of the Cedar Mountain Canteen, is one in a million. The cancer he has been living with (Urachal Adenocarcinoma) has an occurrence rate of roughly one in 1 million people. Peyre was diagnosed with this disease in early 2014 and he and his family can use our help. For his story and more information go to and Facebook “Handlebars and Hairbraids”.


September 5th - Step Aside Scramble, Front 9 - team of Bev Putz, Lynda Camenzind, Diane Hodson and Joy Seelinger - 26.

ROCKY HILL BAPTIST CHURCH Following a super VBS, we had three children and one adult baptized this past Sunday morning at Rocky Hill. The church was packed and Pastor Leland Holland presented a great sermon of hope & inspiration after the baptism. On Thursday Sept. 8th a group from the church traveled to the North Carolina "Broyhill Baptist Children's Home" for a BBQ and visit of their campus, which is located in Clyde, NC. This "home" does wonders for many children, boys & girls, who otherwise would have been distressed with home or life situations. To learn more feel free to call Dr. Holland at Rocky Hill church at (828)862-5611.


MOVING DAY Joe Earl Pace and wife Christine have finally moved, to just one (level) house on a smaller, level yard. I say moving "day" but as many know it does not begin and end in a day. Christine will be unpacking "until Thanksgiving" she says. Their phone number and other social media contacts remain the same. Joe Pace says he loves our new home. Congratulations to two deserving people. They look forward to seeing all of you at the next community center meeting and will happily give you their new address while there. "By the way" says Christine "I now have to learn to cook using gas.” Joe laughingly says "She just needs to learn to cook, period." Jimmy Harris of Harris Ace Hardware, their son-in-law, was most helpful in helping do all the little things needed in a new home, and Chris & Joe want to say a big "Thank you" here. "He's my favorite son-in-love." says Christine.


I lost my mind and went to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville. Parking and traffic was a nightmare. I parked in front of a beauty salon and was lucky to find a spot so close to downtown. The salon owner (along with every other business owner) was collecting $5. She said a previous festival goer had just left so I lucked out to get that close to downtown. She said that was the only money she’d get that day because customers couldn’t come to an appointment.

While there were interesting booths and great food vendors it was a challenge to just walk in that crowd let alone visit the booths.

I made my way to the Mast General Store however and bought some candy that you don’t usually see in other stores. My aim was to get some Horehound candy but didn’t see it until leaving and I wasn’t about to get in line again.

Didn’t buy a single apple because of the crowd. I’ll go to the Whistlestop or grocery store.


Thanks to those who offered solutions to my Carolina Bat problem. One suggestion I will try is a spotlight on the area where they roost. Only problem with that is that it will shine in my bedroom windows. I will let you know if it works. I have to put up the new bat habitat first so they have place to move to.

If you have news to share please let me know. All news for next week must be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

Please email with any news or questions.

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