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The Cedar Mountain Crock Pot cook-off will be on Saturday, February 3rd, 2024, from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Cedar Mountain Community Center.  Anything that can be cooked in a crock pot is eligible, e.g., stew, soup, chili, desserts, etc.  Crock pots need to be on the table and ready to go by 5:15 PM.  Contact Ellen Meyer, at (239) 851-2767 or if you have questions.  Good luck and good cooking.



Tired of sitting around the house some winter afternoons? You might be glad to hear that Cedar Mountain Community Center is kicking off its Winter Speaker program titled “Fireside Chat”. The first program is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 10 at 3 pm at the Cedar Mountain Community Center.


Everyone is invited to come and relax with a cup of coffee, iced tea, and a snack.  You will learn all about the history of the state-line border dispute between North and South Carolina and how South Carolina ended up with mountains. The presenter, John Harrison, is a local resident and avid historian.  He has put together a talk on the border wars of North and South Carolina. He has done extensive research, and it should be a very interesting talk.



Are you looking for a venue to host a community event, wedding reception, or meeting? Contact Caroline Chambers at 828-290-9662 to schedule. The Cedar Mountain Community Center is the perfect place for residents and visitors to gather, with a variety of events held throughout the year. From monthly summer potluck dinners to cooking classes and special occasions, The Center offers an opportunity to get involved and become part of the Cedar Mountain Community. Come join us for food, fun, and a variety of events! 


CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY LIBRARY NEWS:  Having taken a few days off, one place I visited after too long of an absence was the Transylvania County Library located in Brevard at 212 S. Gaston St.  We have one of the best around!


An author’s series of 23 books I’ve been reading is nearing the end: I’m on book #22 now.  So, I’ll soon have to find a new “favorite” author.  It won’t be difficult with the huge selection in our library.


While visiting upstairs in the Historic section I took photos of some baskets made years ago in Cherokee by a native woman.  She’s hoping to come here in May to talk about her basket-making techniques and other Cherokee crafts from her generation.  In the photos here you’ll see a few examples and a book published about her work & life in her native village.  Her talk will be open to the public, held in the spacious Rogow Room on the main floor of the library.  As soon as the time and date are announced I’ll pass along the information here.  You may call the library yourself for more information, or to reserve a book, tape, or game, at (828)884-3151.


The “All Things Appalachia” speaker series presents interesting talks on local arts & crafts & history, etc. each month inside the library.  The next program is titled “Appalachian Quilting Through the Years” which will be presented by area quilters and members of the WNC Quilters Guild - Brevard Chapter - who will describe the journey of quilting from a craft born out of necessity in Appalachia to the art it has become today. This talk is free to the public and will be presented on Thursday, February 1st in the Rogow Room, from 6-7 pm.


If you’re into family history & genealogy there are mini workshops held at the library every 3rd Thursday of the month, at 1:00pm.


There is so much more to the library than books!  I hope you’ll visit ours soon, and report what interests you the most.  See their offerings, including old photos of early Transylvania County, on their website:


AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

After working frantically for weeks, we just about had the house reasonably company-ready.  We decided to call our “guests” to find out when they expected to arrive Wednesday.  After finally getting in touch, they didn’t remember that they were to come!  So, we took today (Tues) off and just jelled.  Good day to do it because the weather wasn’t anything we wanted to get out in.  Here on Duncan Mountain in Cedar Mountain, our rain gauge registered 6.56 inches.  We never set foot out the door.  I spent some time shopping online for bathroom rugs and finally settled on a set with purple flowers to compliment the purple paint in the bathroom.  The bathroom looks too institutional otherwise. I am anxious to see if it looks like it does online.  Too often things don’t.  You can’t beat the convenience of online shopping though.  I like to order things like heavy kitty litter.  It gets delivered to the porch without us having to haul it to the car and then from the car into the house.  All good!


NOTE: All news must be sent to  Photos need to be high resolution to ensure printability. The deadline for the CM News is Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.


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