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Come join in singing carols both secular and sacred at the historic (1872) McGaha

Chapel at 2:30 pm on Sunday, December 4th, 2022. Bring in this wonderful season with

45 minutes of singing of old favorites in the wooded setting along the ancient stagecoach

and drovers’ road - Johnstone Turnpike.

This is one of the few times of the year that the Chapel is open to the public. Just like the olden days, the Chapel has no heating, so dress warmly. Then let’s all retreat to the warm Sherwood Forest Robin Hood Center for hot apple cider and coffee, with guaranteed-delicious homemade Christmas cookies and cakes.

McGaha Chapel is located by US 276 South at Cedar Mountain, opposite Sherwood Forest. Follow the parking signs and take the shuttles from the Robin Hood Center to the little Chapel in the woods.

This celebration is a cooperative effort of the Transylvania County Historical Society, the Cedar Mountain Community and Sherwood Forest.


In 1947 William D. Workman, Jr. and his young family traveled up US 276 from Greenville, SC to visit the Caesar’s Head Hotel, Cedar Mountain, and the YMCA Camp Greenville. He photographed the hotel, tower and views at Caesar’s Head, a wooden bridge on the Jones Gap Road and the lake, cabins, and large bell at Camp Greenville. The cover photo of the 2023 Cedar Mountain Historical Calendar features his photo of the Fred W. Symmes Chapel or Pretty Place. The 1947 photo shows a rustic log cross and only a few of the memorial plaques that were later placed in the open-air chapel. The chapel overlooks the Blue Ridge Escarpment and the Jones Gap Valley and is perched on Standing Stone Mountain. Camp Greenville has been in existence since 1912 and services were held on the Cleveland Cliff overlook with wooden benches of young campers facing the view.

The current chapel was built in 1941 with additions and renovations made throughout the years. It has long been a popular spot for Easter sunrise services and Sunday afternoon rides. The chapel is open to the public during the day except when weddings and other events are scheduled. Check the Camp Greenville website for such events and closures.

The 2023 Cedar Mountain Historical Calendars are being sold in our local businesses for fifteen dollars and contain other photos of people and places from the past in Cedar Mountain, DuPont State Recreational Forest, Caesar’s Head and Sherwood Forest. Please visit our stores and restaurants and buy a few copies for Christmas presents. The proceeds go to the Cedar Mountain Community Center.


To rent the Cedar Mountain Community center please contact Caroline Chambers well before your event or you can send an email to with your proposed date. You may also apply online at https://www.cedarmountaincommunitycenter.

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

Hating to leave our kitty kids to sitters every time we went somewhere, we decided to take them with us on a camping trip to Myrtle Beach last week. As expected they started yowling and did so for 2 hours straight. We stopped and let them out of their carriers to see what they would do. They were good while we were stopped and just looked around and out the windows. When the motor home started moving they high tailed it behind the bed and not a peep was heard for the rest of the journey. As long as the motor home (The Infirmary) was still they were sociable. Not even a scratch on the upholstery. We were dreading that they could cause some damage but that didn’t happen which was a relief. They didn’t even try to get out.

It poured rain until we got to the beautiful Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach but the rest of the week was sunny with a few clouds. It was definitely sweatshirt weather. We bought souvenir sweatshirts and put them to good use.

One hardy soul on the beach was in a swim suit, but she didn’t go in the water. We were lucky to get a pretty nice spot near enough to the ocean to see the waves from our front windows. They said the beach was 63 steps away from our site. We discovered that a step equals 2.1 to 2.5 feet, so a bit farther than it sounded. I found few shells for my nautical themed guest room that were complimentary.

Before we left I bought what were called referee head sets. We could talk to each other when one of us was outside and for a good distance. What was really great was being able to help park the Infirmary without yelling and futile hand signals.


The Cedar Mountain News is here to ensure you know what is happening in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the area. Thank you for reading it. Your input is welcomed and encouraged.

Please send all photos and/or news and announcements to Photos need to be close to 900 kb or better for publication in the news. The deadline for submissions is Monday night or early Tuesday.”


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