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REMEMBERING THE GREAT FLOOD OF 1916 This Thursday evening at about 7:15pm Dunn's Rock Community Center, is hosting a program entitled "Come Hell or High Water", a documentary about the Great Flood of 1916. It is doubtful any residents here remember this flood except through stories their families may have told. If you have a tale to tell about this catastrophic flood, or want to learn more about it, you are invited to attend the program. There will be a discussion period following the presentation.

Prior to the presentation a "Hobo Dinner" consisting of pinto beans and cornbread, chow-chow and a wedge salad will begin at 6:00 pm. You are welcome to bring a desert to share or a pot of beans. Please call Janet if you will be bringing anything at (828)883-2678. Monetary contributions are always welcome too, and will be used for the building fund at Dunn's Rock Community Center. Hope to see you there!


Torry Nergart, Conservation Easement Manager for the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy (CMLC), will present our program on Monday, April 10th. It will include Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy's Work In and Around Cedar Mountain" including the Cedar Mountain Bog. He is very knowledgeable about the Cedar Mountain Bog and will also highlight other projects CMLC has been involved in within Transylvania County, and particularly the geographic area of Cedar Mountain.

This is the first potluck and program of the season. We have monthly meetings & programs on the 1st Monday each month through November A covered-dish meal begins at 6:30 pm so all are encouraged to have their dish in place by 6:15 pm. All are welcome!

There will be some copies of "A Trip to Cloudland" booklet, written in the late 1800's available for purchase from the community center, at a cost of $3.00 each. Christine Pace is bringing these booklets.


The Sherwood Forest ladies golf league is seeking new members for its upcoming season. The league plays 9 holes every Monday morning from April 3rd - October 9th. The April starting time is 10 am. The league is open to any woman golfer, any age or ability level who is interested in fun, yet competitive 9-hole play. New members are welcome at any time during the season. For more information, please call Lin at 828-884-8465 or email

VISITING PASTORS AT ROCKY HILL BAPTIST This past Sunday Rev. Paul Travis of Hendersonville filled in for Dr. Leland Holland. "The last time I was invited to speak at Rocky Hill" said Rev. Travis "it snowed!" This past Sunday though was warm and sunny and all church members welcomed Travis and his lovely wife Joyce to Rocky Hill Baptist Church. Rev. Travis & his wife, Joyce, have a ministry in Hendersonville called "Freedom in Christ". See more at their web site: www.freedominchristcarolinas,org

This Sunday, March 26th Rocky Hill will host Dr, Mike Miller, the Association Minister for Transylvania County, who will bring his message at the 11:00am service. All are welcome! Christine will also take names of those interested, or willing, to showcase their talent at the June community meeting. You may also contact her at or call her early evenings at (828)885-2103. CHRISTINE'S CORNER:

I went to the first ever "Vintage Market Days" show held at the WNC Ag Center this past week. Luckily I had tickets ahead of time, because there were over a thousand folks standing in long lines snaking through the parking lot waiting to purchase the $5 tickets. Once inside we were "packed like sardines", and it was difficult to see what was offered in the almost-100 vendor booths. Looking on Facebook I already knew what to expect, and was disappointed in the overly-crowded building where the show was held. Perhaps it was because it was a new show? There will be a second held there in August this year. Hubby Joe went with me and said he has never seen so many folks, and especially where he did not recognize a single person!

Shopping at the Brevard Ingles store on Tuesday earns you triple points for gas! I just need to remember to shop Tuesdays.

My sweet and talented grandson Levi Emmanuel Jones, of Matthews, NC turns 8 on March 26th. Happy birthday Levi! Joe will have a birthday soon; April 9th, and will be 82 year's young! Let me know if you or a loved one will be celebrating in April please.

Otherwise it's pretty quiet on the home front. The weather has been very mild this winter all-in-all, and neither Joe nor myself came down with the "crud" that plagued many. No updates on Pastor Dan Ray, though prayers for his recovery are still welcome.


From a Reader

Our Cedar Mt. News Scribe, Linda Young” is an inventive lady. She has outdone herself this time. I ask, “Are you receiving more illegal phone calls from unidentified salespersons? Does it make you mad as an ole wet hen? Do you ever think about the poor soul whose job it is to make that call?” Linda put a little fun into this sorry business. She answered with “MEOW” and just kept meowing until the girl on the other end started laughing. She laughed. The world was a happier place. Try it. You’ll like it. PS you can still tell them to take your name & number off their list. Just thought you should know that you have been spreading sunshine. My sister replied that she was still laughing. ~ Gloria Harris

What’s happening with you or in the community? We’d love to hear what’s going on, if you would like to share.

Due to other commitments, all news for next week has to be received by Monday morning the 27th in order to be published in the Thursday edition of the Transylvania Times.

Please send all news to Thanks

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