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The Cedar Mountain Trunk or Treat will be held in the Studio276/CMM parking field on Sunday, October 30th from 5-7 pm. All kiddos are encouraged to dress up in their costumes!

Want to Trunk with us? Please send an email to Donating Treats? Kindly drop contributions in the back of the Willy Honka truck under the carport. Thank you!


The Cedar Mountain Community Center, 10635 Greenville Highway, Cedar Mountain, NC, is hosting its second annual Handcrafted Arts and Crafts Show on Saturday, November 5th from 9 am to 3 pm. A wonderful assortment of handcrafted items by skilled local artisans will be available for purchase. Christmas is just around the corner! Plan to make a day of it. Grab a bite to eat and drink, check out our local businesses, and see all that Cedar Mountain has to offer.


To rent the Cedar Mountain Community center please contact us well before your event. Please send an email to with your proposed date as soon as possible. You may also apply online at https://www.cedarmountaincommunitycenter.

CHRISTINE’S CORNER by Christine Pace

At about 9:45 p Sunday I pulled into my driveway, which I hadn’t seen since early Thursday morning; I took a trip to lovely Griffin, Georgia. Maybe it would not be so lovely in the summer heat, but this trip gave us beautiful weather and light traffic. Griffin is just below Atlanta but I was able to bypass that with the help of my friend Lisa Mohr who went to the Georgia Gourd Society show with me and did all the navigating. Seriously, I would have been lost without her!

This was my first trip to the Georgia show, and I signed up to teach two classes and take one. From Thursday thru Sunday, I was busy; time passed quickly though as it was great fun! The other gourd artists & vendors at this show were kind & enthusiastic and had thought of everything. I’d never been to a more organized & accommodating event.

Fabulous gourd art was presented as competition pieces and the quality & number of entries were staggering. Everything from fine art to functional; some were difficult to believe it was made of gourds!

A few gourd “dolls”, created by Karin Anderson, were as fine as any designer dolls I have ever seen! One wore a flocked coat; the flocking was attached directly to the perfectly-shaped gourd; the face lightly burned in a style called pointillism with a hint of color added. Unfortunately, I do not have a good photo of her doll(s), yet.


One large attention-getter was a (gourd) SandCastle, created by the President of the Georgia Gourd Society, Troy Tatum. He used a special extra-fine sand to coat his castle-shaped gourds.

Many years ago a gentleman named Jim Story began “manipulating” gourds during their growing season, and fascinated all who saw the twists & turns he was able to achieve! Upon his death, several “Jim Story Awards” & competitions were put into play, and one man in Georgia has devoted many, many hours to carry on this unique art. Pictured are just a few of the hundreds created by Tom Shaneyfelt. Tom doesn’t sell his gourds but likes to attend shows & events where he can tell the “Jim Story” story, show videos of Story growing and manipulating his gourds (these videos are for sale), and is a fixture here in the southeast. Tom’s display attracts the young & old, and always brings a smile. Tom Shaneyfelt is always smiling as well!

While in Georgia I taught two classes on using the 2-part epoxy Quikwood to sculpt gourd ornaments. I took a class on Sunday too, where I learned the fine art of creating small (doll) hands using wire and floral tape. Tiny seed beads were incorporated for knuckles, or would be once I mastered the wrapping & bending of the tape & wire! I may stick to sculpting hands from Quikwood, but I learned a few ways to further develop my technique in that through this class. And that’s what it’s all about.

Next stop: Raleigh, NC, as the country’s oldest organized gourd group, will be celebrating its 80th year! If there are as great a group of gourd art and gourd artists there, sharing their talent & enthusiasm, then I will be blessed that much more. I only wish you could all go with me!

AROUND THE HOUSE by Linda Packer Young

We voted Monday and then went to a late lunch at the Brevard Diner. We thought 2:30p would be less busy, but we were wrong. There were at least 20 motorcycles taking up half the parking lot. It was a club ride. I didn’t get any details but there were bikers from NYC, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, and Michigan… We could discern this by reading the details on their leather jackets. We were nearly through eating when one of them came over to our table and said he was paying for our meals and the meals of the older folks in the next booth. I said, “Thank you, but why!” He said wanted to treat other people there. Acts of kindness have been popping up everywhere. It is so refreshing considering the state of the world.

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." -Maya Angelou

You know how it is when you can’t find your glasses and somebody says they are on your head? Well, I did something similar. Thinking I had dropped it, I was frantically looking for one of my hearing aids when my honey said “Is it in your ear”? It was.


Thank you for reading the Cedar Mountain News. We are here to ensure you know what is happening in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the area. Your input is welcomed.

Please send all photos and/or news and announcements to Photos need to be close to 900 kb or better for publication in the news. The deadline for submissions is Monday night or early Tuesday.”


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