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We had a BBQ fundraiser at the Cedar Mountain Community Center Monday evening. Not sure if it was the BBQ or the program that drew such a big crowd. Cars were even parked in the field across from the center.

This program was the 2nd a series about the "Johnstone Turnpike" that originated in SC. The turnpike is being traced from just before the SC state line to Brevard, NC by using old maps and photos as well as a hikers GPS that tells you your location rather than directions to where you are going. Maps from the DOT were extremely helpful tracking the road. Houses were built along the turnpike and were the main source of socializing in those days as travelers came and went from Brevard to Greenville, SC. Pigs and sheep were a common sight as they were herded to market down the mountain on the turnpike to Greenville. The Eastern continental divide is the headwaters of the Saluda River. An attempt was made to find the very beginning of the river. A tiny trickle of water was traced to the edge of Croft Stone’s place and turned out to be a leaky outside faucet. So source of the Saluda River will need to be investigated further.

Many thanks to Charles Burden, Patty Stahl, Doug Pace, Brenda Wiley and others for their hard work on this project. It required lots of hiking, determination and bushwhacking.


The Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Dept is holding a blood drive October 22 starting at 8:30am.


Monday was our last official days of Ladies League for the season. We will continue to play socially on Monday mornings We had a four golfer playoff for Club Champion and regular play for the other 16 players. Monday results from Sherwood Forest Ladies League are as follows: "Three Clubs" - Peggy Baldwin – 37, Low Net - Louise Stroup – 23, "Low Gross" - tie between Peggy Baldwin, Nancy Waclawek, Roz Banks and Alison Talbott – 37, "Club Champion" - Vicky Farrell


Carols will be sung at Magaha Chapel on December 4th. Watch for details.


Bo needs a forever home. This cute 10 month old male puppy is half Chihuahua. He is sweet and smart; great with children & adults, dogs (big & small) and even cats! Not very leash-trained yet and, though he IS crate trained and quiet IN the crate, he doesn't readily go in to it (ha-ha). Can you help find him a home please? We love him but we have 4 other dogs and a cat, plus Joe's medical troubles (and did I say we just moved.) Bo comes free, with a crate, to a family who will be able to give him shots, neutering and especially lots of love! If you know anyone who may be interested please call (828)885-2103 between 4:30 - 8:30PM and ask for Christine. Many thanks!


In 1966 my husband and I bought a home on the Rock River in Illinois for about $11,000 knowing that it had flooded previously. We raised our family there and had lots of good times swimming and boating. By 1991 we had experienced several floods and enough was enough. We moved to another home in 1991 until moving to NC in 1995.

Since it was the family home, out of curiosity, I have kept an eye on it over the years. Its value soared from the $67,000 we sold it for to over $200,000. After the new owners tore out all the wood paneling and replaced it with dry wall it didn’t take long for additional floods to destroy the house. Since then it has had quite a journey. It’s been foreclosed on several times and condemned. Ironically it sold again in June for $11,100 with the stipulation that it had to be raised up several feet. I’ll continue to check on it when I’m up that way.

Shortest Robo call of the week. Me “Hello”? Robo caller “Goodbye”.

The Cedar Mountain News depends on your input. If you have news to share or announcements to make please let me know. All news for next week must be received by Monday evening in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

Please email with any news or questions.

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