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"The Cedar Mountain Crock Pot cook-off will be Saturday, February 3rd, 2024, from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM.  Anything that can be cooked in a crock pot is eligible, e.g., stew, soup, chili, desserts, etc.  Crock pots need to be on the table and ready to go by 5:15 PM.  Contact Ellen Meyer, at (239) 851-2767 if you have questions.  Good luck and good cooking."



Are you looking for a venue to host a community event, wedding reception, or meeting? Contact Caroline Chambers at 828-290-9662 to schedule. The Cedar Mountain Community Center is the perfect place for residents and visitors to gather, with a variety of events held throughout the year. From monthly summer potluck dinners to cooking classes and special occasions, The Center offers an opportunity to get involved and become part of the Cedar Mountain Community. Come join us for food, fun, and a variety of events! 


CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

Happy New Year friends! 


As of January 2nd, I am no longer employed, but looking for work in Customer Service, full or part-time, off on Sundays to “grow family values”. My doctor has been encouraging me to find work during the day, up to midnight is okay, but has ordered me to “get off the graveyard shift”.  Since there’s no daytime work available where I have been happily working the past 8 months, I took my leave the day after New Year!  If you know of a good fit for me please call me at: (828)556-5238 or email me at:


As a hobby artist and sometime art teacher, I stepped out of my familiar territory last week and taught a class to 4 home school children, ages 6 - 11 years.  Using chunks of wood provided by David Brown (retired Forest Superintendent of the DuPont State & Recreational Forest) we made Owls - free-standing and necklaces.  They turned out great! (photo).


I’ll take the rest of this week, and next, going through my stash of art supplies.  My “resolution” this year is to downsize, everything!  Maybe I’ll organize another community flea market this spring; anyone else interested?


I hope you & your families (and pets) are doing well!  I’ll see you at the next Cedar Mountain Fire Department breakfast or lunch, if not before.  We can always use more volunteers in the Auxiliary.  Contact me if interested.  Stay warm, happy, healthy & productive this year!  Blessings from Christine.


AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

The excitement for last week included our hall closet door.  The doorknob has a lock on the inside, of all things, and one of us accidentally turned the button when getting our coats.  We tried several items to serve as a key with no luck.  We had to remove the door which luckily had the hinges out the outside.  Getting the pins out was fun but then the door was stuck. Scratching my head, I fetched a pry bar, and off it came.  The only thing that we can think of for the lock being on the inside was that the former owner might have used it as a gun safe.  We did not have a key, however.   We thought about changing the doorknob but there was little chance of that happening again and we know how to fix it.  


Our bathroom remodel has an end in sight.  The wainscoting is nearing completion and looks great.  My honey knows how to do this stuff and it and he are amazing.  We still have an area by the sink to finish, but the end is in sight.


Note: All news must be sent to  Photos need to be high resolution to ensure printability. The deadline for the CM News is Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.


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