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The benefit for Peyre Cleveland and family Saturday evening. There was an amazing, heartwarming turnout of family, friends and neighbors. He had a handout letter openly sharing what has been happening since being diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2014. Peyre has displayed remarkable stoicism throughout his ordeal and has a ready smile whenever you meet him. A father of 4, Peyre has kept up a facade of wellbeing even bouncing on the trampoline when the kids beg him to. We are praying for a miracle.


Sunday, September 25 at Little River Community Center on Crab Creek Road, Penrose. Covered dish meal served at 1:00 pm. For info call 883-3685 or 884-7210.


Square Dance Lessons will be offered for the community starting Wednesday, September 28th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at St. Timothy United Methodist Church, 1020 Asheville Highway in Brevard. The first class is free, and the classes will continue every Wednesday evening until Christmas. Bring a dance partner if you can either male or female; it makes no difference to us. For further information, please call Jim Robson at (828) 595-4958.

GIRL'S NIGHT OUT This Friday September 23rd the Brevard Wesleyan Church is offering a broadcast of Christian comedian Chonda Pierce, as a free Girl's Night out option. The program runs from 7 to 10pm with doors opening at 6:30pm. There will be free childcare provided as well. Several ladies from the Cedar Mountain area will be in attendance. Enjoy Chonda's Southern charm and wit at the Brevard Wesleyan Church.


The idea to promote 4 flea markets on one day seemed to have paid off. The Dun’s Rock, See Off, Sherwood Forest and Cedar Mountain Centers had plenty of customers. Hopefully the 4 communities can do this again next year,

SPECIAL BIRTHDAYS Joe Pace remembered his favorite-niece Jeanne Hayes' birthday Sunday; though it was really Monday that she turned another year older. "Only a day older" she said. Happy birthday Jeanne and many more. On Monday September 26th Joe & Christine Pace's granddaughter Calla Harris of Brevard will be turning 12. Chris's birthday list was packed away before her move so she asks that you let her know if you will have, or had a birthday in September or October: (828)885-2103.


Tee to Green, Front 9 - Nancy Waclawek - 17. Low Net - Joy Seelinger - 22. Low Gross - Georgia Osterc and Nancy Waclawek - 34.

CHRISTINE'S CORNER: Saturday was a busy day in Cedar Mountain. Joe & I began our day by going to the flea market at the Cedar Mountain community center; it was stuffed full of treasures, part of the treasures being the friends & residents there selling their wares. Sweet Jean Evett was there with her no-bake chocolate & oatmeal cookies, and Nancy Cadora brought Items from her recent move to here from Atlanta. Jane from the Whistle Stop of two year's ago had some of the prettiest cloth pumpkins and had decorated her booth accordingly. New residents Brian and Christa Boyle brought some of his stained glass creations and her sewn items; they were amazing. Even the missions group from Rocky Hill Baptist church had a table of donated items. Next we went to Robin Hood's Barn in lovely Sherwood Forest for their annual Flea Market, consisting of only donated items. Parking attendants were helpful too as the crowd was huge. Inside there was some of everything, all set up neatly and in categories easy to shop. Planning on this same day, the See Off community club also held a flea market, as did Dunn's Rock community center. And at Dunn's Rock we saw Gwynn Britt, who also works in the floral section of Ingles grocery store. Dunn's Rock served hot dogs from 11am to 1pm as well. On our way home, to our new home nearer Brevard's center, we stopped at the Farmer's Market behind Comporium telephone. We bought a bag of 20 Tommy-toe tomatoes for a dollar there, vine ripe and tasting so good. A local ballet group was performing that day too, and at other times live music provided an already-beautiful day even more magic. We were home by noon. Though living in the Pisgah Forest delivery area now, we still remain very much a part of the Cedar Mountain community; attending Rocky Hill on Sunday's and the monthly community meetings; visits to DuPont State recreational Forest, the restaurants and gift shops, we find cedar Mountain a joyous place to visit now, as was the case when we lived there full time. We have the same number (828)885-2103.


If you were unable to attend the benefit and would like to donate to the family please go to “Handlebars and Hairbraids” on Facebook. 4 double pane windows have to be replaced in my living room. They are to the point I can no longer open them to clean them. The seals are broken on 3. Seems like something always needs fixin’.

I made homemade “pumpkin” pie from scratch Monday. I’ve had this jar of pureed homemade Hubbard Squash puree in my freezer for quite awhile and am trying to use up stuff that has been in there awhile. This one had been in there since last fall. A great one for making substitutions, I am sometimes successful and sometimes not. This recipe called for evaporated milk which I didn’t have. So I measured out skimmed milk and fortified it with lots of dry coffee creamer. It turned out really well but could have used a bit more spice.

The Cedar Mountain News depends on your input. If you have news to share or announcements to make please let me know. All news for next week must be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

Please email with any news or questions.

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