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The Cedar Mtn. Community Center Board will meet Thursday October 6th at 4pm.


The community center is having a fundraiser BBQ prior to our meeting and program on Monday October 10th. The BBQ will include cold slaw and beans. Adult donation is $10 children $5. If you wish to bring covered dishes, desserts or salads as well they need to be on the table by 6:15pm. Following a brief meeting Patty Stahl and Charles Burden will present part two in a series on the Roads of the Past in Cedar Mountain.


Stableford, Back 9 - Lin Kolb - 17. Low Net - Cherie Hennig - 24. Low Gross - Lin Kolb - 31.


OUT WITH THE OLD (birthdays): September birthdays were: Mary Jane Howard who turned 90 on September 24th! Jeanne Hayes gained a year on the 19th. Bruce Fortner celebrated his birthday September 2nd, and Liam Bishop grew on the 20th. All the tall ones were born in September it seems, as Emily Beeker had a birthday on the 15th and her dad Tom on the 3rd. Happy birthday all!

IN WITH THE NEW: Celebrating their birthday the month of October are: Katie Baines on October 1st, Regina Pace on the 6th; both Clyde Stahl and Jacob Smith on the 8th. Jacob's dad Jeff Smith will gain another year on October 18th. Happy birthday and many more!

OCTOBER ANNIVERSARIES: Joe & Judy Barksdale celebrate many years of wedded bliss on October 1st, and Don & Jeanne Hayes follow a few day's later on the 5th. Bruce & Elizabeth Fortner celebrate on October 9th followed the next day by Tom & Angie Beeker. Robert & Suzanne Lawson will celebrate on October 23rd and Randy & Elisa Pace the 25th. Congratulations and best wishes for many, many more years of happiness!


At the beginning of the month I noticed the water pipes were leaking behind my washing machine. Needing new faucets in both bathrooms I decided to call a plumber and have it all taken care of. After 6 or more visits, the leaks have finally stopped. Each time the plumber came he would say “You shouldn’t have any more problems”.

Several members of my hat club, The HmmmDingers, went to the Williams Hardware Café in Traveler’s Rest, SC last Saturday. We have been there several times and I have to praise their Rueben sandwiches.

We were invited to go get ice cream at the shop just outside the door and bring it back to our table. At first we said “no” but one of our hatters went and got some and we soon followed. I told her “You planted a seed”. She said “Yes and it landed on fertile ground!” The HmmmDingers is a hat club for ladies where the only rule is wearing a hat when we go to lunch. We go out about once a month and have a great time visiting different eateries. The HmmmDingers is open to new members. If interested please call Linda Young at 828-877-5407.

The Cedar Mountain News depends on your input. If you have news to share or announcements to make please let me know. All news for next week must be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

Please email with any news or questions.

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