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The Cedar Mountain Community Center will host our now 3rd annual chili cook-off on Saturday January 28th, so mark your calendars for this fun and tasty midwinter event. Polish up your favorite chili recipe and bring it on down. More details next week.


The Cedar Mountain Fire/Rescue Auxiliary will be holding a fundraiser for the department on March 11th from 8am to 11am.


Hosted by the CMFRD Auxiliary, there will be blood drives at the Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue Dept on Feb 25th, April 22, June 17 and Aug 19th from 8:30 to noon.

CHRISTINE'S CORNER OUT & ABOUT... By Monday Joe & I went to town after being holed up from our big snow. The side roads were slushy and by Tuesday morning I'm sure they were solid ice, and therefore county schools were cancelled again. They have what's called a "Virtual School Day" for the students now, where students have assignments to do on "snow days". As long as they don't have too many there won't be any days to make up at the end of the year, or on Easter break, due to the weather.

For those out of town, we got between 6 & 8 inches of snow on average in Transylvania County this past Friday afternoon into Saturday. The thermometer didn't get above freezing until Tuesday afternoon, then by Thursday we are to get up to the 60's again.

GETTING STUCK! I have a friend who related this story that left me laughing so hard; it had nothing to due with the snow either. At our local Wal-Mart late last week, during a rainy spell, before the cold & snow came along, my friend shopped one evening until her cart was full. She was in a riding cart and had difficulty seeing over her purchases in her seated position. As she exited the store in the growing darkness she raised her umbrella and began looking for her vehicle "among a zillion other white SUV's". But she couldn't remember where she had parked. And the lot was full of vehicles "but not another person was in sight.” She got frantic and upon spotting a young fellow, who had come out to retrieve shopping carts, she began riding in his direction. Over a relatively-low speed bump she went, and got stuck. The fellow heard her cries and came running, as she was in the middle of the lane, in the dark, in the rain. He pushed the cart over the bump, freeing her, as she related her inability to find her vehicle. When asked what make & model it was her mind went blank. "So I whipped out my cell phone to call my husband for the information, but accidentally called my daughter, in Atlanta, instead." Now her daughter was upset. Finally calling her husband she got the information, and her vehicle was located three isles over. "I was wet, scared, tired and most of all embarrassed" my friend wrote. She has been told by her family that she is never, ever to go to a store at night, alone, again.

CONGRATULATIONS CLEMSON! Joe & I watched the Clemson/Alabama football game Monday evening and I must say the 4th quarter was worth staying up late for; it was the most exciting part of the game, and I want to say a big "Congratulations" to Clemson and indeed Alabama too for a well-played season! Some of Joe's favorite nieces (cousins, nephews, in-laws, and great nieces) are huge Clemson fans and I know they are in a state of euphoria!


My satellite dish is apparently covered in snow and I can’t get up there to look to make sure. It isn’t working and I can only get what I have already recorded. Hopefully this week’s warmer temperatures will melt it fast. Thanks to my computer and my new Kindle I have had plenty to keep me occupied. Just thankful the electric didn’t go out.

Nellie Bell (my Jeep) goes to the “doctor” today. She is not putting out enough heat to even defrost the windshield. Therefore I took a portable electric heater and set in the car. Every thing should be warm before long and I didn’t burn up what little fuel was left in her tank. My subdivision was finally plowed out yesterday. What a relief to be able to get out if I needed to.

We’d love to hear what’s going on in your life or in the community if you would like to share. Please send all news to All news for next week

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