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CEDAR MOUNTAIN NEWS for Thursday May 25, 2017

FAITH MEMORIAL CHAPEL OPENS SUNDAY Opening this Sunday May 28th for it's 79th year, the Faith Memorial Chapel will begin their summer with services brought by Dr. Leland Holland, pastor of Rocky Hill Baptist Church right here in Cedar Mountain, NC. Service begins at 11:00am. Each Sunday at 11 there will be a different visiting ministers; schedules are available at this Sunday's service or on their web at: BBQ FUND RAISER AT THE FIRE DEPARTMENT You don't need to pack a lunch this weekend! On Saturday May 27th he Cedar Mountain Fire Department will have a fund-raiser featuring their popular slow-cooked BBQ from 11:00am to 2:00pm or when they run out.."First come first served". Prices are $8. for a BBQ sandwich plate, or $9./pound for cooked BBQ only. BREAKFAST IN CEDAR MOUNTAIN

Start your day with a delicious breakfast at the Cedar Mountain Cafe, or down the road just a bit at Creekside Market. Lunch is served too. WHITE SQUIRREL FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND If you venture into Brevard during May 26-28th you will find several streets barricaded to vehicular traffic and hundreds of folks walking around, enjoying this year's "White Squirrel Festival". Voted "Best Spring Music Festival WNC" there is something for everyone; top bands playing on stage on West Main Street, to the popular White Squirrel Soap Box Derby running down Jailhouse Hill(next to the courthouse) and a great Memorial Day Parade on Saturday at 9:00am, traveling from the Transylvania County Library (Broad St.) to Brevard College. Arts & Craft booths and food abound as well! THANK YOU VETERANS ALL! Remember the Veteran's who serve and served our great country this weekend & on Monday May 29th. I come from a long line of Veterans and am a "Navy Brat" myself! Thank you dad (brother, son, grandparents, etc...). CONTEST ENDS MAY 31st Have you entered your photo of local wildlife from our beautiful community? If selected it will be reproduced in the 2018 Cedar Mountain Calendar and offered for sale later this year. The theme for the 2018 calendar is "Local Wildlife" (not your neighbor!). So point, aim and click away! See that pesky raccoon on your bird feeder? Go for him! Or that dear deer grazing among your flowers. Photos must be submitted by May 31st at, For questions please call community president Clint Owings at (828)883-9707 or (864)380-7759. SUMMER SING-A-LONG III Everyone is invited to the McGaha Chapel on Sunday afternoon, June 4th to sing songs from your great-grandma's day. Signs on Hwy. 276-S will show the way to the 'Chapel and to parking and the shuttles that will take you there. The singing goes from 2:30pm to 3:15 and will culminate with a watermelon cutting outdoors afterward.

The Transylvania Historical Society is caretaker of McGaha Chapel, built in 1872, and, along with Sherwood Forest and Cedar Mountain sponsors this event, For more information please call Marcy Thompson at the Transylvania County Library, at (828)884-3151 during business hours. TALENT NIGHT JUNE 12THTime is getting near for our annual community "Talent Night" held at the Cedar Mountain Community Center monthly meeting, the second Monday of the month. This year's Talent Night will be on Monday June 12th. Call Christine Pace(me) at (828)885-2103 to sign up or email me at This is your chance to showcase your talent! We're a good audience, so please come on out and "show off".

Bring a covered dish to share by 6:15pm so we can all eat at 6:30. This helps with the belly laughs we'll produce during the talent show! "On with the show; this is it"! Do you remember where this is from? It'll "Bug" you until you do. Find out during Talent Night at the Cedar Mountain Community Center on June 12th. NOT "AROUND LINDA'S HOUSE"

Our dear Linda Young now has a new knee. She can't see it, which is actually a good thing. But she trusts that Dr. Graham put a new knee in where her old worn-out one was. Therefore Linda is not "Around the House" and so I, Christine, am taking artistic license and writing this segment for (and about) her:

I went to our local hospital to see how Linda is doing and she is "doing very well thank you". By the time you read this she will be home! Or at a neighbors.

Linda was sent to Transylvania hospital's Transitional Care very soon following her knee replacement and very quickly was up and getting around all on her own! "No pain med's for me" she bragged, and said this surgery went "much better than my previous knee replacement. I even have a neighbor here, across the hall from me!". Another from Cedar Mountain had gone in a day after Linda for surgery. I am wishing you both a speedy recovery!

One thing Linda was surprised about was how many knew of her from writing the Cedar Mountain News segment for so many year's. "I had folks coming by just to say hi and to meet me!". I'm sure Linda was looking her best, right? Therefore, when I went to visit Linda I brought popcorn; said I wanted to "watch the show". Going down the hall to her room I noted the red carpet had already been rolled up. But Linda was dressed so we went for a walk. Finishing a good stroll we were about to go outdoors to the bird sanctuary when one of the physical therapists stopped us and said she need to evaluate Linda (ahem). Hiding a giggle I said my farewell's and left. You can all see Linda on Monday June 12th at the Cedar Mountain Community Center's "Talent Night", as she is act #1.

Break a leg! Uh, on second thought, I'll just say a big "Welcome Home" Linda.

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